The Maintenance Of Virgin Remy Hair Extensions: 3 Dos And Don’ts

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Have you just bought virgin Remy hair extensions and felt excited to wear them? We get it, but hold on! Do you know how to take proper care of virgin Remy hair extensions?

The Maintenance Of Virgin Remy Hair Extensions: 3 Dos And Don'ts

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Well, ladies, if you want to use your extensions for long, it is time to learn the basics. Stay with us and discover all the tips and advice we have to share.

Characters of virgin Remy hair extensions

If you think virgin Remy hair extensions are the common name to refer all human hair extensions, this article will change your thought. Remember, virgin Remy hair extensions use two different kinds of human hairs.

Typically, these hair types never mix.  Hair extensions can be either from virgin hair or Remy hair, but not both.

So what are the characters of virgin Remy hair extensions and how they affect the maintenance process?

Here are the deals:

Virgin hair extensions

Virgin hair extensions are the most expensive type in the extensions family. This is because of the hair quality. Natural hair is collected from only one donor. The hair must be in its purest form. The donor who wants to sell their hair must preserve the hair with careful daily care.

The Maintenance Of Virgin Remy Hair Extensions: 3 Dos And Don'ts

Virgin hair extensions

What’s more, the donor must ensure that their hair has never been through any heat and chemical processing. Because of this strict standard, it is tough to find virgin hair. That’s why the price of this hair type is high.

Virgin hair extensions, as a result, also come with an inflated cost. Fans of virgin hair love this type because the hair quality is top-notch. You can hardly find any split end. The hair strands are robust and reliable.

These characters of virgin hair extensions do affect the maintenance. The choice of shampoos and conditioners must be different than another hair type.

Remy hair extensions

Remy hair extensions are popular choices for many reasons. First of all, they are abundant. Hair can be collected and mixed from different heads. The donors can sell hair that has already been colored, bleached or curled.

The hair quality, as a result, is less than virgin hair. You can find lots of split ends. Remy’s hair is prone to breakage or damage if it undergoes more heat and chemical treatments.

The Maintenance Of Virgin Remy Hair Extensions: 3 Dos And Don'ts

Remy hair

The maintenance for Remy hair extensions is less daunting than virgin ones. However, if you buy colored hair extensions or curly clip-in hair extensions, you should pay attention to the hair care products.

Type of applications

The variety of applications should also be a determining factor when it comes to maintenance. How so?

There are different types of human hair extensions applications. There are clip-ins, tape-in, karetin, and wefts. The way the hair is attached to the bonding is different. The way you wash the hair, dry and care for it could easily cause hair shedding.

So yes, be careful when choosing the type of applications. The instant use such as clip-ins will require less attention than other types.


Thickness is another thing to consider. How thick do you want your virgin Remy hair extensions to be? There are two options for you: single drawn and double drawn.

Single drawn hair extensions mean that the hair strands come out with different length, typically 50%. The rating for double drawn is 60-70%. This way, a hair bundle will have different hair density since the strands are of varying length.


The length of your hair extensions is equivalent to the care you have to take. For example, 6-inch hair extensions will need approximately 30 minutes to wash, dry and so on while 28-inches Vietnamese hair extensions could make a whole day if the weather is terrible.



The don’ts when taking care of virgin Remy hair extensions

Rub hair too much

Remember hair extensions are attached to a weft, not human scalp. Any light pressure or tension could cause hair shedding. Especially when you wash your hair, you will follow your old habit of rubbing the hair.

We strongly urge you to stop doing this. When you wear hair extensions, you should never rub the hair or pull it. Also, don’t wash the hair for too long.

Comb hair

No combing for a while if you wear virgin Remy human hair extensions. This is the rule!

The Maintenance Of Virgin Remy Hair Extensions: 3 Dos And Don'ts

You should say goodbye to your comb.

If you comb your hair, you will put a lot of pressure on the scalp as well as the weft that hold the extensions.  This practice not only is bad for your human scalp but also causes damage to the extensions.

Wash it with hot water

Hot water is no good for both human hair and hair extensions. Hot water strips off the natural sebum and causes hair dryness.

The do when taking care of virgin Remy hair extensions

Neutral and gentle shampoo

We recommend you to pay attention to the choice of shampoos. If you buy virgin hair extensions, you should choose a product with a natural remedy or oil-based formula. The ingredient list should not contain any harsh chemicals.

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Conditioners are a must

After washing the hair, remember to condition it. This is an essential step since conditioners restore the smoothness and moisturize hair strands as well. You should choose a conditioner with rich nutrients for this purpose.

Hair mask and hair oil are great companions

One in a while, during the time you wear hair extensions, you should use a hair mask. We don’t advise you to use it every time you wash the hair. The moderate application of hair mask and hair oil should be beneficial to your existing hair and extensions.

The bottom line

The maintenance of virgin Remy hair extensions sounds a bit challenging, especially when you have to factor in all the characters. However, we do believe that this article provides you with all the needed answers.

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