How To Dye Hair Extensions | Hair Extensions Styling Guide

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Are you looking for new hair color? Are you wondering how to dye hair extensions? Then the answer may satisfy you. You can do anything with your human hair extensions similarly to what you have done to your bio hair. For example, cut, dye, and use thermal styling. Chemical processing is okay as well. It is possible to dye the extensions to match your hair. Rather, it works amazingly. Also, it brings a beautiful look. 

Remember that virgin hair extensions are the most preferable type for your hair dyeing. They do not go through any chemical processing. That is why you do not have to worry about considerable damage to the hair when you dye. It is advisable to stay away from chemicals which are overly harsh. Yet, darkening or lightening this extension kind is possible. 

How To Dye Hair Extensions | Hair Extensions Styling Guide
colored hair extensions

According to experts, you should not try to dye non-Remy type. They are synthetic hair extensions. So, they have undergone chemical treatment.  It will supposedly strip your strands and make it even worse. Their strength is typically not sufficient for dyeing.

Things to keep in mind

Avoid using over twenty-volume peroxide

You know, your growing locks are generally not as dry as hair extensions. You then should rely on a dye with twenty-volume peroxide at the most. That way helps prevent your extensions from being drier. Additionally, using a cream dye is the best. It is often gentler.

Do not forget to do a strand test before you dye the extensions

It is simple. Blend the dye into a basin. After that, apply it to a small clip in extension. You will see the dye develop. Check whether it is a suitable shade. Decide if you wish to go on with that dye on the remaining extensions.

How To Dye Hair Extensions | Hair Extensions Styling Guide
test with some strands first

Now we will be guiding you in details about how to dye hair extensions

A step-by-step guide on dyeing the extensions ombre

You cannot get enough of ombre shade? Are you curious about whether it works with your extensions as well?  You can choose to purchase ready-made extensions with ombre. Or else, dye it. 

The best approach is dyeing the wefts’ top halves darker for a seamless match with the rest of your bio hair. You see, you can only dye extensions one shade or two darker. Simply put, go for a set of extensions which look like the ends of the ombre appearance you have selected.

How To Dye Hair Extensions | Hair Extensions Styling Guide
prepare for dyeing hair

Things to get ready

Get your supplies for dyeing:

– A mixing basin

– A kit for hair dye 

– A brush

– Shampoo

– Conditioner. It should be applicable to your freshly cleansed hair and allow leave-in until the next washing. 

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Have you finished preparing the things you will need? If so, start dyeing your extensions.

Step 1: Apply the dye to the extension’s top. After that, stroke it into your wefts’ top halves using the brush. Be sure it is present on each strand.

How To Dye Hair Extensions | Hair Extensions Styling Guide
start to dye from the top

Step 2: Are you done with painting the extension? Then, let the dye develop. Consider the time recommendation in the instruction. 

Step 3: Apply the conditioner to the extensions’ ends. This way will help you avoid the dye invading the weft parts that have not dyed. After that, wash the ombre locks with the shampoo.

How to dye hair extensions lighter?

Do you want to lighten your human extensions? Then think about asking a professional hairstylist for help. Doing so will help prevent any damage to your wefts. That said, you can do it yourself (refer to the guide below). Make sure you go over the extension for a second time to ensure that it is truly human hair. You cannot color the artificial hair successfully.

How To Dye Hair Extensions | Hair Extensions Styling Guide
dye hair extensions lighter

Alternatively, you can opt for a toner instead of a hair dye that is permanent or so. It will let the natural hair color to rise above. It will then end up toning up your extensions. Do not give a high expectation. It may only change the color in a subtle way. 

How to dye hair extensions from black to blonde?

If your extensions are from virgin hair, you can dye them without serious worries.

Things to get ready

– Hair clips

– A blonde box dye

– A comb

– Two glove pairs 

– A bleaching kit

– Water

– Conditioner

How To Dye Hair Extensions | Hair Extensions Styling Guide
dye dark hair extensions to blonde


Step 1: Comb your extensions and bio hair. It will help smooth the hair. Get rid of any tangles with a comb to remove. 

Step 2: Give your extensions and hair an equal parting into four segments. Move up three sections. Make them stay still with hair clips.

Step 3: Read the instruction from the bleaching kit carefully.

Step 4: Put on the gloves. Next, put the liquid color and powder to lighten into a bottle inclusive of the developer.

Step 5: After closing the bottle cap, shake the bottle.

Step 6: Put bleach on your hair from the bottom section. Move from the root to the tip. Avoid rubbing the bleach on the scalp.

How To Dye Hair Extensions | Hair Extensions Styling Guide
bleaching dark hair extensions

Step 7: Put the bleach on remaining sections. Wait for half an hour. Then, rinse the hair. That’s when the hair color becomes lighter.

Step 8: Wash the extensions and the hair using warm water. Finish when the hair is fully clean. Get rid of excess water from the hair.

Step 9: Soften your hair with the conditioner. Wash it out of the hair following three minutes or more.


Step 10: Use a fan to dry the hair. After that, give it an equal parting of four segments.

Step 11: Put on another glove pair. Next, mix the contents from the dye box.

Step 12: Put the dye on the hair sections. Similarly to the bleach application, begin from the bottom section.  When all sections have dye, pull all your hair up and leave it on the top of your head for half an hour.

Step 13: Use warm water to wash your hair.

How To Dye Hair Extensions | Hair Extensions Styling Guide
blonde hair extensions

Step 14: Pour conditioner into your hair as well as scalp. Wash it out after five minutes.

Step 15: Dry the hair. Style it to your liking. 

The bottom line

Dying hair extensions is possible, but it’s never an easy task. The outcomes would be great when you use the best hair dye on the best human hair extensions, and your technique must be precise. If you are not really confident to dye the hair extensions yourself, come to a hair salon to have it colored.

Or, you can choose to buy colored hair extensions from hair vendors. You will no longer need to take times to dye it, as the supplier has done it for you already. Come check out Laylahair’s product line to find your best mate!

We can also customize the products based on your own requirements. It takes only days to process and deliver. If you feel interested, kindly contact us via our hotline: (+84) 89 633 424 (Mobile/WhatsApp) to get support.

Have a nice day!

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