How To Care For Your Human Hair When You Go Green

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Going green is now a ubiquitous phrase in the 21st century. As the concern for the clean environment and healthy lifestyle increases, many people decided to switch to a sustainable way of living. However, many have experienced hair loss and poor hair condition after changing their diet. Unlike human hair extensions and wigs, our human hair requires adequate nutrients to grow.

So how to take care of the hair as you give up on chemicals?

You will find the answer in today’s post.

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The benefits of going green

There is a myriad of benefits of going green.

Your health

Many people start a sustainable lifestyle because they worry about the environment. Others find this option appealing because they want better health. Indeed, a green lifestyle eventually makes you healthier.


How To Care For Your Human Hair When You Go Green

As you go green, you will try to eliminate all the human-made chemicals starting from your care products. Your skin, human hair, and livers will no longer suffer from harmful chemicals.

Some people even change the way they consume things. Overconsumption will be removed. People opt for all-natural items from food to household equipment. They surround themselves with healthy and natural elements.

No wonder why you get so much energy and get better health.

Save money

Yes, going green means you can save lots of money. By switching from low-energy-consuming products such as CFL’s, and LED’s, you can save a bit more energy and money.

How To Care For Your Human Hair When You Go Green

Some people even go entirely green, using solar panels. This way, they can convert natural sunlight into electricity.

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Can a vegan diet cause human hair loss?

A vegan diet is a prominent choice as people switch to green living. A vegan diet excludes meat consumption and gets nutrients only from plant-based sources.

Though you can get necessary nourishment from vegetables, without proper plans, you will likely to suffer from a lack of nutrition. That’s why many people after a month of vegan diets go nuts finding that their hair is losing.

There are several reasons why a vegan diet can damage your human hair.


Typically, men need to consume 11 milligrams of Zinc per day. The required amount for women is 8 milligrams. Zinc is mostly found in oysters, pork, chicken and beef. If you follow a vegan diet, chances are you don’t get enough zinc for your hair and nail.

How To Care For Your Human Hair When You Go Green

Without Zinc, your hair will start falling, and hair strands become dull and twisting.


B-12 is a vital vitamin that is only available in poultry, fish and other animal sources. Several plant-based sources provide B-12 such as tempeh and seaweed, but the amount is inadequate.

How To Care For Your Human Hair When You Go Green
B-12 is available in tempeh and seaweed, but the amount is not enough.


B-12 deficiency can lead to excessive hair loss, attributing to the weakened follicles and flaking scalp.


Vegan diets never seem to lack iron. We can get iron from vegetables, lentils and many vegan sources. However, the human body has trouble absorbing plant-derived iron than that of animals.

How To Care For Your Human Hair When You Go Green

As a result, iron deficiency is commonly found in vegetarians. Every day one needs to consume around 8 to 18 milligrams of iron. Fail to do so? You will find your human hair get fatigued, and eventually fall off your scalp.


Now, vegetarians would argue that of all the things, protein is something they can’t under-consume. A vegan diet will get protein mostly from nuts, beans, and soy. However, relying solely upon soy for protein could cause troubles for your hair.

If after some periods of eating soybeans you notice your hair start falling excessively, you may suffer from hypothyroidism.

The condition appears when you over-consume soybeans while your body has low iodine intake.

Furthermore, the amino-acid deficiency will cause a lack of L-lysine. Without L-lysine, your hair starts to be weak and falls off quickly.

How to care for your human hair when you go green

Your diet matters

Your hair needs nutrients to grow and stay shiny. Even if you go vegetarian, or vegan diet, you should pay attention to what you consume.

How To Care For Your Human Hair When You Go Green

  • Almonds are known for having the highest amount of zinc. Topping yourself with enough zinc will ensure an active scalp circulation and healthy hair strands.
  • Beans are invaluable sources of protein, zinc, vitamin C, B, and silicon. All of this help strengthen your hair.
  • Broccoli offers loads of calcium, vitamin A and C. Calcium nourishes the follicles, while vitamin A and C fuel the scalp to produce more sebum for glowing hair.
  • Coconuts contain healthy fats, loads of minerals and different vitamins. You can use coconut treatment one or two times per week for lustrous hair.
  • Other than that, consume as many dark-green vegetables, legumes, and walnuts as possible. They all contain iron, zinc and vital vitamins for hair growth.
  • If you still keep the traditional diet with meat, make sure that you eat an equal proportion of red meat, poultry, and fish.


As for vegans, a plant-based diet may not be the only source of nutrients. Even for people who follow conventional diets, it is advised to take daily supplements to sustain our health.

Many types of supplements are available in the market. Before buying them all, you should consult a doctor to make sure you go for the right ones.

How To Care For Your Human Hair When You Go Green

As for vegans, you should look for iron, zinc and L-lysine supplements since they are what you lack.

Organic hair care products

Giving on chemicals doesn’t mean you have to stop washing your human hair altogether. Instead, you can look out for organic haircare products. Since they are all natural, you don’t have to worry about your hair being damaged, dried or feeble.

Go easy on your hair

Dying, bleaching or other hair processing will require lots of maintenance and care. If you start a new vegan diet, make sure that you stay away from heat and chemical treatments.

10 Terrific Natural Secrets To Lengthen Your Human Hair

A blond full lace wig will be the best choice for you. 

If however you still want to change your hairstyles, consider organic hair colors. Human hair extensions and Remy human hair wigs are also great options for those who wish to alter their looks without the chemicals involved.

The bottom line

Going green could have a detrimental effect on your hair if you don’t pay attention to it. So learning how to care for your human hair is essential to keep it healthy and robust.

Layla Hair hopes that you have found the answer you need in this article.

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