How To Heal Split Ends – The Secrets Of Success

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Almost those of us know the affliction of split hair ends. How much do you hate to see your hair ends are extremely dry, brittle, and tearing apart! How to heal split ends at home? Cutting hair may be the first solution you think about when you want to get rid of split ends. It’s heartbreaking, isn’t it?

We have good news for you. We’ve compiled some helpful tips and home remedies to help you repair split ends for good.

What are split ends?

The term “split ends” refers to the separating of hair strands that are extremely dry and brittle. It commonly occurs in people with long hair. Scientifically, split ends happen when the hair cuticle – the outermost layer of the hair shaft is spoiled or damaged, and reveal the middle layer cortex. This hair damage will result in dry, dead ends, and certainly, split hair ends. 

There are a number of factors causing this hair damage. They include:

– Exposure of hair to harmful factors, such as dust, pollution, etc.

– Split hair ends can be caused by mechanical damage, such as brushing excessively, friction between hair strands and rough fabrics, etc. 

How To Heal Split Ends - The Secrets Of Success
split ends

– Wash your hair with hot water or do it too frequently as it will strip all needed moisture.

– Misuse of thermal styling tools, like curling irons, straighteners, hairdryers.

– Dye and bleach your curls excessively

– No get hair trim

All these things will damage the hair cuticle, leaving weaker and fraying hair strands.  

The fastest and most effective way to bring out split ends is by snipping them off. But that’s not cool. There are several tips you can do to heal them without cutting hair. Keep scrolling to find yourself a good regimen or trick to fix split hair ends. 

How to heal split ends without cutting you can do at home 

Switch up your hair care products

How to repair split ends at home without cutting? Sometimes, poor-quality shampoos and conditioners can damage your strands. Therefore, you should buy hair care products with nourishing and moisturizing ingredients to remove split ends. 

Opt for items formulated with essential oils, vitamins, and minerals. We bet that they work to strengthen and protect your hair against harmful factors. If your curls are chemical-treated, don’t forget to condition them. A good set of hair care products will fix and revive your hair from the root and nurtures color well. 

How To Heal Split Ends - The Secrets Of Success
keratin treatment for hair

Apply a keratin treatment

A keratin treatment is important for those suffering from fuzzy and split ends. It is especially amazing for damaged hair. Protein in keratin treatments will mend your damaged hair, smoothening and reinforcing all hair strands. In addition to repairing split ends and breakage, it provides a shinier hair look. 

Turn down your heat styling tools

If you want to fix split ends and breakage, never use your straightener or curling irons up to the highest heat level. These tools will damage your strands, leading to dull and dry hair, even hair loss. 

Bear in mind that anything with higher heat can damage the hair. Hence, avoid using thermal tools as a way to protect your tresses from unexpected damage. 

Think about investing in a silk pillowcase

Remember that a silk pillowcase cannot mend split ends, but it is a preventative solution to prevent hair damage. It reduces the friction between your natural hair and the pillow. A silk pillowcase really acts to banish a tangled bedhead every morning. 

How To Heal Split Ends - The Secrets Of Success
trim your hair regularly

Get a hair trim frequently

Wondering how to fix split ends black hair? Last but not least, book in for a hair trim to keep your hair in the best condition. As we stated, split ends commonly happen in long-haired girls. We recommend you visit a professional salon every 6 or 8 weeks for a snipping. 


Home remedies for healing split ends naturally

Egg yolk

Eggs are a divine ingredient of all time. Not only a nutrient food source, egg yolk is also good for hair and skin. It benefits to tame dry and frizzy hair, giving them healthier and shinier tresses. Egg yolk contains an amount of protein that acts to strengthen hair health, preventing split ends. How to heal split ends and breakage? You should mix this ingredient with olive oil or almond oil, then apply the mix to your mane, focus on the ends. Keep it on your hair for about 30 minutes and wash thoroughly with lukewarm water.  


Have you ever thought that using this favored drink to wash your hair? In fact, beer’s ingredients can provide protein and sugar to spoiled hair follicles. Hence, it is useful to prevent or repair split ends. If you want to get thicker hair, you can use beer as a conditioner. The result will surprise you. 

However, you should use beer properly; otherwise, it may worsen your hair condition. After shampooing your curls, you should wash them with beer and leave it for 2-3 minutes. Then rinse it out with fresh water. 

How To Heal Split Ends - The Secrets Of Success
treat split ends with egg yolk, beer, and coconut oil

Coconut oil

This age-old recipe is a brilliant moisturizer to protect hair from fraying and separating ends. It also works as a good natural healer. It contains fatty acids that penetrating hair strands to nourish and strengthen them. That’s why many believe and use it to treat split ends without cutting. Plus, you can use this ingredient to care for and fix split ends on a wig or hair extensions. 

So how to fix split ends overnight with coconut oil? You take some drops of coconut oil in your palm and apply to the hair. Coat evenly from hair roots to ends, especially on dry hair areas. Wrap your curls with a shower cap and leave it overnight. Shampoo your hair in the morning and enjoy your soft and smooth hair. Repeat this once every 3 days until you receive the result you wish.

To sum up 

How to heal split ends?

So now you don’t have to worry about split hair ends. Trust these simple remedies and tips, you can bring out your unwanted hair problems. 

To learn more about hair care tips, please browse our blog. We’re more than happy to assist you.

Hope you have good hair days all around.

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