How Much Is Stitched Tape Hair? This Extension’s Worth Your Money!

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The reasons for changing your hair are as varied as the reason your hair is thinning daily. You are stressed because of your thinning hair,  there are many ways you can do to add more hair volume. Opt for stitched tape hair. So, how much is stitched tape hair? It depends on the hair features and your requirements. 

With many experiences and years in this field, Layla wants to share everything about stitched tape hair extensions, including stitched tape hair cost. This hair extension is worth to invest because it switches up your hair in a couple of seconds and offers fuller hair. 

Why Should You Choose Stitched Tape Hair?

Stitched tape hair extensions now appear with two main versions, single and double stitched tape hair. The single stitched tape has only one stitching line in the middle, and the double one has two seam lines. It is easy to differentiate them. May users select this hair as it is more durable. It means that the stitching lines keep the hair strands well, prevent the hair from falling out. 

Often, stitched tape is more expensive than normal tape and weft because of its benefits. Try wearing this stitched tape hair, you may feel that it is the best. You would never need any other hair systems out there. It is a great option to achieve beautiful hair. Also, it is the best friend for those with thinning hair. Easy to attach and remove is another advantage of this hair.   



This hair extension has many advantages. Let’s see: 

— The installing process is faster compared to other hair systems. If you wear and remove the hair correctly, you can reuse it many times. 

— Avoid hair shedding 

— Offer fuller and thicker hair for weeks

— Lightweight and easy to use


— If you are not familiar, you may feel that this hair is quite hard.

— It does not work best on oily hair.

— Your hair is too short, shorter than 5cm, you can not use this hair tape. 

How Much Is Stitched Tape Extensions?

There are various criteria to determine the cost, such as hair quality, material, hair color, and more. Below are some specific things that will impact “how much is it?”


Stitched tape hair extensions cost depends on the hair type

Each hair type has its price. For example, human hair double-stitched tape hair extension price is higher than the synthetic hair. You want to go with human or synthetic hair systems? It is understandable that human hair is more expensive than its counterpart. You should consider how much effort and time manufacturers put into harvest hair and create the item. Plus, human hair offers naturalness and durability.

The number of hair strands you use

How much is stitched tape hair? The quantity of hair you use will affect its price. Many salons can charge you depending on the number of extensions you apply. In other words, the more tape hair extensions you use, the higher the price is. 

The color of hair also decides the price

Admittedly, the black hair system is cheaper than colored hair. Opt for the extension that suits your hair hue most to achieve a new and beautiful hair look. 


Its cost depends on the length your stitched tape hair

If you buy a longer hair system, the stitched tape hair cost will be higher. The length of hair you choose is associated with the hair volume you pick up. Thus, spend more money if you love long hair systems. 

How to make the stitched tape hair

The single stitched tape price may be cheaper than the double one. A single stitched tape has a stitching line in the middle, so the making process is quicker and easier than another. 


The durability of the hair

The quality of the hair decides its lifetime and price. If you wear and store a human hair system properly, it will last longer than other types. If the hair you choose is long-lasting, a high chance that this hair price will be high.

How much stitched tape hair cost depends on the hair vendor you get it


Where you purchase the stiched tape hair decides its price. Some human hair vendors give you the wholesale price, less than the others. Hence, consider carefully before giving your last decision. What you should consider? The price the hair supplier offer, the hair quality, and other values it delivers. Don’t forget to think about the reliability of the hair vendor, as well. 

Do you have any place to buy stitched tape hair? If not, Layla Hair wholesale hair vendor is not a bad choice. You can find out about us on the Internet or through our website. As a leading human hair vendor in Vietnam, we commit to giving your real human hair systems. Our hair extensions are made of 100% raw human hair. The hair is gathered and stored carefully, no split ends. The hair is from Vietnam and Cambodia because they are known as high-quality hair types. We say no with synthetic fibers and hair animals. Our hair appears in different colors and lengths.

What style of hair do you like most? Share with us so that we can customize your orders. We will do exactly according to your requirements. Don’t hesitate to contact us to get the quotation

In The Bottom Line

How much is stitched tape hair? Its price depends on many criteria. As you can see stitched tape extensions are more expensive than the other normal tape-ins. But you will not regret buying this hair regarding its durability, the resulting look, ease of wear, and more. It means that the hair extensions help you save a lot of money and time to visit hair salons for your hair system re-done. 

To enjoy all of their benefits, go to our website and get your own tape hair. We only supply top-notch hair products at affordable prices. 

Interested in any hair systems, let us know. Layla Hair company is always more than happy to support!

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