Here Is What You Should Do For Your High Hairline

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The high hairline is a natural sign when we age. You may see that the hairline naturally rises, revealing too much of your forehead. Gradually, it will become a sign of pattern hair loss and baldness if not being treated. 

In this post, Layla helps you find out the culprits behind the bad hairline, plus with the best tips for stopping or reversing this hair problem. Let’s get started! 

What Is It?

You may ask yourself, what is a naturally high hairline? The hairline is a naturally-appearing line of follicles that will outline the edges of your mane. The hairline varies from person to person, and it will shift a couple of times throughout your life. 

For women, the normal hairline is 2 to 2.4 inches (5-6 cm) above the eyebrow. With men, the line is 2.4 to 3.2 inches (6-8 cm) above their eyebrows. If you see a much part of your big forehead and the line occurs higher than average, it is called a “high” or receding hairline. The irregularity that happens in both males and females is considered normal. However, it will be a problem if it turns to baldness or a sign of pattern baldness.

So what constitutes a receding hairline or big forehead? We will specify below.

Here Is What You Should Do For Your High Hairline

Causes of The Big Forehead or Receding Hairline

It can occur for different reasons; here they are:

Hair loss

The most likely reason for it is androgenetic alopecia (AGA) or traction alopecia. For men with AGA, testosterone is converted into DHT – a hormone that results in hair loss. DHT will shrink the hair follicles, leading to weaker strands, and finally, hair falling out. 

Why it appears on the forehead? At the beginning of AGA, the forehead is the most sensitive region to DHT. The hair follicles are affected by the hormone, so the hairline is too. If not treated, it leads to baldness and reveals your prominent or high forehead. 

However, the DHT hormone is not the only reason for AGA. Other factors, such as environment or lifestyle, maybe offenders. Be careful!


You were born with receding hairline, it may be a hereditary quality. Not only contribute to causing hair loss, genetics also affects the placement of the hairline. 

As we said, everyone has a different placement of the hairline, lower or higher. Those with receding hairline tend to have a more prominent forehead. If you have a thin or high hairline at 20-30s, perhaps the older people in your family also suffered from this hair problem. It is likely your fate, cannot avoid.

Here Is What You Should Do For Your High Hairline
hair loss is a cause


Note that other factors, such as cosmetic surgery, way of your life, etc. cause a sudden receding hairline. But you can entirely prevent them.

Followings are a few signs related to high hairline and more: 

– You see hair decreasing at the temples

– Have an uneven  hairline

– The scalp has gotten 

– Your scalp has gotten inflammation and irritation. 

– Your natural hair grows slowly or stops growing. 

How to grow hairline on forehead?

With surgery

Wonder how to lower hairline naturally? There are not too many ways to do it naturally. We suggest taking surgery or a hair transplant to treat receding hairline.   

During the process, hair transplant doctors will take hair from one area of your head to another. After months, you will see that the hair grows thicker, helping disguise your broad forehead. 

Here Is What You Should Do For Your High Hairline
adjust your diet to foster hair regrowth

Follow a healthy diet 

You want to fix a receding hair line without surgery, try making a small change in your diet. It will work to prevent hair thinning as well as the premature higher hairline. 

You should avoid consuming food sources containing high acidity as it may increase the creation of DHT hormone. You should avoid eating:

– Carbonated refreshments

– Liquor

– Diary

– Sugar

– Red meat 

You instead eat more vegetables, nuts, and fruit, such as kale, broccoli, asparagus, coconut, apple, almonds, etc. Bear in mind that a balanced diet will contribute to your hair’s health and scalp. 


Scalp massage to increase blood circulation

As a way to grow hair on big forehead naturally, scalp massage works to increase the blood flow to your scalp, nourish hair follicles. This delivers essential nutrients and oxygen to hair, encouraging hair growth. 

Use your fingertips and gently press on the forehead, sides, and back of your head. Slowly work your fingers in a small circular motion. Spend 5-6 minutes to massage your scalp every day, and you will notice the improvement. Add some essential oil when massaging is an excellent ideal for hair growth. 

Top hairstyles for men with high hairline

You are experiencing high hairline or a big forehead, try sporting these ideas:

The Buzzcut

It is a ubiquitous and trusty haircut. All strands are cut short and uniform around your head. The cut blends easily with your high hairline and requires low maintenance.

Here Is What You Should Do For Your High Hairline

Crew cut

Have you ever try wearing a trendy crew cut? Just like the Buzzcut, the crew cut is a relatively short hairstyle. It is a standard option for men whether they have thinning hair or not. The short cut will not give too much weight to the crown, drawing attention away from your hair.

Clean shave

This style is the easiest way to out of this concern. Get a clean shave, and no one can detect you have a receding hairline. The hairstyle will draw others’ attention; hence, they have no time to see your broad forehead. To get and maintain this look, you should visit your hairstylist on a regular basis. 

The cut is for everyone. Hollywood stars, from rapper Common to Bruce Willis, rocked the clean shave when appearing in front of cameras. 

Plus, other hairstyles, such as French crop, Textured layering, or messy cut, are suited for guys in the early stages of receding hair.

There are a variety of approaches to manage and fix your high hairline

If you want to achieve a normal hairline instantly, wearing human hairpieces may be the right solution. Visit Layla for more details about hair systems, and we are willing to help you get the best item. 

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