Hair Toner – The Magic Thing To Gain Beautiful Hairdo

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You love getting your hair dyed or highlighted, you are a fan of hair maintenance. You have to see your hair colorist every few weeks for touch-ups. Still, the cost is not cheap and it takes time. In this post, we have an at-home option to help you maintain your color – using hair toner. It is a super-easy hair care item that works to neutralize brassy tones whole adding shine to your locks at once. Seriously, it helps keep your hair color looking healthy. For further information relating to toner for hair and how to use it, keep reading. 

What is hair toner?

Toner is among the most popular hair products available now. It helps users correct and pop up certain tones in your mane. In other words, toner is described as a topcoat for your strands. After a professional color treatment, hairdressers always recommend clients using this item to maintain healthy-looking color and add more shine. People with dyed blonde, brunette, or redheads tend to apply toner for hair to create a professional and trendy finished look.  

Hair Toner - The Magic Thing To Gain Beautiful Hairdo
what is hair toner

Toners are not available in one specific formula, the most common formula is gel or gloss-like. Some glosses, purple and blue shampoos, and conditioners that can adjust tones in your mane can be considered hair toners. These excellent products work to keep your light and cool color between salon appointments. However, each item has its own usage and lifetime, you should read the instructions carefully before deciding to go with it. For instance, glosses are suitable for beauties who like switching up their hair base more often. While purple shampoos can work as a toner for bleached hair as they get rid of brassiness, offering a hair looking fresh.  

Who really needs a hair toner?

It is recommended for those who have just colored their hair strands. People should use this hair care product in between dyeing jobs since it maintains the hair color without leaving any unexpected damage. Hence, people with blondes and redheads should use hair toners and enjoy fresh and shiny hair every day. What does toner do for your hair? Toner will fill opened cuticles due to the coloring treatment and bring the PH level on the scalp back to normal. This contributes to keeping your curls in better condition after the color treatment. 

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Some benefits of using hair toner

Hair pros say women use toning hair products for various reasons. But we think that the most common is either to maintain fresh tones in their curls or adjust hair color. Sometimes, it is utilized to increase hair softness and add more shine. Plus, it helps reduce hair split ends. 

Additionally, toner for brassy hair works effectively into brassy and dull hair, giving your existing hair color more glossy and vibrant.

Hair Toner - The Magic Thing To Gain Beautiful Hairdo
use toner to tone your tresses

What does toner do?  Of course, it also refreshes and enhances the hair tone, and reduces the risk of discoloration. A toner for brassy hair works effectively into brassy and dull hair, giving your existing hair color more glossy and vibrant. At many hair salons, toners are likely a part of their color service. This quick service also works to add dimension to your hair base and reduces future damage. What’s more, toner can wonder the hair color tone, refresh highlights and adjust uneven hair tones. We believe that it brings big results that you can see and feel your mane with hair toner before and after.

How to use hair toner 

Can I apply a toner to hair at home? Yes. As long as you find the right formula for your hair color, you can do this step at home to get healthy and vibrant hair. 

– You take your toner and mix it with a developer in the 1:2 ratio. Prepare a plastic container to mix these two ingredients.

– Once the mixture is smooth, you apply it to the areas that have uneven or unwanted tones. Wear gloves before applying the mix to your mane.

– Leave the tone in your head for 30-45 minutes.

– Rinse your hair and wash it with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. 

If you use purple or blue shampoo to maintain the color, it is much easier. These products are the most common hair toners as they are easy to use. You just wet your mane and apply the shampoo, lather and combine massage. Finally, you rinse your hair with water to remove all products. Or you follow the instruction exactly outlined in the box. 

Note: You should choose products with ammonia-free formulas to avoid ending up with orange and brassy hair. 

However, you should go to a hair salon if you use glosses and deep conditioners to the hair. If you don’t do it carefully, you can mess up your hair color. A pro knows exactly how to apply toner and helps you have a nice hair hue. 

Hair Toner - The Magic Thing To Gain Beautiful Hairdo
hair toner before and after

How often should you apply toner?

You should use toner every time you color your curls. Because this item flattens and adds the dimension of the hair. Hence, if you like lightening your hair with blonde, gray-purple, red, silver, or any funky shades, you should utilize hair toners every 6-8 weeks to refresh your color.   

If your hair is colored blonde, try using a blonde toner, such as DpHue Color Boosting Gloss + Deep Conditioning Treatment. This stuff will leave your hair a lively, soft, and shiny look without brassiness. 

All in all

Do you prepare to trick your friends and colleagues into thinking you went to a hair pro? Apply hair toner to your hair after dye jobs to help deepen your hair color. This amps up your hair color’s vibrancy and shines as well. 

Whether your hair is dark brown-black or ashy blonde, you can easily choose your best item. Many brands produce and provide numerous toner products for different hair color families. Most of them are safe to apply at home and easy to utilize. They help boost the color-treated hair, giving vigorous and extreme ranges. Now, add hair toner into your hair care routines, creating reflection and shine to your mane.

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