Hair Toppers For Hair Loss: Understanding Your Baldness!

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Hair loss or baldness is a common problem which both men and women may experience. It can be caused by many factors and end up with various consequences. To deal with this issue, one of the best measurements could be hair toppers for hair loss.

What causes hair loss or baldness?

About a hundred hair strands fall down per day.  This is not a big matter since new hair grows at the same time. Hair loss happens when the correlation between hair growth and hair loss is broken or when the hair follicle is damaged and end up with scar tissue. And the reasons are varied from simple factors to complex ones.

Hair loss is typically the result from one or more of the below factors:

Family history (Heredity)

Male-pattern baldness or female-pattern baldness is common stems from heredity. It’s more obvious when people are getting older, bald tissues appear in men and fine hair in women.

Hair Toppers For Hair Loss: Understanding Your Baldness!
stress might lead to hair loss


Hair has a life cycle from growing, rest and shedding. When people are stressful, this cycle can be shocked then push your hair into fall. Have you ever noticed politicians and business people with bald spots on their heads? The root cause of their situations is stress. That’s why many of them love to wear hair toppers for hair loss to conceal this shortcoming. 

Over styling and hair medical treatments

Hair Toppers For Hair Loss: Understanding Your Baldness!
styling your hair too frequently causes hair to shed

Overstyling and hair treatments through a long period can make your hair shed more (extreme styling with the harsh chemical process or high heat are an example of that). Because these processes can negatively upset the hair roots, your hair may fail to grow back.

Hormonal changes

Hormonal changes because of pregnancy, childbirth, menopause and thyroid issues. When the hormones changes, their balance is disrupted, which causes hair to more fall out.

Medications and supplements the counter effect of certain drugs, which used to treat cancer, arthritis, high blood pressure, depression, heart diseases, and gout can imbalance the hair’s life cycle and trigger hair loss.

Hair Toppers For Hair Loss: Understanding Your Baldness!
hair loss after pregnancy

Sudden weight loss

Many women try to lose weight in a short time. They change their diet, which leads to an eating disorder then results in vitamin deficiencies. It also shocks the life cycle of your hair and hair falling happens more often.


It is also known as iron deficiency. Iron is an essential element contribute to producing hair cells. If you are lack of it, your hair strand may fail to grow.

Hair Toppers For Hair Loss: Understanding Your Baldness!
lack of vitamins

Vitamin B12 deficiency

A shortage of vitamin B12 makes you feel tired and low on energy. Moreover, it can have a bad influence on the health of red blood cells, which bring oxygen to your body tissues and you could end up with hair loss.


What are the influences of baldness?

Embarrassment, Loss of confidence, Shyness

Baldness and hair loss more or less can make people less confident, especially in dealing with other genders. The case is even worse with women, who always see the physical appearance one of the biggest strengths. Thinning hair and baldness might make them feel no longer confident in front of others. 

Hair Toppers For Hair Loss: Understanding Your Baldness!
baldness makes people lose their confidence

Feelings of depression and introversion

In some serious situations, some may be distressed about hair loss badly, then end up with getting into depression.

Emotions of envy and jealousy

Experiencing baldness or thinning hair may rise the feeling of jealousy of others with thick, healthy hair because they desperately envy on what non-bald people get.

Hair Toppers For Hair Loss: Understanding Your Baldness!
thinning hair is hard to style

Inability to style the hair

Hair loss, thinning hair or baldness make people who suffer it feel frustrated and don’t dare to style their hair in the way they wish. Because it may worsen the problem.

How to deal with hair loss and baldness?

We may need hair loss treatment to solve it. There are 2 types of treatment: surgical vs. non-surgical. Some may want to have hair transplant therapy to address this problem, others may choose non-surgical treatment for hair loss to cover it up. 

Hair Toppers For Hair Loss: Understanding Your Baldness!
hair transplant is pricey

Compare the two ways, there is no doubt that non-surgical is better. Because after transplantation, hair doesn’t necessarily stop falling out and hair loss may happen again. When you get older, you may need to pay more for additional treatment sessions in the future. It’s such a waste of money.

Therefore, a non-surgical hair loss cure definitely outweighs the surgical one. However, there are many ways of non-surgical hair loss treatment, but the most effective and cheapest manners are using hair toppers for hair loss.

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Hair toppers for hair loss

By its name, we can easily know that it is a type of wigs which is used for covering the thin scalp, thinning hairlines or bald spots at the top of the head. It also has functioned as another hair extension as adding volume to fine hair or length. 

Hair toppers for hair loss vary in the type depending on its functions. 

Hair Toppers For Hair Loss: Understanding Your Baldness!
hair topper before and after

If you suffer from frontal balding — the most common pattern of hair loss, you can apply hair toppers for frontal hair loss to deal with it.

In case you have got mid hair loss, which means your hair fall out more often at the middle of your head and fails to grow back, you can use hair toppers for progressive hair loss.

And if you notice the nearly complete loss of scalp hair, you definitely should use hair toppers for advanced hair loss.

Where to buy hair toppers for hair loss?

If you wonder to know where you can get for your own the best toppers for hair loss cure. Laylahair will be the ideal choice you can miss out on.

Laylahair is proud to be one of the biggest manufacturers and Wholesale Hair Vendors of Vietnamese hair and Cambodian hair. Our products are various in kind. And the quality of our product is the strongest point, we guarantee that the products come from 100% human hair. Because of this, Laylahair has a large number of loyal customers all over the world.

Hair Toppers For Hair Loss: Understanding Your Baldness!
topper hair extensions from Laylahair

Hair toppers for hair loss from Layla Hair Wholesale Hair Vendor are among the best topper extensions online.  Our Hair Topper is virgin hair and its function is considerable, It can cover all types of baldness and hair loss including M shape, O shape, and U shape. It’s very comfortable and everyone can afford it. 

In a nutshell

Hair loss may not a big issue but it can somehow affect your lives. Acknowledge its causes and effects may help you to find some useful solutions. But the most outstanding hair loss cure is definitely hair toppers for hair loss. It is easy to apply, work well in a few seconds and don’t waste much money off you. You can see the immediate result of “hair loss before and after” this kind of wig.

If you have more questions about this product or want to learn more about hairstyle, hair cure or hair extensions, let’s visit Layla Hair. We are also accessible via (+84) 98 96 33 424 (Mobile/WhatsApp/SnapChat) at any time, so don’t hesitate to find us! 

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