Stitched Tape Hair Extensions — New Technique Rules The World!

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With many years in this field, Layla has produced various types of human hair extensions. In this post today, we want to share a new hair system — stitched tape hair extensions. We love them and we hope you will do, too. You want to add more hair length, volume, or change your entire look, opt for this extension. It gives you more hair to work with many trendy hairstyles and also boosts your confidence. It changes your look instantly. You are exhausting trying to find the most suitable type of hair system. Stop finding! it’s time to try this type of sew in tape hair. Check it out!

What Is Stitched Tape Hair?

Stitched tape hair extensions are a new trend and popular type of tape extension. It is machine-made tape with one or two stitching lines in the middle. One stitching line is called single stitched tape hair and double stitched tape hair has two seam lines. The stitching line prevents hair from shedding and let it become firmer. The tape size ranges from 2-8 cm in width. Typically, the tape is made of real human hair with intact cuticles. Tape width and density can be adjusted according to the customers’ requirements. These sew-in tape-in hair extensions can last 6-8 months. Moreover, you can remove it easily. The special thing about the extension is that you can change the adhesive tapes if they do not stick well. 

Just like other types of hair systems, the sew-in tape hair comes in different textures. Straight, wavy, water wavy, curly, kinky curly, afro curl, and so on.

Stitched Tape Hair Extensions - New Technique Rules The World!
stitched tape hair extensions


— The application is quicker compared to other extensions. You can reuse it if maintaining it properly. 

— Lightweight and comfortable to wear

— A full effect 24/7


— If your skin is sensitive, you can have an allergic reaction to the tape.

— Not recommend for oily hair

— Your hair should be over 5cm if you use this tape extension. 

Normal Tape vs Invisible Tape vs Stitched Tape

Both of them can deal with your thinning hair problem. They stay flat onto the scalp that blends well with existing hair. They add more volume to your natural locks and also creates a realistic look. In addition, they are safe to style if they are made of real human hair. You can straighten, curl or do any other styles as you want. 

Stitched Tape Hair Extensions - New Technique Rules The World!
normal tape vs invisible tape vs stitched tape

Take a look at this table to compare three common types of tape in hair extensions:

Normal tape Stitched tape  Invisible tape
Popularity The most common and normal tape extension.  New trend Common
Visibility High Medium (Can be detected if your hair is finer) Less (Undetectable)
Lifespan It depends on how you maintain it when wearing, maybe a month or more. 6-8 weeks Up to 8 weeks

Why Should You Choose Stitched Tape Hair Extensions? 

Easy to apply

Trying this hair tape, you may feel that you would never need any other extensions out there. It is the perfect solution for hair, the best companion for every girl. Easy to apply and it only takes less than an hour to finish wearing.  

Versatile and comfortable

Stitched Tape Hair Extensions - New Technique Rules The World!
stitched tape extensions are exceptionally natural-looking and durable

You can wear these sew-in tape-in hair extensions up and down. Especially, you can feel the bonds during wearing. It is the best option if you are busy. You were tired of clip-in extensions because of your busy schedule. Hot fusion takes a lot of time to apply and it may damage your natural hair. So, stitched tape hair extensions are your wise decision. It makes room so that the hair and scalp can breathe.

Friendly price

Don’t waste time and money on synthetic hair extensions. The stitched tape is sold at an affordable price. It is not as expensive as hair wigs. With extensions, you can feel it is lightweight, natural, and easy to maintain. You can wear the hair by yourself, no need chemicals or tools. 

Where To Buy Stitched Tape Hair

Users tend to ask where can I buy real stitched hair extensions and is the supplier reliable before they buy a hair system. It is vital to select a good hair vendor to buy hair. Find out carefully about the hair vendors to ensure that you select the right address.

Stitched Tape Hair Extensions - New Technique Rules The World!
double stitched tape human hair extensions at Laylahair

Layla is a wholesale real human hair supplier in Vietnam. You want real human hair, Layla is not your bad choice. These stitched tape hair extensions are made of 100% real hair and no split ends. We gather hair from Vietnam and Cambodia because women here have their traditional and effective hair care. All strands are completely unprocessed, no mixing synthetic hair or hair animals. Hence, it gives a more realistic look. Stitched tape hair extensions come in plenty of lengths and colors. They are also available for customizes orders, so don’t hesitate to talk to us about which hairstyle you want. We will customize according to your requirements.

Hopefully, you can get all the information about stitched tape hair extensions after scanning through our post. Layla is online 24/7 so feel free to contact us via WhatsApp link. Have any questions, leave your comments below and our skilled staff will help you out.

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