The Best Explanation Of Ammonia Free Hair Dye I Have Ever Heard

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Perhaps you are thinking about changing hair color. When referring to coloring hair, you a bunch of ways to do. The most common one is using temporary hair dye available in most hair salons and stores. But which one is best for your natural locks? One option you should use is ammonia-free hair dye. Here we are presenting some best ammonia-free hair dye and explain why you should use it. Let’s get to it!

What is ammonia-free hair dye?

Is hair dye ammonia free safe natural locks?

Or does ammonia-free hair dye damage hair?

When starting using something, you may tend to ask yourself these questions. First things first, you should understand exactly what it is.

As the name suggests, ammonia-free hair color is a kind of hair dye containing no ammonia and other harsh chemicals. It helps changes your hair shade without drying your curls. These items consist of emollient oils and other gentle ingredients to prevent hair damage and lack of moisture. 

The Best Explanation Of Ammonia Free Hair Dye I Have Ever Heard
what is ammonia-free dye

So, is ammonia free hair dye better? 

The answer is Yes. During the coloring process, you see that a common hair dye smelled too strong. It’s because the formula contains ammonia. Ammonia and peroxide free hair dye can overcome this. Plus, the dye does not require any developer, you can directly apply it onto your natural locks. By using these top-notch products, we are sure that your natural locks will not get damaged, and you will get a nice color. 

Why should use a non toxic ammonia free hair dye?

Here are the reasons you should use this item: 

– Healthy hair: Contain no ammonia or peroxide, this hair product will not disturb the pH balance of the hair. So, your strands will not lose moisture and protein. It gives you healthy hair and a soft finish. Additionally, it prolongs your hair color. 

The Best Explanation Of Ammonia Free Hair Dye I Have Ever Heard
ammonia-free hair dye is safe to use

– Odorless: This is among the most outstanding features of the ammonia free permanent hair dye. It has no strong smell like most ammonia-based hair colors and takes your hair shade to a new level. In other words, it will not irritate your senses. Try using the item, you and your hair colorist can take pleasure during the process. 

– Gentle formula: It is gentle enough for your curls. If your hair feels dry and damaged from the previous styling process, you can utilize this product. Or your skin is sensitive, do a small test before applying it onto entirely head. 

With millions of girls across the world dyeing their mane, the ammonia-free hair dye is the best option to get the perfect shade and soft-looking hair. It is a great alternative solution for permanent dyes. We think that there is no reason you ignore it. 

Best ammonia free hair dye brands

L’Oréal Paris Colorista Semi-Permanent Hair Color

What makes the stuff special? The L’Oréal brand’s product is available in 15 trendy hues that you can quickly get the suitable one. As it sounds, the dye is ideal for those who want to wear short-term hair color switch-ups. A formula with ammonia free can be applied directly onto your strands and wait for about 15-30 minutes before rinsing. 

The dye does not require bleach for stunning reflects. Try switching your hair color up with subtle hints, like brunette, blonde, pink, or purple. Of course, don’t forget to read the specific instruction of L’Oreal ammonia free hair color shades before applying.’

The Best Explanation Of Ammonia Free Hair Dye I Have Ever Heard

Revlon ColorSilk

The Revlon ammonia free hair dye is one of the best budgets. It is created with a classic formula and comes in with 41 shades. The 3D color gel technology gives users the freedom to color their hair for a glossy and natural look.  

Not only help you get the dreamed hair color, the dye also protects your hair from dryness. Nourishing formula enriched with keratin and proteins, the ammonia free hair color Revlon even keeps your hair in better condition than before coloring. 

If your hair is damaged after the previous coloring process, try a product from the brands. Your curls actually look and feel like hair again. It covers your natural locks and adds a beautiful shine. What’s more, it does not smell bad.


Garnier Olia Ammonia Free Permanent Hair Color

The hair color is definitely the talk of the town. Infused with natural oils from sunflower, passionflower, and camellia oleifera seed, the hair dye is safe for all. For example, you can use this ammonia free hair color during pregnancy. Customers review that the stuff offers a vivid finished look but natural. Also, natural oils help improve and restore your locks, bring shiny hair again after using. If you are unhappy with the strong smell of common hair dyes, opt for this one as it has no harsh smell. 

What Garnier Olia hair dye does is creating the perfect coverage. Whether your hair is the most stubborn gray, the item still offers the desired coverage. 

The Best Explanation Of Ammonia Free Hair Dye I Have Ever Heard

Manic Panic Semi Permanent Cream Hair Color

The product is U.S-made with a vegan formula. It’s free of ammonia, paraben, and gluten. Many celebrities also choose this dye to get their trendy hair look. 

Available in shades across the rainbow, users can mix and customize them to create the color of their own. It is cruelty-free; hence, it can’t last as long as permanent hair dyes. 

What fans saying about the cream hair dye? “I dyed my hair with Manic Panic product and all strand felt so soft, absolutely zero damage. This has got to be the best hair dye I have ever tried.” While another said they love it as it doesn’t kill their hair. In general, the organic hair dye is mild for all hair and skin type. It even improves your scalp’s condition.

Final words

Switching up your hair color is like a way to pamper yourself, but you should know how to color hair safely. Investing in an ammonia-free hair dye to prevent adverse effects on you and your locks. You can use one of the best products we’ve reviewed in this post to achieve maximum results. 

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