7 Secrets On How To Get Thicker Hair For Female

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No one wants to have thin and limp hair. So we understand why you are envious even admire women with thick and healthy hair. Can I get thicker hair? How to get thicker hair for female? Don’t worry! That can be you, too.  Just follow these treatments straight from hair care experts to help you achieve your dreamed hair. 

Can you get fuller and thicker hair?

Many women experiencing hair loss always crave to find the best solution to treat their locks. You have thin and flat hair, it might be caused by genetic, stress, or hormone imbalance. 

However, most of these causes can be improved. There are different ways people can do to make their hair appear thicker and stimulate natural hair growth. It will not give your results overnight, but it supports hair follicles to be healthier and improve your hair thickness. 

Hence, finding the best solution is the best way to help your curls feel and look thicker. 

7 Secrets On How To Get Thicker Hair For Female
thin hair

Tips on how to get thicker hair for female

We list several solutions women can do at home to improve your hair condition.

Utilize thickening shampoo and conditioner

Shampoo and conditioner are must-have items for all women. Make sure that you use true methods of hair volumizing. Read the label and choose the set that works to create thickness and volume for hair.  

Try using Redken High Rise Volume or Living proof Perfect Hair Day Shampoo as they add shine and boost your hair thickness. These volume-building shampoos often contain fewer conditioning ingredients as they will not wight your strands down. Hence, use hair care products that match your curls for the best results.

7 Secrets On How To Get Thicker Hair For Female
thickening shampoo and conditioner

Keep your natural locks healthy and hydrated

Consider using castor oil as a natural remedy on how to thicken hair. You can use the oil as a deep conditioning hair mask and scalp. 

How to get thicker hair for female by this tip? Apply castor oil directly to your curls, from roots to ends, and leave it for 1-2 hours. Many people also mix it with other ingredients, such as bananas or grapeseed oil, to create a DIY hair mask. For instance, bananas oil supplies the B-vitamins group that protects hair from split ends. 

Remember not to apply too much oil on the hair root as it may leave your hair flat and limp. Combine massage with your head to stimulate blood flow to the scalp, stimulating thicker hair growth. Then rinse your hair with shampoo and condition.

If you don’t have castor oil, use argan, coconut, or jojoba oil as alternative ingredients. All of them keep your strands healthy and prevent dryness. 

Eat smarter

Nutrition deficiency is also a reason causing weaker hair strands, resulting in hair loss. Make a slight change in your lifestyle and diet to improve your hair condition. 

How to make your hair thicker? A diet full of healthy fats and essential minerals plays an important role in maintaining thick and healthy curls. Make sure that you supply enough protein and good fats that are beneficial for your health and hair. Eat some food sources that are needed for growing thicker hair:

– Salmon, eggs, 

– Avocados

– Walnuts, almonds, and other nuts

– Green, black, and other beans

– Vegetables and fruits

– Olive oil, etc. 

These good nutrients will improve your curls luster, which contributes to making hair appear healthier and thicker. 

7 Secrets On How To Get Thicker Hair For Female
give your scalp regular massage

Get a scalp massage

As we stated, the scalp massage helps increase hair thickness. When you massage your scalp, it will stretch the hair follicles’ cells, boosting to grow thicker hair. 

How often should you massage your scalp? Maintain this habit daily as a way to make hair follicles healthy. A 2016 study indicated that 9 participants received scalp massage every day for 24 weeks and had thicker hair than they started. Massaging your scalp once or twice per day is ideal, and you will notice that your hair condition will be improved. 

Create DIY hair masks

There are many natural treatments to thicken your thinning hair you can try. Consult on the Internet and create a DIY hair mask. 

Try to apply olive oil to your locks. It is rich in essential nutrients and Omega 3 that are adequate for hair health. How to grow thicker hair with olive oil?

– Take olive oil, then heat it to our body temperature

– Massage the oil into your strands evenly

– Let it sit for 30 minutes

– Gently shampoo the hair with a mild product. Let the hair air dry.

– Repeat this treatment until you notice the improvement on the scalp.

For better results, you should add honey to olive oil. Honey will work to soften your curls and treat dry scalp.


Consume the right supplements

You are taking supplements for a thicker hair look. It is also an excellent way. How to grow hair? It would be better if you take a multivitamin along with a hair supplement. Hair care experts agree that certain minerals, fatty acids, and vitamins play vital roles in hair growth. 

Consume hair supplements, like Bosley Professional Strength Vitality Supplements, Clinical Strength Hair Vitamins, etc. for hair growth and thickness. Alternatively, you can take Nutrafol for promising thicker and fuller hair. Be patient! Hair supplements take time to deliver results. 

7 Secrets On How To Get Thicker Hair For Female
get thicker hair with human hair extensions

Get thicker hair look with human hair extensions

Have you ever thought about it? We all know that you cannot get thicker hair overnight. Try wearing top-notch hair extensions if you want to get your dream look instantly. For example, you apply tape-ins or clip-ins extensions for a more gorgeous and thicker hair in a flash. 

At Layla Hair company, we specialize in supplying human hair extensions at wholesale prices. Our products are diverse, from hair bundles to wigs, that can meet all customers’ requirements. Plus, we can style the hair as you wish. You want to sport a trendy hair color or customize the wig size to fit your head, we can cater to all. Our mission is to make your hair look thicker and complete your beauty.  

If you have other tips on how to get thicker hair for female, don’t hesitate to share with us. Leave your comments below to help others get the best solution.

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