Human Hair Topper Silk Base: A Comprehensive Guide From Layla Hair

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Human hair topper has many different names like wig and hairpieces. A lot of times, people call toppers “wig” because they look like a miniature model of a wig. Different toppers require different attachment methods to pin on the real hair and cover the hair loss areas.

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Some of the toppers offer more coverage than others, but most of which are designed to blend in with the real hair. Our detailed guide below will discuss different types of human hair toppers, including human hair topper silk base in particular, how to choose the right topper and how to use a topper.

What is a hair topper?

Human hair toppers vary in sizes and shapes to disguise hair loss of different stages and areas on the scalp. Some of the hair toppers cover more on the top of the scalp and others focus on both sides and behind. Some even have a unique design for only one primary purpose is creating a fuller look to the hair.

One thing to bear in mind is that there is no wig’s size is the perfect solution for all cases. Each strand of hair in hair toppers has a careful design to cover the hair loss places as well as combine like one with the real hair.

Human Hair Topper Silk Base: A Comprehensive Guide From Layla Hair

The base of human hair topper could be either silk or lace.

With a human hair topper silk base, ladies no longer have to worry about their partial hair loss. Toppers can conceal a wide area of hair loss, making it an ideal replacement for a full hair wig. When choosing a hair topper, pay attention to its shape, size, hair length and color. This will help women decide their suitable toppers.

What types of hair need hair toppers?

Whoever suffers from hair loss and wants to conceal their thinning and bald areas on the scalp can expect a hair topper. Losing hair can result from the aging process, use of medication (valences), stress and other problems.

A human hair topper silk base not only disguises the hair loss areas but also creates a fuller look to the existing hair. But not everyone using hair toppers has problems with hair loss. Some of the women wear hair toppers to balance between their longer and shorter parts of the hair.



How to decide on a suitable hair topper?

Understand your hair loss problems

Determining which types of hair loss problems that we are dealing with is the first important step. Each stage of hair loss is divided based on the number of hair we lost.

The early stage of hair loss: Losing hair starts at the top of the head. Most of the women in this stage need a topper with a smaller size or a suitable base.

Continuous stage of hair loss: This stage reveals many parts of hair loss on the scalp. A human hair topper with a medium to the large base is what ladies need to take back their confidence.

Advanced stage of hair loss: This stage becomes noticeable because the bald areas can be easily seen on the scalp. A hair topper with the largest size will make hair loss disappear as it has never existed. Some of the women at this advanced stage can consider buying for themselves a full hair wig.

Estimate the hair loss areas

With a soft tape measure, note down the measurements of the hair loss areas

From the measurements, add one inch to each of them to prepare for the attachment process.

Human Hair Topper Silk Base: A Comprehensive Guide From Layla HairHuman Hair Topper Silk Base: A Comprehensive Guide From Layla Hair

Determining the hair loss area

If the self-measurements are different from the available topper collections, ask friends and family to do the measurements again to check the accuracy.

If the hair loss areas have bigger sizes than the available hair topper collection, consider purchasing a full hair wig.

Select a base type

Now we have known our measurements, let’s concentrate on the hair loss places. This will help to determine a fitting base type.

For instance, if their hair is thinner at one part, women should choose a more lightweight and longer base. But if their hair is smaller at the crown, they may need broader support and feel satisfying with a classic model. These are the most basic and popular hair base types:

Monofilament base: This base is famous for attaching each strand of hair into a soft net material. Because each hair is tied to the base by hands, it provides a look of real hair growing from the scalp.

Classic base: This base resembles rows of hair. The hair can be pulled into the middle of the rows to combine real hair with a hair wig.

Human hair topper silk base: This base offers a natural look to the hair but costs more than a lace base. A silk base contains silky materials, and people insert hair strand into this base. Unlike the lace base, silk base does not need any bleaching to create a natural look. People can hardly see the knots, and the front part is similar to human skin.

Choose the hair type, length, and color

Hair type:

Similar to hair wig, we have synthetic hair topper, human hair topper, and heat-friendly topper. Because a topper works mainly to cover the top of the head, many women prefer a collective hair topper or heat-friendly topper. These hair types allow us to style our hair with hot hairdressing tools.

A collective hair topper has straight, curly and wavy features that help ladies select their most suitable styles. Besides, these two hair types require less care and provide a high-quality look at a reasonable price.

Hair length:

The length of the topper depends on the look that we want to have. Women with short hair often expect a topper matches their hair length from the root to the top. While women with longer hair choose a hair topper based on their hair layering, an outstanding topper is a perfect choice to add more layers into the real hair.

Hair color:

There is nothing better than the color of hair topper resembles as close as possible to the real hair’s color. We advise ladies to listen to our hair experts on choosing the most matching color to the real hair.

Human Hair Topper Silk Base: A Comprehensive Guide From Layla Hair

Blonde is all time favorite hair color.

Moreover, women can select a hair topper’s color that is as close to their favorite color as possible. Then dye their hair to match with the hair topper’s color to achieve a more natural look.

The bottom line

We hope with this detailed guide to hair topper, including human hair topper silk base, ladies will have more options to enhance their hair’s appearance.

For more information about human hair topper silk base and other products, please share and visit our website and blog at Layla Hair.

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