3 Actionable Tips On How To Curl Weave You Should Master

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You love curls but you don’t want to harm your hair. What should you do? One of the effective methods is wearing a human weave that is curled. Scan through the following article to learn how to curl weave yourself. 

What Is A Weave?

Before finding the way how to curl your weave, you have to know the definition of weaves. A weave is one type of hair extensions that you can apply or remove it daily. Virgin human hair weaves are soft and could easily match your own hair in color or texture. There are many kinds of weave in the market such as Vietnamese, Cambodian, Brazilian hair weaves…

Curling your weave at home is quite easy and doesn’t involve a lot of products or tools. We have some methods to curl your human weave.

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How to Curl Weave Without Heat

Here are some easy ways to curl your weave:

3 Actionable Tips On How To Curl Weave You Should Master
braided hair weave

Braid Your Weave at Night

Washing your hair, then using a towel to dry it gently until it’s damp. Next, combing through it carefully to remove knots and tangles. Braiding your weave in several small plaits. Keep braiding your hair weave overnight, comb out the braids the next morning. You will have a curly weave as expected.

Curl Hair With Rollers

If you don’t know how to curl weave with rollers, this is an answer. There is a range variety of hair rollers available for curling. There are cool rollers, foam rollers… with small or large size.

3 Actionable Tips On How To Curl Weave You Should Master
use rollers to curl hair weave

Rolling your weave into rollers in sections and make sure to clip the hair into place if necessary. You can use styling products if you want to keep curls longer. The last step is waiting for several hours or leaving them overnight. After taking down the rollers, you will have a curly hair weave as respected.

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Trying Pin Curl Weave

Have you ever wondered how to pin curl weave? Pin curls are one of the oldest hairstyles, maybe after sponge rollers. With this method, you have to shampoo and condition your weave, then using a towel dry it gently until it’s damp.

Next, you have to section the hair in small parts, grab the tip of the hair and roll the weave going up towards the scalp. 

3 Actionable Tips On How To Curl Weave You Should Master
pin curl hair weave

Then you lay and secure circled curls with pins at the scalp. Using a satin craft to cover your hair and wait. When taking down, you just slip pins out, and your curls will be back in place.

In addition to these methods, you can curl your hair by using Bantu knots, Flexi-rods, hair band or even socks.

How To Curl Weave With A Flat Iron

You can have a beautifully curled hair with a flat iron without visiting the hair salons. Remember to set your flat iron on a medium setting to prevent burning hair. Even if your skin touch directly on hot flat irons, you can be burned.  

How to curl your weave with a flat iron 

Step 1: Spritz your weave all over with a thermal protectant. This step is very necessary before using any heat-styling tool on your hair.

Step 2: Plug in the flat iron. and wait enough time so that the flat iron reaches a suitable temperature. Heat not only makes your hair dry out but also destroys the structure, even decreases the longevity of the hair.

3 Actionable Tips On How To Curl Weave You Should Master
curl your hair with flat iron

Hair experts recommend that if you are new to curling your weave, let ‘s practice with the iron off first. This will help you get used to with the flat iron.

Step 3: Then separate your weave into many small sections about an inch wide. 

Step 4: Now, you can start curling. You decide where you would like your curl to start and can place your flat iron. You hold a section of hair in one hand and the one holds the flat iron. Then twist the iron, pull and repeat this until reaching the end of your hair. Repeat this until all your hair is curled.

Remember that while curling a section, you should tie the rest of the hairs to keep the remaining hair in one place and avoid creating a mess. 


After curling your weave with a flat iron, use your hands to shake the curls out and spray a styling product to keep the curls in place.

You can also brush your weave to mask any imprints that have been left by the tool. Finally, you have a beautiful curly weave.

Types Of Curls

If your weave is 100% human hair, you can style many different types of curls such as wand curls, spiral curls, Shirley Temple curls, water wave curl…

Here are some types of curls that you can achieve:

As the name, wand curls are curls that are done with a curling wand instead of a flat or curling iron. With this type, there are big and small wand curls. Women tend to choose big wand curls which go well with a luxury look. 

3 Actionable Tips On How To Curl Weave You Should Master
different types of curls

Spiral curls are the classic and signature curl look. When you visit hair salons, hairstylists will use a curling iron to create the spirals you want.

Shirley Temple curls are named after Shirley Temple — a timeless Hollywood icon with many memorable moments on TV. And her signature curls are one of the most unforgettable titles. Shirley Temple curls are medium size curls, so you should section off about 1 inch of hair. You can use a curling iron or hot iron to have a wonderful curly weave like the famous actress.

Treatments For Curly Weave

The curly weaves are difficult to manage during the rainy season or humid weather. Remember that hair weaves need more care than your own hair. 

3 Actionable Tips On How To Curl Weave You Should Master
untangle your hair weave

You must use a good shampoo and conditioner for hair. The high-quality conditioner will definitely help to balance moisture and prevent it from drying and tangling. 

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Regular untangling can keep your curly weave looking gorgeous for a long time. The greatest way to remove tangles is to use your fingers. Don’t brush the tangles as you can make it worse.

In addition, avoid using hairdryers excessively, let the curly weave dry naturally. And protect your hair when sleeping is also important. You can braid your weave to keep curls well.

Hopefully, the article will give you ideas on how to curl weave easily. If you are interested in hair weave, visit Layla Hair. We will give you the willingness to support and a competitive price.

Feel free to contact us a line via (+84) 989 633 424 (Mobile/WhatsApp/Viber/SnapChat) at any time for further consultancy.

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