How To Add Volume To Hair Mens – The Key To Success

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You have noticed that a lot of current men’s hairstyles have lift and volume. Increase the volume of men’ hair is liked by more men these days because they want to give a feeling of being younger and more confident.

Besides, with many celebrities, they are required to attend an event or special occasion, for which they are required to add volume to their hair. Whatever reasons, the good news is that there are many ways to increase the volume of hair, such as use proper care and maintenance, or styling products.

This post will provide some guidance on how to add volume to hair mens naturally and how to maintain it.

How To Add Volume To Straight Hair Mens

Clean Your Hair 

Wash your hair regularly is necessary for voluminous hair because dirt, grease, and debris can weigh it down, leaving it looking lifeless.

– Unwashed and greasy hair tends to clump together, making your hair look flat and deflated.

To get the best results, opt for a thickening shampoo and conditioner but you should use the conditioner sparingly and avoid applying the roots. 

How To Add Volume To Hair Mens - The Key To Success
clean your hair to remove dirt, grease, and debris

Rinse With Lukewarm Water (Not Hot)

Try to avoid rinsing your hair with very hot water, as this can damage the follicles and make your hair thinner. Instead, warm water is ideal for removing shampoos and conditioners out of the hair.

Wash & Condition The Hair With Thickening Products

Hair experts say that a good haircut can work as well to revive thinning hair as the products you use. Hence, find and use thickening shampoos and conditioners are a great way to add lift to your hair. 

These products are designed to remove dirt, oils and buildup product from the hair and scalp. They work by coating the hair follicle with a special polymer designed to increase the width of hair strands. You can easily find thickening shampoos and conditioners in the local market. 

How To Add Volume To Hair Mens - The Key To Success
thickening shampoo for thin hair

– To achieve the best results, try pairing a volumizing shampoo with a volumizing conditioner. 

– Because short hair is more difficult to lift and style, you should let your hair grow out at least 1-2 inches to easily style and volumize.

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Add A Volumizing Styling Product To Hair When Wet

The next step on how to add texture and volume to men’s hair is to apply styling products to your hair. Take a small amount of product on both hands, then run hands backward through your hair. Repeat the process 3 or 4 times, until you have a hairstyle that suits you.

– Don’t put an excessive amount of product on the roots, or your hair will stick together.

– Remember to use a moderate amount of volumizing styling products daily. The best way is to follow the label’s recommendations. 

– Avoid using gel products that stiffen the hair.

Use A Blow Dryer 

After applying volumizing styling products, hold the blow dryer away from your head, and run your hand through your hair while it’s drying. It can help your hair dry more quickly.

– To get your hair drier, rub and scrunch your hair in all directions and make sure not to hold the dryer in one place.

How To Add Volume To Hair Mens - The Key To Success
blow dry to make your hair look thicker

– Recommend applying products to damp or moist hair, helping the product to uniformly coat your hair.

– If you apply volumizing styling products on your wet hair. No problem. You only wait for your hair to dry and run your hands through it to lift the hair.

Style The Hair With Your Fingers

The last step on how to add volume to hair mens is to avoid combing your hair, only run through the hair with fingers, using hands to create your shape. Combs can negatively impact the appearance of volume because it can pulls and tears at the roots of the hair.

You can apply hair spray to your hair if needed, they will make the hairstyle last for longer. Hair spray help in creating your volume.

Tips To Add Volume To Hair Mens

Massage Your Scalp

Healthy circulation can nourish the hair follicles in the scalp where hair begins growing. Simply drop hair treatment oil into your fingertips and rub all over your scalp in a circular motion for a few minutes before shampooing.

How To Add Volume To Hair Mens - The Key To Success
massage your scalp

Avoid Sunburn On Your Scalp

Sunburns can affect negatively on the volume of your hair. A sunburned scalp will shed hair, leading to thinner hair with decreased volume. Hence, if you are going to be out in the sun for more than 20-30 minutes, wear a hat to protect your hair and scalp.

Eat Greens

How To Add Volume To Hair Mens - The Key To Success
consume more iron-rich food

A healthy diet is a good way to support hair growth. Specialists recommend cooking with coconut and olive oil, avoiding coffee, alcohol, and tobacco as well. You should eat more iron-rich foods (like spinach, kale, chard, beans, and tofu), biotin (in bananas, beans, eggs, peanuts, and salmon), and protein (chicken, eggs, nuts, soybeans, seafood…).

Don’t Wear A Tight Hat Regularly

Many people know how to add texture and volume to men’s hair, but they forget to protect hair when wearing a baseball cap, or cowboy hat day by day. This has a negative effect on the volume of your hair. 

Wearing a hat regularly not only reduces its volume but also decreases circulation to your scalp. 

Avoid Using Heat Tools

Heat can make your fine hair brittle and dry, leading to breakage. So air dry your hair is a good way to protect your hair.  

How To Add Volume To Hair Mens - The Key To Success
avoid styling tools

You still use a blow-dryer or styling iron in a lower temperature setting to dry hair or add volume. Or you can use a thermal protective product whenever you use heat tools. 

Our Conclusion

I genuinely hope it helped you know more about how to add volume to hair mens. This article is mainly focused on achieving the volume, but if you have any questions on styling or caring for your hair, visit our website. 

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