7 Fine Hair Mistakes You Often Meet | How To Increase Hair Volume

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It can be challenging to manage your fine hair. There are some uncontrollable factors related to medications, diseases, hormones, age, and genes. Still, the most significant cause is something improper you do daily, which can reduce the thickness of your hair. Don’t worry, though! The good news is, you can figure out and adjust things you haven’t done correctly. Here, LaylaHair specifies the most common mistakes those with fine hair make. Refer to them, and you will surely find ways on how to increase hair volume

Backcomb your hair 

The potential damage: Tangles, hair loss, breakage

For sure, doing so will give hair volume. Still, that’s not the case for fine hair. It can damage your locks that are more fragile than other types of hair. One of the most severe problems fine-haired people encounter is handling tangles. The cuticles of your hair will be broken when you choose to backcomb.

7 Fine Hair Mistakes You Often Meet | How To Increase Hair Volume
backcombing causes tangles and hair breakage

Indeed, backcombing and the cells of your cuticles don’t go in the same direction. It will negatively affect and strip the cells from your hair fiber. 

Not to mention, placing hairspray causes a tangled mess, and you will find it tiring to brush it out. Your hair will end up breaking. 

Besides, teasing your hair can lead to possible hair loss. You don’t want it!

Alternative option: Instead, you can get more volume in hair by using shampoos and conditioners that are free of sulfate. Plus, use volumizing foams on the roots. Make sure the hair is damp when you do so.

Secure your hair with elastic ponytails so often

The potential damage: Fraying, hair loss, receding

Do you love beautifying your hair with a ponytail? Still, it can harm your fine hair if you’re addicted to that hairstyle and do it every day. 

7 Fine Hair Mistakes You Often Meet | How To Increase Hair Volume
overuse elastic bands to form ponytails

Elastic ties of hair that you often use may grip your hair too tightly. It likely damages your hair shaft, thus leading to fraying when you use the ties continuously in the same spot. 

Instead of doing it consistently, let your hair a few days to recover from such a stressful position.

Alternative option on how to increase hair volume: You can choose hair ties that are coated with fabrics. They will not cause any tightness and damage. 

Color/ Bleach your hair way too much

The potential damage: Brittle, dry, split ends, hair loss, inelastic, breakage

Coloring the fine hair in an excessive frequency is problematic. And bleaching is one of the biggest culprits among the coloring methods that will damage your hair.

Bleaching raises the outer cuticle of the hair and allows the full penetration of the bleach, hence altering its appearance. It worsens the health of your hair eventually.  

7 Fine Hair Mistakes You Often Meet | How To Increase Hair Volume
bleaching and coloring damage hair

Though bleaching isn’t the direct reason for hair loss, it is the cause of breakage. Not all, if you hurt the hair that way frequently, you will be more likely to suffer the thinning of hair on your scalp. 

Alternative option on how to increase hair volume: Choose a hair color procedure that is more gentle. You can ask your hairstylist for opinion. 

Stay away from oils

The potential damage: Dryness, brittle, split ends

You may get back that your hair is oily enough? What is the need for extra oils? Still, not using them for your hair is your SERIOUS mistake!

As a natural lubricant, oils do an excellent job of detangling your fine hair when it is damp. Also, they’re great for sealing the cuticle down. Their protection of your hair against thermal factors is no joke. These are just some of the many reasons why oils are beneficial to hair health.

How to fix your mistake: Use organic plant oils to moisturize the hair. They can be jojoba oil, argan oil, etc. Rub oil drops into your hand palms and give even shares of it through your hair’s end when it is damp.

Use excessive heat as a way on how to increase hair volume

The possible damage: Fraying, split ends, breakage

Heat does fry foods. And the same goes for your hair. While curling irons or so make you look fashionable, they can damage your hair severely. 

7 Fine Hair Mistakes You Often Meet | How To Increase Hair Volume
excessive heat causes split ends

The heat from such tools break down the hydrogen bonds of your hair, thus stripping its natural proteins and oils. The ultimate consequences are fraying, split ends, or negatively changed hair texture. 

How to fix the mistake: Use heat tools just for occasions that need makeovers or once in a while. Avoid using them consistently. Also, rely on a heat protectant along with the use of the thermal tools. Besides, turn on a low setting when you go for blow dryers.

Wash your hair too much

The potential damage: Brittle, dry hair, split ends, itchy scalp

Washing your hair too often would wash out the natural oils of your hair. You know, the oils are helpful for the ultimate moisturization and protection.

7 Fine Hair Mistakes You Often Meet | How To Increase Hair Volume
wash your hair too often

Your hair is prone to damage when it is wet. The conditioner or shampoo’s movement around in the hair can hurt your cuticle. That’s why the hair will fail to lay flat correctly when it is dry. And it will look dull and be more likely to get split ends. After damage, the hair will be difficult to manage and may suffer irritated scalp. 

Alternative option: Wash your hair only when needed. The frequency has to do with the texture of the hair, etc. Ask your stylist if you aren’t sure about it. 

Brush your hair when it is still wet

The potential damage: Breakage, tangles, hair loss

Do you think that your hair will be softer and smoother by doing so? Consider it as one of the ways on how to increase hair volume? Indeed, brushing the hair when wet probably breaks it and increase the fallout.

7 Fine Hair Mistakes You Often Meet | How To Increase Hair Volume
brush hair when it’s still wet

How to fix the mistake: Brush your hair before washing it. Get any tangle out. After that, brush by sections. If you wash with tangles in the hair, you will get more tangling when it becomes wet. And your hair is vulnerable to breakage when you dry it. 

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