Double Your Results At How To Dye Human Hair Weave In Half The Time

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If you’re bored with the color of your human hair weave, why not change the color for your hair to look fresher. Are you wondering if the hair weave is dyed? And how to dye human hair weave?

Why human hair weave can be converted to other colors. This is really possible if the hair is a quality product. The first thing we need to do is mix the dye, then spray the dye on the wig and finally wash it and then dry it. Are you ready to change your new look? Let’s shake hands to how to dye human hair weave.

Can you dye human hair weave?

“Can you dye a weave of a human hair?” is the first question of people who are owning a hair extension. Performing hair dying as well as bending it, we also have a distinction between hair-connecting materials, and there is some hair that cannot be dyed. The hair dye method is designed to create a similarity between the hair extensions and natural hair. At the same time, honor each person’s personality. You can dye the hair from the beginning, then connect it to your head or dye it after fitting, as you like.

Double Your Results At How To Dye Human Hair Weave In Half The Time
Dyeing result depends significantly on the hair quality

The materials selected for hair extensions are similar to curling hair as human hair weave. The hair ensures the permeability of the color side, so the color on the hair is uniform, not patchy and very beautiful.

Furthermore, when dip dye human hair weave, you should go to the salon and get expert assistance from choosing the color to dyeing method accordingly.

How to dye human hair weave?

How to mix the dye?

Before knowing about the best dye for human hair weave, you have to learn first about the way to mix the dye.

Mix 1: 1 ratio between ink and alcohol in a spray bottle. This is a method of crafting colors from alcoholic green ink purchased at a bookstore, can choose any color you want to dye your human hair weave. Pour all the ink bottles into a spray bottle and mix with 1: 1 water then shake well.

Double Your Results At How To Dye Human Hair Weave In Half The Time
mix the hair dye

A medium-length weave hair uses 30 ml of ink. For a long and thick hair, you use 40 ml. Add more water to the pastel color. With this 1: 1 ratio it is possible to produce a bold, vivid color like your chosen color. If you want to have pastel color effects, we use a ratio of 1 ink and 2 water, when dyeing gives a lighter color.

Also, you want to dye mint green, you should use green ink, a bottle of 30 ml ink diluted with 2000 ml of water. Use ink from alcohol markers as an alternative. If you don’t want to buy one, you can use it instead. Open the lid and use the nib to remove the nib to get the inner tube. Cut off the plastic covering and then put the ink in the spray bottle, add an adequate amount of water and shake well, soak for 1 hour for the ink to melt.


How to dye human hair weave at home?

Little yet important things to notice

You should remember that you cannot lighten the color of bleached hair like real natural hair. First, you should choose an appropriate external location, choose a place with good lighting to easily observe colors when dyeing your hair human weave. The dyeing process can be confusing and colored, so it’s best to stay away from valuable items. Place the table in the selected location, newspaper liner or old tablecloth that you do not use. Finally, place the human weave hair on a standing mannequin head and place it on the table.

Double Your Results At How To Dye Human Hair Weave In Half The Time
dye your hair weave

Moreover, you should wear old clothes and rubber gloves. Use an old set of clothes that you don’t care to avoid the fin dye case on new clothes. Also, wear rubber or nylon gloves before starting to make wigs, as this will keep your hands clean.

Start dyeing your weave

Spray the wig dye into a certain section of hair first and spread it around. First, you should dye the top layer to make it easier to separate and observe. Spray the dye from 3 to 5 times in a certain position with a width of about 7 cm, then load a small amount of hair that is sufficiently placed on the palm and gently use your fingers. This allows the dye to spread out evenly around the hair, making the dye more uniform on the hair.

Repeat the same process for other hair sections. After you have completed the first class, clamp them aside and continue to spray the tinted hair into the next position and do the same.

So follow the process for all layers of hair outside. You should pay attention that the body, place lots of dye to the root of the hair and massage more carefully because the color of the dye is difficult to go deep inside if you make a sketch. If you feel that any area is not uniformly colored, it should be reprocessed to complete.

Double Your Results At How To Dye Human Hair Weave In Half The Time
wash your hair after coloring

Brush the human weave hair with a wide-tooth comb. After spraying the rest of the dye onto the hair, try to use the hand of the pill as much as possible, especially the top and outer layers of hair. However, if you are really unprofessional, the color will not be uniform. Finally, use the comb again around the root to the top to make the hair more evenly colored.

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Wash and style human hair weave

After doing how to dye human hair weave, dry the hair outside to dry naturally. When the dye is finished, dry it in the light to dry hair naturally. This usually takes about an hour, it is best to leave for 2 hours.

Furthermore, the dyeing process is similar to natural hair, only in dyes. Real hair uses chemical reactions to affect the epidermis crust to lead the colored particles into.

Final words

Hope that after the post, you will know how to dye human hair weave and related information. However, besides knowing more about the way to dye your hair, some people always concern about “how often can you dye human hair weave”. In fact, you should not dye your human hair much because it will make your weave hair tangle and look bad.

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