Hormonal Hair Loss Is No Longer Your Nightmare! – Here’s A Quick Cure

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It comes with no surprise that hormones are behind plenty of health problems. They are technically a messenger of protein in your body and make impacts. It is typical for more than 150 hormones to be producible. They regular all the things, from fluid balance, fertility, to hair growth. That is why you have heard of terms like hormonal hair loss. 

Can hormonal imbalance cause hair loss?

Yes. One of the signs of such balance absence tends to be thinning hair. Read below to understand the strong connection between hormonal imbalance and hair loss.


The production of testosterone hormone prior to menopause is natural among women. A bigger amount of estrogen helps balance it. Since the levels of estrogen decrease before, in the process of and following the menopause, testosterone influences raise accordingly.

Within the follicles of your hair, testosterone is convertible into DHT (dihydrotestosterone). This hormone is powerful enough to make the follicles inactive. The consequence is your hair loss.

Hormonal Hair Loss Is No Longer Your Nightmare! - Here's A Quick Cure
your hormones change when you’re pregnant


Pregnancy usually has to do with the luxuriant growth of hair. It is because growth factors, as well as hormones, are higher. The circulation of blood raises as well. Following the giving birth, losing a considerable hair amount is not surprising as the hormones decrease.


It is short for Polycystic ovary syndrome. This condition is common among females. Here, the cysts grow on ovaries which generate higher levels of testosterone. That is when you go through hormonal hair loss.

Hormonal Hair Loss Is No Longer Your Nightmare! - Here's A Quick Cure
stress might make your hormone be imbalanced


There are some of the most active body cells in your hair follicles. You should supply oxygen, vitamins, etc. continuously for them. Meanwhile, stress hormones decrease nutrient flow. As a consequence, the appearance of the hair becomes dull. Not all, stress affects the shedding phase of follicles. That is why your hair loses more.


These hormones work to regulate the metabolic rate. Also, it affects how fast cells operate. Your hair follicles are inclusive. When the thyroid is not sufficient, your hair gets dry and visibly thinner.

The impact of hair loss due to hormonal imbalance

It may affect your quality of life quality. Here are a few warning signs.

Missed office days

Some people do not want to show up at work. Exposing their problem tends to embarrass them. Even when they manage to go to their office, they prefer being quiet and avoid raising their opinions. That way is likely to negatively impact their career in the end.

Hormonal Hair Loss Is No Longer Your Nightmare! - Here's A Quick Cure
you no longer feel confident when going out

Social awkwardness

Do you feel ashamed of your hair issue at the time? Is that why you avoid social activities? Such feelings can lead to your separation from the outside world and your utter loneliness.

Romance disinterest 

Undeniably, look plays a big part in whether your relationships bloom. It sometimes results from your viewpoints on how you appear in front of others. Your significant other may not consider your loss of hair as something terrible. Still, your negative attitude to the problem may harm your relationship.  


Hormonal hair loss treatment

How to stop this issue? Some of the most effective options for medical treatment are:


This antiandrogen lowers the testosterone levels that your body produces. Spironolactone will then be able to decrease the DHT levels in the scalp. Be sure you ask your doctor prior to use.

Saw palmetto

The topical ingredient puts an end to the testosterone conversion to DHT. Working on a level of hormone, it is capable of cutting down on the DHT amount which causes hair thinning,


This topical medication encourages the flow of blood to the hair. That way helps speed up the growth phase.

The natural remedies

Can hormonal hair loss be reversed? You can attain the balance by paying more attention to your diet, reducing stress, and exercising. By doing so, you will be more likely to have the beautiful hair you are after.

Enhance the diet

It should make blood sugar become normal. It also contributes to inflammation reduction. You see, nutrients are necessary for the optimal health of cells. Consider taking in more fiber, protein and iron, vitamin A, vitamin C, B vitamins, Zinc, Biotin.

Hormonal Hair Loss Is No Longer Your Nightmare! - Here's A Quick Cure
enhance your diet to make hair regrow

Have an active lifestyle

When you do regular exercise, your hair and overall health will be better. It maintains the oxygen level for the body through a circulation boost. Besides, it reduces excessive fat.

Control your stress

Create positive affirmations, do some mindful meditation, practice yoga, involve in art activities, and listen to music. Do things you find to help manage the stress.

Use the hair products with care

Using natural, chemical-free items is the safest bet. Be careful with the use of conventional products for your problematic hair and styling. Some of them can hinder the speed of the hair re-growing.

Hair growth products
use hair growth products

Think about acupuncture as another possible option

It can play a role in your healing journey. The way brings plenty of fertility health advantages. For example, it helps reduce stress, boost circulation, regular your hormone, and increase the function of your immune system. 

How can you make hair loss less visible?

Do you want a quick way to conceal your issue? Is there any fast transformation that turns your hair into being fabulous and irresistible? Wearing wigs is one of the handy, effective methods that many people recommend.

For your widening part

– Try parting the hair in another area

– Have bangs

For your thinning hair

– Put on a wig or topper.

– Rely on volumizing hair items

Hormonal Hair Loss Is No Longer Your Nightmare! - Here's A Quick Cure
wigs and toppers help to conceal hair loss effectively

For your bald patches

– Experience a hairstyle which cover the bald area – for instance, low ponytail

– Wear a hairband and the like (it should be adequately wide for the spot coverage)

– Wear a wig or topper

The bottom line

It is not that difficult to stop/ deal with your hormonal hair loss. Consider the above guide as a valuable reference and put it into practice. Make sure you are patient enough! Then, you will be able to regain your confidence with the fantastic hair look.

Laylahair hopes that the post above about hormonal hair loss have somehow got you covered with the cause and solution for this problem. For further inquiries about hair loss and hair extensions, do not hesitate to contact us at any time. We are always willing to help!

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