How To Dye Hair With Kool Aid – The Winning Tactics

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Here at Layla, we have seen no shortage of beauty hacks. Now, we have entered a new era of DIY hairstyling or at-home treatments. Have you ever heard of using kool-aid to dye your curls? It sounds crazy, right? 

However, this favorite childhood drink actually works. It works well on hair with dark shades without bleaching it. Scanning through our post to learn more about how to dye hair with kool aid for incredible results. 

What is kool-aid?

Beauties across the world are now yearning for the latest coloring method with kool-aid. People are searching for this method as it simply changes color and can be done at home. If you type #koolaidhairdye or #dyehairwithkoolaid on Instagram, there have over 1,000 tags, and the number is counting.

Kool-aid is a kind of kid’s favorite drink and available in powder form. Then it is debuted as an at-home hair dye solution only a few years ago. Kool-aid contains sugar, food dye, and fruit flavors, all things are safe for teeth and mouth. And thus, dye hair with kool aid is entirely safe for your natural locks. 

How To Dye Hair With Kool Aid - The Winning Tactics
kool aid

For another plus, the product is pretty cheap and smells delicious. In comparison with natural hair dye, we think the Kool-aid odor is more pleasant. If you don’t like this smell, it will disappear after rinsing. To sum up, the item is relatively harmless for your mouth and hair. 

Kool aid hair dye color chart

Select any kool-aid color you like,  such as pink, green, etc. Or you can mix colors to create new recipes. Thankfully, the item is created with a variety of colors for customers to choose from. For example, cherry-flavored-flavored kool-aid will become dark red while grape will give you violet. You can refer to the hair dye chart for more information.

Bear in mind that the color will turn different depending on your natural hair hue and hair type. You were born with a dark hair shade, we recommend using color with darker tones than your hair is. 

In addition, as one of the safest kool aid hair dye tips, buy unsweetened products. It will not leave a sticky feeling and enables you to cover the dye more evenly and smoothly. The longer your natural hair is, the more kool-aid packages you should use. 

How To Dye Hair With Kool Aid - The Winning Tactics
kool aid hair dye color chart

How to dye your hair with kool aid

Before making kool aid hair dye, you need to prepare: 

– Kool-aid packets. Choose the color you want to dye the hair.

– Warm water

– A bowl or container

– Disposable plastic gloves

– A hairbrush

– Hair ties

– Shower cap

Here’re all simple steps on how to dye your hair with kool-aid at home.

Step 1:

Wash your mane before applying kool-aid. Let it air dry. Now, divide your hair into small sections, 4-6 parts depending on your hair thickness. Then use hair ties or clips to keep each section in part. 

Note: Remember to wear your gloves to avoid staining.

How To Dye Hair With Kool Aid - The Winning Tactics
how to dye hair with kool aid

Step 2:

Mix the kool-aid with hot water in a bowl or container to dissolve the powder. For example, you take one tablespoon of the powder and 15ml of water, then stir them well. You can use less water for a vibrant shade. This method is also called dip dye hair with kool aid, letting the mix sit on your hair until dyed. 

Place the kool-aid dye on your natural locks. Run your fingers or brush your mane to distribute the mix evenly. For the best results, you should seek for your friend’s help in the coloring step. 

Step 3:

Secure all your hair and then put it on a plastic bag or shower cap. This helps to keep moisture to your mane and prevent the colored mix from dirty clothes. Leave it to sit for about 15-30 minutes, longer if you desire it to be more colorful and brighter.

If your hair is a dark shade, you can leave it for hours. 


Step 4:

Take off the cap and rinse your hair with cool water. Don’t use hot water as it may strip the dye and dry your strands out. Limit using shampoo when washing hair. Rinse the hair until you remove all the hair dye. 

Step 5:

Squeeze all excess water out of your hair, and air dry your hair. You can receive the result when it dries completely. Style the hair as you wish. 

Also, you can dye your hair in cream form by using kool-aid and conditioner. How to dye hair with kool aid and conditioner? Take a few spoons of your hair conditioner into a container and heat it in an oven for 20 seconds. Mix it with the kool aid powder until you create a perfect mix. Cover the amount of hair dye to all your hair and rinse it when you get your desired hair color. If you want a fun hairstyle, highlight it to create some streaks. 

Are you ready to get fruit-scented hair and vibrant hair color? Try it. But how long does kool aid hair dye last? It lasts and looks the best in a few weeks and then slowly fade away. The lifetime of hair color depends on how often you shampoo your mane.

How To Dye Hair With Kool Aid - The Winning Tactics
care your hair with color-treated shampoo

Pros and cons when you dye hair with kool-aid

Each hair coloring method has its own benefits and drawbacks. Kool-aid is safe for your natural hair, no harm. Applying it directly to your strands, it will not dry and damage your mane as other traditional hair dye products do. Hence, it is recommended for lightening hair at home. Be confident to use this product to give yourself a little something different.

Nevertheless, this is just a temporary dyeing hair solution. When you apply the dye, it only stains the outside of your hair cuticles, not soak into the hair shaft. It may leave some unwanted hair color and stains when the color starts to fade. Hair colorists say that these stains are stubborn to remove. Especially, it is tricky to get rid of if your hair is damaged due to the previous styling process. 

The bottom line

Dyeing hair with kool-aid is the latest method and trend. The more carefully you do, the better results you can get. 

Hopefully, our post about how to dye hair with kool aid may help you achieve the hair color you dream of. Follow our guides to avoid a messy process and leave behind the unwanted color effect. 

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