How To Twist Dreads New Growth — Deal With Newly-Born Hair

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Your dreadlock generally maintains their twisted form, but when new growth appears, it can make the hairstyle look untidy. So it is important to retwist your dreads. This post from Laylahair would reveal the tips on how to twist dreads new growth. Come check it out! 

What Are Dreadlocks?

Dreadlocks, referred to as dreads or locks, are rope-like clumps of hair formed by matting or braiding. This hairstyle requires very little maintenance and products. There are several ways to achieve the style such as backcombing, neglect, twisting, crocheting,…

This style has survived for thousands of years and maybe continue to stick around for thousands more. Why? It is because they are the coolest hairstyle to exist.  

How To Twist Dreads New Growth - Deal With Newly-Born Hair
dreadlock hairstyle

One of the benefits of dreadlock is faster hair growth. If you have slow hair growth, dreadlocks are the solution you are looking for. Stay away from combs because they just damage your hair.

However, dreadlocks are not in shape when new growth appears. So you have to figure out how to twist dreads new growth.

In this article, we will share some tips that can help you control your hairstyle effectively.

How to Twist Dreads New Growth

Step 1: Shampoo your hair, then rinse until the water runs clear. Massage conditioner into the scalp until the dreadlocks are soft. You can leave it in by conditioner directions, and continue rinsing.

How To Twist Dreads New Growth - Deal With Newly-Born Hair
shampoo your dreadlocks
  • If you have very dry hair, ask hair experts about how often you should be washing.
  • You should wash at least 1 time per week that can allow your scalp to produce natural oils.
  • It is better to wet your hair with warm water

Step 2: Finish washing, you wring out dreadlocks and blot with a towel until they are quite damp.

  • Dry your dreadlock by using your hands.
  • You can use a fiber towel to dry your scalp and dreadlocks completely.

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Step 3: Place a dab of thread-locking gel on one fingertip. You separate one dreadlock and saturate your new growth with locking gel.

Next, put a comb near the root of the dread, and pull down from the scalp through the new growth. Continue combing until the locked portion of the dread stops it.

How To Twist Dreads New Growth - Deal With Newly-Born Hair
lock up the new growth with clockwise rubbing

You hold the growth, roll the dread, and move downward. You keep rolling until you get to the end of the lock. When you roll down the lock, the dread begins to twist at the root. Keep rolling until the new growth is completely twisted.

Step 4: Clip the twisted new-growth with a hair clip to hold it in a place. Move to the next dread and repeat the twisting process. After that,  you use a hairdryer or a blow-dryer to dry roots dry completely.

Step 5: Apply a suitable amount of cream wax in your dreadlocks. This can keep the dreads neat and moisturized.

  • You should be careful when using cream wax. If you apply too much, this can cause buildup in the hair and make them untwist.
How To Twist Dreads New Growth - Deal With Newly-Born Hair
apply dread wax

Finally, you can remove any loose hairs that are not incorporated into the dread, so that your hairstyle looks tidy. You also allow your hair to air dry after retwisted. If the products you used on your dreadlocks are heat activated, let’s use gentle heat to activate this feature.

To know how to retwist dreads with lots of new growth, you should read and follow these steps. You will immediately have a beautiful dreadlock like new.

How to Maintain Your Hairstyle

Besides knowing how to retwist dreads new growth, maintaining dreadlocks is so very important.

Wash your hair

Remember that dreadlocks need clean. People always think that it’s difficult to wash dreads, so some of them do not wash for a month. It can lead to other complications like itching.

Let the shampoo sit on your dreadlocks and scalp from 1-2 minutes to ensure that it is working to clean and remove any oils or dirt from your locks.

How To Twist Dreads New Growth - Deal With Newly-Born Hair
apply shampoo onto your dreadlocks

You are not compulsory to use a shampoo specially formulated for dreadlocks, a regular shampoo also works. The shampoo is low lather and suits the needs of your scalp. Many people with dreads suffer from dry scalps.

After having dreads, you should avoid washing for a minimum of two weeks, which can keep the locks firm and secure.

Add conditioner to your dreads

You do not need a conditioner for your natural hair but using it can improve your hair’s softness and luster. Take your hair conditioner and massage it into the scalp and dreadlock.

How To Twist Dreads New Growth - Deal With Newly-Born Hair
use the conditioner specialized for dreads

You let the conditioner set in the locks for a few minutes to get the best results. After finish conditioning, you rinse the conditioner from your hair and wringing out excess moisture from the locks.

In some cases, dreadlock wearers skip conditioning as they think it can loosen the tightness of their locks.

Remember not to condition new locks until they are more than 3 months.

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Dry the dreadlocks completely

When you don’t dry your dreads completely, it can leave your hair unpleasant smells. Hence, let’s your hair dry completely.

Keep Your Dreadlocks Healthy

Visit your hairstylist for advice is a good way to maintain your dreadlock. Find an experienced hairstylist with dreadlocks to ask them more about how to retwist dreads new growth and status of your hair.

How To Twist Dreads New Growth - Deal With Newly-Born Hair
retwist your dreads if they get loosened

Retwist your dreads if they are loosened. Depending on your type of hair, your dreadlocks might naturally untwist as they grow. You can follow all steps about how to twist dreads new growth on the above to keep your hairstyle. However, if you’re new wearer, visit a hair salon for twisting and tightening. Do not twist your dreadlocks when they are dry, which can cause your hair to break.

Rehydrate your scalp by doing hot oil treatment every 1-2 months

Visiting your hairstylist for a moisturizing treatment. This will help restore moisture to your hair without making your dreadlocks untwist. It is very necessary to maintain your scalp health to ensure that your hair is also strong.

Protect your dreadlocks when sleeping

To protect your hairstyle from damage, you can sleep with a silk scarf or a satin pillowcase. Cover your dreadlocks is to protect them from dryness and breakage.

How To Twist Dreads New Growth - Deal With Newly-Born Hair
use a silk scarf to protect your hair when sleeping

In addition, you can tye your dreads up before going to bed. It can help maintain its appearance than letting it lose.

The bottom line

Hopefully, you will know how to twist dreads new growth after reading this article. Remember that investing in your hair is never a waste of time. Just by simple steps and care, you will have a beautiful hair look.

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