Second Day Hair – How To Keep It Gorgeous?

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We all know that washing hair everyday is not good for natural locks. But your tresses tends to be greasy and oily when you are going a day or two between washes. You feel self-confident since it looks like so dirty hair. My second-day hair is greasy, how can style it to make it look better? Should I apply heat to keep my second-day hair look fresh? Is second-day hair easier to curl? This topic is the talk of the town these days. Would like to make your hair look better, follow these tips below from hair experts.

Important tips for keeping second-day hair look fresh

Washing natural locks every day will make hair dry and damage. Although it removes dirt, it also strips natural oil out of your strands. No-one wants their mane to feel gross. If it happens, we have good news. 

Instead of washing hair daily, you can wear pretty second-day hairstyles, even third-day ones. Here’re must-know tips if you want to make a better look for second-day hair. 

Use dry shampoo or baby powder

Dry shampoo and baby powder are pretty wonderful to absorb sebum, providing a good hair look. For example, your natural locks greasy after a day or two of washing due to sebum (natural oil). Try applying baby powder. And you may notice that your second-day hair baby powder will look less greasy and oily because the starch eliminates and sucks up scalp natural oil. The powder never hurt or damage your locks. If you use dry shampoo, follow the item’s instructions to achieve the best results. 

 Second Day Hair - How To Keep It Gorgeous? Laylahair
use dry shampoo or baby powder

Avoid doing a second blow-dry

Many beauties use hairdryers to dry their second-day hair, but it may damage your curls. You can blow-dry your hair after washing to get a dry and smooth finish, but don’t do it with dirty hair. Heat processing will solve flat strands but also burn and damage hair parts that don’t need the heat. 

Preserve your hair at night

Excessive scalp oil is the main reason causing greasy and oily hair. This means you have to do something to limit oil on your skin, especially at night. If you are going to go a day or two days between hair washes, consider braiding or tying the hair in a loose bun before going to bed. If you want to maintain your curly hair, you should braid your curls and second-day hair looks better in the morning. 


Second-day hairstyles for oily hair

How does your hair look on the second day after washing hair? Second-day hair is different for different beauties. Some with curly and thick hair say that their hair looks best in a day after washing. While others with fine hair have flat and greasy strands on the second day. 

With a little know-how on styling your second-day tresses, you still embrace your chic and beautiful hairstyles. 

 Second Day Hair - How To Keep It Gorgeous? Laylahair
Messy loose ponytail vs Braiding hairstyle

Messy loose ponytail

This is a fun and flirty look for second-day hair clean. You gently pull hair strands back from your face and tie in a loose ponytail with an elastic. Add some curls in random sections or leave some strands freely if you like. 

Braiding hairstyle

You can’t go wrong with a braiding hairstyle and it is a perfect and chic option for disguising your 2nd day hair greasy. This look works best for long hair as it hides greasy roots perfectly. First, you gather hair strands on one side and make a simple braid that you can do. Secure the hairstyle with a small elastic.  

Low bun with a silk scarf

This hairstyle is promoted by many celebs and beauty bloggers. It is simple yet classy. You want to conceal your 2nd day hair dry ends, create this look. The silk scarf makes the hair look extra slick and chic. 

 Second Day Hair - How To Keep It Gorgeous? Laylahair
Low bun with a silk scarf vs Half-up ponytail

Half-up ponytail

The American singer Ariana Grande always spot this look. You can wear this half-up pony for second-day mane. Not only make your hair look fresh, the style also offers you a gentle appearance. The best part of this look is that it matches well with short and long hair. 

Sleek bun hairstyles

Your hair looks flat and oily after a day of washing. How to keep your next day hair fresh? Consider embracing it with a sleek hairstyle. Comb, gather hair strands and create a hair bun. These hairstyles for greasy hair are dapper and professional looks. You can create this look on freshly-washed curls. 

For a perfect and gorgeous result, you should add hair spray to your mane. Opt for styling products that are designed with non-sticky formulas that provide a glossy finish. 


This look was considered the hairstyle for lazy women, but now it has become an on-trend look. Whether your hair feels dry or oily, the topknot style can turn your hair look trendy. 

 Second Day Hair - How To Keep It Gorgeous? Laylahair
Sleek bun hairstyles vs Topknot


A headband is a great accessory to give your existing hair a quick and simple hairstyle. With a classic headband, you can easily jazz up your hair without making too much effort. Mist a styling product to your hair and create some tousled waves if you desire. 

Try wearing a side braid, bubble ponytail, etc. if you are looking for a good style to go beyond second-day hair. Disguise all dry or oily strands and make your hair smell good with these looks. Most of the styles listed above just take only a matter of seconds to create. 

To sum up, we hope that after diving into our words about second day hair, you can find a way to freshen your hair look. Some hairstyles are easy and simple to achieve while others require heat tools to get. Hence, you should find out about the style carefully before styling to avoid unexpected damages. 

Should you have any questions, share with us. We are always more than happy to hear any questions and suggestions. For more interesting stuff, don’t forget to browse our well-built websites.

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