9 Tricks On How To Get Voluminous Hair You Wish You Knew Before

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The thin hair that revealed the scalp was the obsession of many girls. But don’t worry, ladies! Because there are methods to help you make your hair change by making your hair thick and bulging as follow. Check out our article to find the secrets on how to get voluminous hair.

Not mentioning the help of hair extensions, people with thin hair can make changes to your hair just by simple tricks. Followings are some easy tips to make your hair look thicker by yourself at home.

Shampoo twice

If you are looking for the best how to get big voluminous hair, shampoo twice is the best choice for you. Washing your hair with shampoo twice a day is especially beneficial for those with thin hair and oily hair. If you only wash your hair once, your shampoo cannot remove all the dirt and oil from the hair and scalp. Wash your hair twice to make sure you have clean and fluffy hair as you desire. Then use conditioner suitable for hair will help you get voluminous hair.

9 Tricks On How To Get Voluminous Hair You Wish You Knew Before
blow dry to make hair look thicker

Proper hair drying

Proper hair drying is the idea of how to get voluminous hair. After shampooing, you can use a dryer to dry your hair and make your hair more buoyant by standing. Furthermore, you should remember that drying your hair from the back of your head to the top of your head and now you can be confident with the new face.

However, this should not be abused, or you should only use hot or cold drying to prevent hair damage from heat.

Curler is the most effective how to get voluminous curly hair

If you think that curler is not the right choice for how to get voluminous hair, you are wrong because it is a simple and easy way to help your hair look thicker.

9 Tricks On How To Get Voluminous Hair You Wish You Knew Before
curl your hair

Don’t underestimate and ignore this ritual. Use it every day because this is the most effective and safe way to carry it because you don’t have to use heat to inflate your hair. This method has been trusted by many women and has been successful.


If you are busy and don’t have time to care for your hair, I believe this will be the most minimalist and thick hair way for you. It is effortless after washing your hair clean and dry hair, use a gentle comb to comb your hair and then use a hair clipper to wrap your hair at the top of your head and rest to sleep.

9 Tricks On How To Get Voluminous Hair You Wish You Knew Before
use hair pin to add volume to hair

The next morning will be a little shocking to know that this simple method can help your hair bob so. Therefore, how to get voluminous hair naturally is the perfect ideal for anyone too busy.

How to get voluminous hair by brushing your hair

The thin-haired girls should limit their hair combs and use their fingers to smooth the hair gently. Do not brush when the hair is still wet because the hair is fragile at this time, and it is easy to break when using a comb.

Braid your hair

If you want a gentle wave of curly hair and choose to braid your hair to get what you want, loosen your braid hair so that your hair looks thicker and more buoyant. This is the most simple and easy way to have thicker and curly hair.

9 Tricks On How To Get Voluminous Hair You Wish You Knew Before
loosen your braids to make hair look more voluminous

Know how to use conditioner

You absolutely should not use conditioner for hair roots because this will only make your hair soft and stick to the scalp. Use the only conditioner for the top of the hair to make sure your hair is not split ends and will be thicker after a while if you choose the right conditioner.

Short haircut is a way to make hair thick and bulky

It’s evident because the length of the hair is often the majority of deciding whether to look dull or thin. You can choose if you want more bulky bob hairstyles, you can select the inner ruffling method and outside flexing. After that, no one will see your thin hair anymore. The short hair was gorgeous, and the effect was so incredibly high for them.

9 Tricks On How To Get Voluminous Hair You Wish You Knew Before
short hairstyles to have voluminous hair

Besides that when mixing the hair with suitable clothes, surely you will look awesome and stand out of the crowd. So, it is the best choice for anyone, especially young and active women.

How to get voluminous hair by curly hair

No need to discuss, this is a perfect solution for your hair to float all the glances. Curls will make your hair look thick and bulky. Therefore, when trying the hairstyle, your hair will look so beautiful and attractive with curly. It is the reason why

Hope that after the post, you will know more about how to get voluminous hair for anyone who has thin hair. Furthermore, besides these ways above, you can also refer to some tips below.

9 Tricks On How To Get Voluminous Hair You Wish You Knew Before
trim your hair regularly

–      Change your hair: You should use this method to transform your hair to float faster and sexier than ever in just one note.

–      Cut hair regularly: This will help your hair thicken to see because the ends of the hair end or split ends will be trimmed periodically to concentrate nutrients to nourish the body and hair roots. The hair gives you beautiful and smooth hair.

Also, if you don’t want and know the way to make your hair thicker, you can use hair extension, which is a fast and straightforward way to help your hair look thicker.

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