5 Easy Hacks On How To Detangle Matted Hair Extensions

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Hair extensions now are among the most crucial parts to build up your appearance. Hence, it needs to be cared for properly and carefully. Real hair systems help change your hairstyle and color instantly without causing any damage. However, the hair tends to get matted and tangled over time. Wearers find it a little bit difficult and heavy-handed when brushing hair extensions. Therefore, in the following post, Layla will guide you on how to detangle matted hair extensions effectively. There are numerous ways to save your hair extension, comprising using hair care products and techniques. Read on to know more. 

Gently brush out to untangle matted hair extensions

Detangling is necessary for maintaining the overall good appearance of your hair replacement systems. Tangled hair is knots and portions that are matted together, and it is difficult to style and blend your natural locks. 

How to unmat hair extensions? You should invest a paddle brush or wide-toothed comb to detangle the hair item. Start from the hair ends and gently move up to remove all knots and tangles. This tip helps keep straight hair systems smooth or maintain the wave and curl pattern. Also, frequent detangling hair extensions ensures that you will entirely remove knots and tangles formed in the hair. It reduces the risk of damage to your hair. Moreover, buy a suitable brush and create a detangling routine to prolong the life of your hair. This tip is so simple and it can be completed in just a few minutes. 

5 Easy Hacks on How To Detangle Matted Hair Extensions
brush your hair extensions gently

How to detangle matted hair extensions at root with hair care product

Matted hair is a serious problem of hair replacement systems, especially for curly and kinky curly hair. Whether you are wearing hair from a premium brand, no hair is immune to the matted problem. Over time, the hair will be dry and matted in one way or another.   

However, you can do something to extend the hair’s lifetime. As we all know, curly and afro hair wigs are quite hard to manage, and they tend to get tangled easily. That’s why many wearers report that “my hair extensions are dry and matted.” Hence, how to fix dry matted hair extension? You should use a hair steamer to soften the hair cuticles, making the hair become manageable. If you don’t have a steamer, follow the step-by-step guide below. 

A detailed guide to untangle your curly hair extensions

– First, detangle the hair with your fingers when it’s dry. If you detangle your wet hair, it is a hard mission. When the hair is wet, hair strands will clump together and become a bigger mess when. 

– Once you have detangled the knots, wet the hair and apply any hair care products and treatments (essential oils) you want. Make sure that the stuff you use works effectively for the extensions. If you use shampoo and conditioner, opt for the items that are produced for hair extensions only. 

5 Easy Hacks on How To Detangle Matted Hair Extensions
hair care products for matted hair extensions

– If you shampoo the hair, apply an appropriate amount of shampoo on the hair to create a thin coat. Apply a layer of conditioner if you have thick and long hair. Let the hair care product sit on the tresses for a few minutes and use your fingers to remove all the knots. 

– Rinse the hair thoroughly with fresh or lukewarm water. Gently brush your damp hair one more time to detangle hair. We’re sure that this way helps you lose less hair and encourage hair growth, as well. It causes no hair breakage and damage. 


Use a detangler spray to detangle matted hair extensions

Why are my hair extensions so knotty? Your hair may be dry and matted after a long time of wearing without proper care. And in the market to seek the best product for your tresses? Opt for a good detangler. Then detangler spray helps deal with matted hair with no hair damage. Spray the detangler on the matted hair area and brush slightly to slowly remove the knots.

Purchase items that are made of natural ingredients like apple cider vinegar, lightweight oils (coconut, apricot). If your dream hair is shiny and smooth, give it a try as it protects your hair well and saves you precious time. Plus, its smell is amazing.

Apply treatments to nourish the hair extensions 

Dryness is one of the reasons causing matted hair. Remember that hair extension is not our natural locks, it cannot absorb natural oils from the scalp. Hence, you have to take care of it carefully. Working in this field for many years, we have received tons of questions about hair extensions. Some report that the hair is matted above the bond of my hair extensions, why it happens? You might have provided not enough oils and nutrients to the hair. The exposure to sun and heat directly causes hair to get tangled and matted, also. 

5 Easy Hacks on How To Detangle Matted Hair Extensions
nourish your extensions with oil treatments

It’s time to nourish, moisturize, and revive the hair extensions to prevent hair matting. Apply hair treatments with oils, masks, serum as a great solution. Furthermore, avoid applying the oil to the bondings as it will loosen the extension. 

Get regular trim 

You wear tape in hair extensions to add more hair length and volume but they get easily tangled and matted. How to untangle serverly matted tape in hair extensions? If you are wearing human hair extensions, you can trim them so that they can stay healthy. You will not experience tangled tresses when you wake up in the morning anymore. Take the hair to a hair salon and you can cut it by yourself. Remember to get a hair trimming every 4-6 weeks.

Final thoughts

Please calm down, this is the first principle to detangle matted hair extensions. Haste and impatience will make the hair problem worse. 

We hope our sharings on how to detangle matted hair extensions can help those of you solve this popular issue and improve your hair condition. Are you looking for beautiful hair for a long time? Let’s apply these simple tips to bring breath back to your hair extension. Also, don’t hesitate to ask Layla Hair for personalized advice by texting us via WhatsApp and email.  

So, go to our website if you wanna more useful writings and hair care tips. Please treat your hair as your natural locks and enjoy your gorgeous hair.  

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