Top 5 Tips On How To Hide Hair Extensions In Thin Hair

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All of us wish to have thick and gorgeous hair everlastingly. But, in fact, numerous women are suffering from hair loss and thinning hair due to multiple reasons. Some lost their hair when they age, stress, or over-styling hair. And there are also different ways to save your hair look, one of them is wearing hair extensions. Thinking about how to hide hair extensions in thin hair? Dig into our words below to find the answer!

Get the right hair extensions to hide it in thin hair

We understand that you choose to wear a wig to hide your hair loss. Be careful when selecting a hair as it may look unnatural if you pick the wrong one. If you are a thin-haired girl, be sure to check out the thickness of the hair unit for that voluminous head of hair.

 How to hide extensions in thin hair? Layla Hair company offers a hair collection that is made of human hair only. Most hair systems are hand-sewn and look natural. Also, the hair item has to fit your head perfectly. If you have thin hair, we recommend opting for medium hair density which is comfortable to wear without feeling too heavy. You no need to wear all the wefts to get a thicker hair look because you may have no enough hair to conceal the extension. Purchase clip-ins or tapes-ins to add more hair volume and extra hair length. They will blend your fine hair beautifully while maintaining a natural-looking effect. The hair extension will lay flat on your scalp so your thin hair can hide them well. 

Top 5 Tips On How To Hide Hair Extensions In Thin Hair
choose the right hair extensions for yourself

Choose the right hair texture

By now, you know the importance of hair texture on how to hide clip in extensions in thin hair. What texture do your natural locks have? Your hair is straight, wavy, curly, or kinky curly. To hide the extension in your thin hair, you have to select the right hair texture, too. For example, if your natural locks are straight, sleek and straight hair clip-ins are a great choice. The harmony of the hair and your locks offers a beautiful and realistic appearance. If you wear a curly hair extension while your bio hair is straight, it looks lame and unnatural. Bear in mind that picking the right hair texture to switch up your hair and style. 

Consult your hairdresser and other experienced wearers if you are unsure about the hair. They know which hair suits you and how to make your hair look the best. 

Don’t stick the tape on your scalp to hide extensions 

Top 5 Tips On How To Hide Hair Extensions In Thin Hair
don’t stick the tape to your scalp

You are the first-time wearer, you don’t know how to wear tape-ins properly. How to hide tape in extensions in thin hair is not difficult if you know this little trick. Remember that you never apply the tape adhesive too close to your scalp. Otherwise, it limits the hair movement and affects negatively natural hair growth. Moreover, the tape may lead to scalp irritation if your skin is sensitive. Search on the Internet and ask professionals how to wear tape-ins properly. Place the tape at least an inch far from your scalp so that the locks can move freely and naturally. 

Style your hair system

How to hide clip in hair extensions thin hair? Style your human hair extension if it is made with raw human hair. No need to touch your natural locks, cut or style the hair system according to your desired hair. Use heat styling tools such as straighteners, curling irons, to makeup the hair. Make sure your existing hair and extension flow into one another. Wear a hair extension that fits your facial shape and head. Or wear the hair in ponytails, updos, or braids hairstyles to conceal the tape.  

Top 5 Tips On How To Hide Hair Extensions In Thin Hair
style your hair extensions to make it blend

Sometimes, you can twist your natural locks instead of styling hair extensions to reach naturalness. Section your hair at the nape of your neck, and twist them. Utilize bobby pins to keep hair sections in place against your head. Then simply clip extensions to your tresses. This disguises the shorter ends of your tresses from appearing at the nape of your neck. Now, your shorter and thin hair is hidden. Backcombing is acceptable to disguise the hair. Focus on the hair root and work downward for a thicker hair appearance.


Tease your crown and hair layers

This is another little trick to hide tape hair extensions in thin hair. Once the hair extension is taped in, find hair strands between the tapes and start teasing them. You will notice the difference right away in how much longer and thicker your hair is. It’s a great idea to create thickness on the top of your head to conceal the sign of hair extension. This will provide an overall good-looking and voluminous look. Now, no one can spot that you are wearing a hair replacement system. 

If your bio hair is layered, you can add hair extensions to make these layers look more gorgeous. Adding layers to your hair system by a professional hairdresser will make all the difference. It helps the hair blend in more seamlessly, offering a smooth transition from where your natural locks end and the hair begins. 

Top 5 Tips On How To Hide Hair Extensions In Thin Hair
layer your bio hair to hide hair extensions inside

We hope our sharings on how to hide hair extensions in thin hair can help those of you get the most beautiful hair look. Try one of them and find which one works for you. Of course, the amount of information we provide you will not be enough, and in case you have other tricks to hide the hair item in thinning hair, share with us. Leaving your comments below to let us know your suggestions. 

If you want to buy a hair extension but don’t know where to find a trusted hair vendor, Layla Hair is very glad to be your option. We gather human hair to manufacture hair systems that look like your real hair and last longer. With our hair, you can enjoy voluminous hair anywhere and at any time. In some cases, you are unsure what look you want, our enthusiastic staff is so glad to assist you to find the best pick. Moreover, we only sell hair at friendly prices. Contact us freely via our Whatsapp now to get assisted! 

Hope you have beautiful hair all day!

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