The Detailed Guide On How To Make A Toupee

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Baldness and severe hair loss make you feel ashamed. You always dream about a nice hair look with a full head of hair. You don’t have enough money to take a hair transplant, what should you do? Are there any alternative methods to get thick hair? 

Try wearing a toupee. Not only a cheap method, but hair toupee also covers your head perfectly. It offers a fresh look and does not hurt you. 

In this post, we share with you a detailed and simple process on how to make a toupee. Follow our guidelines and make yourself a toupee.

What Do You Know About A Toupee?

Put simply, toupee is a hairpiece that is widely used to cover someone’s head who is suffering from baldness. You can buy it online or offline. So what makes hair toupee become a popular item for men? Let’s see:

It mimics our existing hair perfectly. Many male celebs wear fake hair for their filming characters or in their performance, but you can’t notice that they are wearing hairpieces. The hair is realistic and looks like your real hair. Just put it in your head, style and go out. No one can see your baldness spot.

The Detailed Guide On How To Make A Toupee
hair toupee

Available in textures, colors, and more, guys can choose the best one that they like. There is no all-size-fit toupee, so it is critical to determine the exact head size. Hence, manufacturers design different sizes of wiglets so everyone can get it. Your hair is curly, it would be better if you opt for hair that is the same texture. 

The toupee is lightweight, and you even can’t feel that you are wearing fake hair. The breathable base material such as lace or skin base offers a comfortable feeling during the hot days. If you are sweaty, toupee is the best option. It does not hurt your scalp and not damage your real hair. 

How To Make A Man’s Toupee

To make the process easier for you, Layla shows you a step-by-step tutorial to follow. You would like to learn how to make an afro toupee for black men. Or wonder how to make a toupee to cover a dreadlock bald spot to get a stylish look, you can do these steps below to form it.


You need to buy some necessary materials:

– Package of real human hair: You can easily get it from a beauty store near you. Select the hair package that fits your needs, the length, color, and texture. You should use raw human hair as it is more realistic, versatile, and durable than the synthetic one. 

Wig cap: Buy a fine lace material that has the same color as your real scalp. Opt for the cap that can firmly cover your head. 

– A mannequin head and ventilating needle.

The Detailed Guide On How To Make A Toupee
preparation to make a toupee

How to make a toupee hair

We are going through a step-by-step guide on making a male hairpiece.

Step 1

Take the cap and place it on the mannequin head. You stretch it so that it can entirely cover the head. If you don’t like lace material, you can choose other base constructions available out there. How to choose the right cap? You should consider your skin condition and the weather, then choose the best one.  

Step 2

When you secure the cap on the head, take the ventilating needle and start hooking hair into the base. There are three main ventilating techniques, they are hand-knot, injected, and V-looped. 

Hold hair strands in one hand and the ventilating needle in another. Start knotting the hair. Remember, each needle has its own sizes and types. The size of the item describes how many strands it can hold at one time. For example, a needle 34 can grab 3-4 strands of hair.

The Detailed Guide On How To Make A Toupee
ventilate hair onto the base to make a toupee

Step 3

When ventilating the strands, make sure that you form firmly knots. Continue doing this step until you have a full head of hair. You will not see the wig cap under. 

Step 4

The last step on how to make a toupee wig, you style and cut the extra lace off your toupee when finish. If you are not smart at styling hair, bring the hairpiece to a hair salon near you and hairstylist can assist you do it. Tell them the style you want and wait to see the last result. Done!


What About The Length and Color of The Hairpiece?

We think the process of how to make a small toupee is not as complicated as you think. When buying human hair, you should choose the package that has 50% or more of strands with the same length. 

Also, the hair color has to resemble your bio hair, so it blends your natural locks well. If you can’t find the right color, dye it to match your mane. Since you choose versatile human hair, you can style and color it easily. Now, you have your own hairpiece to hide your hair problems. You are confident now when appearing in the crowd. 

The Detailed Guide On How To Make A Toupee
choose the right color and hair density

Hair density is also an important factor when you learn how to make a men’s toupee. You may know that hair density generates a nice hairpiece. Depend on the size of your hair, you can determine the right density level. At Layla hair company, we offer three common levels of density, 130%, 150%, and 180%. Still, if you want to add less or more density, we can customize the hair according to your requirements. 

All In All

First stepping into the hair world, you may feel overwhelmed. Hopefully, our ultimate guide on how to make a toupee can help you get your own hairpiece and please you. Want to find out how to make a toupee to cover a dreadlock bald spot, hair extensions, or other hairpieces, visit us to get professional support. If you have difficulty making hair toupee at home, we are always here to help you. We commit to offer customers the best products with natural hairline and stylish styles. Come with us, you no need to worry about hair quality and prices. 

Don’t forget to share our post if you find it interesting for you. Thanks a lot!

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