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Recently, besides hairstyles looking like natural hair, we also have wigs for ponytail or bun that fits in specific uses.

As closures or wigs, we have many options when choosing a clip in ponytail human hair.

We mention the human hair only because this hair extension is just a bit of hair. We need it to look as natural and soft as possible. Thus, the only human hair is qualified material to reach our wanted effects.

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Taking cares of the clip in ponytail human hair also needs specific requirements besides regular caring.

Types of clip in ponytail human hair

Short Flicky

This ponytail is usually shoulder-length or a bit longer. It’s entirely even and straight. However, the tip is curled outward. It looks like a letter J with the bold body.

This hair present for sophistication and elegance because it takes time to curl the tip at the appropriate portion. The too much curly tip looks like a failed ponytail.

Medium Flicky

Medium Flicky clip in ponytail human hair extensions includes bundles of hair with uneven length.

This hair comes with smaller locks with outward tip, and they come in layers. In comparison with the former, this hairstyle looks more delicate.

You can wear medium flicky for both formal and informal occasions. Styling the tips is easier then Short flicky.

Long Flicky

As can be seen, long flicky looks quite alike to the medium Flicky. However, this version is thicker and longer.

Thus, long flicky brings fresh and energetic look. Hair with volume fits formal circumstances where you need to show of formality and profession.

Short Curly

This clip in ponytail human hair is only neck length bun with curly tip. This hair fits with ladies who present jauntiness and a bit of mildness.

The short curly tip is quite compulsive, so it’s not asking you for professional skills in hairstyling.

Short curly hairs fit home party when you build up an image of maturity but a happy and active woman. Going to work with this short curly clip in ponytail human hair is also a good idea.

Medium Curly

This ponytail is longer than the short version and bigger curls. Thus, it brings the feeling of vintage and maturity.

Usually, people love the big curls because that look is compulsive but elegance. Medium curly suits girls or young ladies who prefer the girly look. With a little décor, you can wear this ponytail to parties.

Long Curly

Long curly ponytail looks natural, compulsive but also beautiful. This hair contains layers of hair with different length. Curls are made attraction from top to tip with various volume for waves, outward and inward tips.

Clip In Ponytail Human Hair Guide and Reviews | Layla Hair

Long curly ponytail looks natural, compulsive but also beautiful.

Even for random curls, this ponytail hair extension expresses elegance and luxury.

Long Straight

It’s the necessary clip in ponytail human hair that asks for no treatment or styling. It fits everyone in every situation. However, with parties, this hair looks too simple but serious. Thus, if you want to bring it on, wear fancy clothes.

This long straight ponytail can cause the look older than usual. Hence, it’s not the favorite clip in a ponytail for teenagers.



How to apply clip in ponytail human hair extensions

Applying clip-in ponytail is as easy as a cake. You have three steps to follow.

Step one – make a bun

Making a bun if your hair is fine, thin hair. The little bun will keep your natural hair out of the way. Especially, if the clip in ponytail hair color is different from your tone, hiding the tail under clip in ponytail reduce chances of exposure.

Besides, the bun will create volume to the joint. You will clip ponytail on the position of bun (most of the time) therefore, choose the height you want your ponytail.

If your hair us thick, tie it only if you are not okay with a too big bun.

In case your hair is too short to tie up, try to make a bun behind where we can lean on. The rest of hair, you might need help form hair wax and clips to keep them in place.

Step two – wearing clip-in ponytail

Some ponytails only have clips. You should clip it in the bun because that position is the most secure. You can clip in the hair above to raise the height of ponytail but make sure that the hair can cover up the bun you made before.

To cover up the joint, you can use a band or strip to tie up. It’s an accessory and also coverage.

Clip In Ponytail Human Hair Guide and Reviews | Layla Hair

You should clip it in the bun because that position is the most secure.

Some clip in hair has a band with where you can tie the ponytail to the bun. From the aspect of vision, the bun gets covered totally, and hair extensions are also more secure.

However, you can use another more beautiful strip.

Step three – Finish the look

It’s optional because ponytail has a style already. However, some people will need to restyle the curls as their wish. To human hair ponytail, it’s not a problem provided you take good care after all.

Let’s see how can we take of it properly.

How to care for your product

For human hair, there are not many specific rules to follow. How are you look after your natural hair? Do the same with ponytail hair.

Besides, the ponytail hair extensions need some extra care

First, do not wear them to sleep. It’s easy to apply and take off, thus, let it rest while you’re resting. Cotton bed cloth can cause tangles by traction.

Hang the hair on or preserve in silk cap where traction is minimum.

You do not need to wash it or comb it every day but do it after use. Using your regular hair care products will keep the hair in good conditions for a long time.

Fina sayings,

Ponytail hair extensions are more to ladies who are seeking mature and professional look. It’s a good option for business meetings or formal proms. Or, maybe you are sick of common hair extensions.

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