How To Choose Suitable Hair Extensions For Black Hair

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Black hair has got specific characteristic that none of the other processed hair contains. Therefore, choosing hair extensions for black hair in particular or any unusual hair color, in general, must follow some rules.

How To Choose Suitable Hair Extensions For Black Hair

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After you got the idea how to pick the right thing, it’s easier to select proper hair products for skin tones and natural hair colors.

Characteristics of black hair

Strong and healthy

Black hair usually grows strong. Many people have been through hard hair processing that causes the hair weaker.

However, for common characteristics of black hair, we saw the vision of shiny and lissome locks of hairs — that look present health and good condition.

Thick strands

Black hair originated from Asian people usually thick, referring to each strand of hair.

Thick strands can suffer heat and chemical treatments that people usually do. It can recover more quickly than other hair colors.

Hard to dye or style

One more thing that black hair is sturdy. Washing off the black takes more time, same with dying.

The texture of black is hard to remove, unlike blonde or brown hair.



The uses of hair extensions for specific hair colors

Hair extensions for black hair

For original black hair, we evaluate from thickness and sturdiness. Thus, we come up with three options below


Pre-bonded is a traditional method to extend hair. However, it’s still on the favorite list by ladies because of solid joints.

How To Choose Suitable Hair Extensions For Black Hair

Pre-bonded is a traditional method to extend hair.

Pre bonded hair extensions present the combination of tiny u-tip hair bundles in real hair. Small locks of hair come with small bonded keratin tip. Hairdressers will apply them to the head by glue.


Pre-bonded hair extensions for black hair is highly recommended because it clings on tightly the head. Black hair is sturdy and thick so that it’s not nice if you can wear clip-in hair extensions. That one is convenient, but it’s too exposed with many clips.

Besides, pre-bonded are made I many colors. Its size is small and flat. With black, a pink highlight will be eye-catching.


Pre-bonded hair extensions are for long-term. Hence, if you are not indeed of volume and length in up to 4 months, this hair is not the best choice.

Besides, application by glue can cause specific difficulties in caring and taking off.


Micro-ring is the modern version of pre-bonded. Instead of u-tips, they made round clocks of hair with a tiny drop of keratin. The tip is still in the group.

How To Choose Suitable Hair Extensions For Black Hair

Micro-ring is the modern version of pre-bonded.

Small bundles are held into hair by small rings. By doing hair extensions for black hair with micro rings, you do not need any glue or heat treatment.


Micro ring lasts long. Even though, the application does not include any harmful effects to real hair.

The ring will be gripped until flat. Therefore, it turns out natural and well-hidden.

Micro contains smaller locks of hair than keratin u-tips, that means wearers can have their hair extensions allocated more even.


The application is complicated. You must be a good hair extensions applicator to handle the rings and positioning.

Besides, this is also not a choice if you need instant hair extensions for black hair.

Hair extensions for white hair

Choosing hair extensions for white hair is kind of different from hair extensions for black hair.

You can pay attention to the colors instead of joint quality. Unlike black hair, white hair is either thin or weak. Except for people who were born with white hair, the rest must be through harsh treatment to remove the real color.

However, we still recommend hair extensions for white hair regarding well –hidden joint and sturdiness.

For example, tape-in hair extensions. This type of expansion is almost invisible with flat glue joint. The application takes time but the time is well-spent. You will have it in good condition in up to 6 months.

Speaking of color, white is not a usual hair color. Thus, hair extensions for white hair must be in the same tone. You can mix the color, but it could be too much. Besides, you can have highlighted such as pink or blue.

Choosing the right color for hair also depends on skin tones.

That’s important, and we are about to give you some tips now.

The choice of hair extensions for skin tones

Firstly, we talk about hair extensions for white skin.

White skin works well with every hair colors. It’s a trendy skin tone that you find in most Asian people. Western people are born with pale skin; they fit with blonde.

You can consider some color for white skins such as white, light grey or light pink. The final is not popular, but it’s outstanding. We have hair extensions for white skin in darker colors such as black, dark brown, hard green. Unless you are not so pale, dark color will tone up your skin, and you look unhealthy.

For darker skin tones like brown or black, you can consider black or dark brown extensions. For Asian people, they have got bright glow skin but still darker than western; they fit the coffee color.

How To Choose Suitable Hair Extensions For Black Hair

For darker skin tones like brown or black, you can consider black or dark brown extensions.

Coffee color or dark brown is the magic tone that fits any skin color. It can brighten up your face incredibly.

Bottom line

There are many choices for hair extensions. They range from colors to styles. Purchasers can search for different hair extensions for appropriate use. Clip-in type is for an instant and short time. Micro ring or pre-bonded are more suitable for long-term wearing and healthy hair.

Although a vast collection, not every hair extension fit anybody, we have to depend on skin tones and the original hair color. Black hair can match with almost color, but white hair needs more sophistication in every pick. Same with skin tones. People are born with many shades of skin colors, and each of them fit well with specific hair.

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