How To Do Full Lace Wigs Install? Our Step-By-Step Guideline

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Making application of full lace wig is half-half the same as closure. The differences come from the size and useful purpose.

We cannot deny that the lace wig is such innovation in the hair industry. It has been elevated and now, works an incredible job in volume extensions.

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However, the full lace wigs are bigger than pieces of frontals.

If you are on your first time, it’s comprehensive to ask

“How to do full lace wigs install” without going to the hair salon?

What’s a full lace wig?

Like some other types of hair wear products, full lace wigs are the bigger version of closures. The lace base is full spectrum to bring you an entirely new look in complete fresh hairstyles.

Because people take longer times to embroider hair into place, and, they invest more hair for a piece of full lace wig, it’s more expensive than frontal or normal closure.

Innovative features

Unlike to traditional design, full wigs now have a breathable basement. It keeps your skin dry and out of the scalp.

How To Do Full Lace Wigs Install? Our Step-By-Step Guideline

Full lace wig from Layla Hair

Besides, producers now make hair in the variant density. Thus, wearers can choose suitable thickness and length that they wanted to wear.

High-class material

In recent years, hair makers turned their concern on high-class material to produce wigs. Instead of affordable synthetic hair or non-Remy hair, wigs now can be found in human Remy hair or virgin Remy hair.

New materials are durable. It can last for a year in good care. Moreover, the human hair wigs can present different hairstyles that you usually do with real hair.



How to install correctly

There are two common ways to do full lace wigs install. One is with glue, and the other is without.

Which method you choose depends on how long you want to keep the full lace wigs install.

With Glue

Step 1:  Get prepared

Gluing the wig mean you will wear it for the significant amount of time. Therefore, you cannot get the hair washed in certain days.

More importantly, you should remove scalps on the hairline. To wear the cap tightly, cleaning the skin on the forehead is necessary. Our advice is putting on some toner and clean up to reduce oil.

Wear the wig without glue first to see how the edges are. You must remove the extra lace. Or the joint doesn’t look invisible.

Step 2: Glue on

Coating glue all over the edges of the cap. Make sure that you are laying a thin coat but enough to keep the sides on and invisible.

Lay the glue along the line of the cap. It could take a long time to apply because you must do slowly.

After finishing gluing, you should check all over again to see if any area falls apart from the skin. Usually, people have to trim the edges back, and it needs time invested.

To naturalize the edges, we suggest using concealers.

Step 3: Put on the wig

If it’s the first time you bought a full lace wig, we have advice for you. Choose the lace base in the same color as your skin (or close to).

How To Do Full Lace Wigs Install? Our Step-By-Step Guideline

This is the result 

Now, wearing a wig after you have trimmed all the extra edges. Repeat all the step of coating glue and pressing as you did with the cap.

Putting on some concealer, too.

Step 4: Finish

Do not rush to style the wig as long as you finish the application. Let it sit for some minutes while you press on the glue to keep everything on set.

Without Glue

Doing full lace wigs install without glue is the much more preferred method. Even though people invest a long time to apply full lace wig without adhesive, the time is well spent.

To do it properly, we need you to prepare hair clip, needles and thread to sew the hair in.

How To Do Full Lace Wigs Install? Our Step-By-Step Guideline

You start with clipping the wig into your real hair. The clip can keep the hair attached temporarily at the moment.

We suggest trying the wig as a bun to prevent small hair gets into your way.

Make weaving the hair through the hole to hole. It takes you ages to finish the full lace base.

We just want to tell you to be calm.


What makes people turn to weave full hair wig because of the glue. Applying glue on is easy, but it can harm your hair or cause scalp.

At least when you remove it, the hair under scalp look messy. In return, glued full lace wigs install easy to take off.

Weaved full wig is chemical-free. You can wash the hair or style instantly after finish installation


Complete wig application takes a lot of time and hand movements. It’s a real challenge to do it by yourself.

What’s different from lace frontal application

Lace frontals or even lace frontal braids are other favorite wigs at the moment. They are less bulky and smaller. We could say, you can adjust the volume by using pieces of closure.

In application, there are not too many differences but faster. It’s because you now have less hair to glue in.

While full lace wig can cover up your hair 100%, lace frontal hides a part of it. Sometimes people do not need too much hair added up.

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In additions, lace frontal and frontal lace braids are cheaper than full lace wig.

Regardless of materials or installation, they are not different. We have 100% human hair extensions on sales, same with lace frontals or braids, as well as full wigs.

Bottom line

In modern time, when hairstyles changes season to season. Meanwhile, girls cannot stop them from chasing new trends.

At the time, full lace wigs seem the best solution to catch up with current look while no harms to real hair.

The only difficult to wig lovers might be about the application. We hope that the procedures of full lace wigs install above helps with your home-made hairstyle.

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