Does Wig Cap Size Really Matter? | How To Measure Wig Cap Size

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Have you found the best human hair wig? Are you eager to order it just to realize the item does not fit? Is it fate or your bad choice before you buy? You see, it is essential to determine your wig cap size. It should present the fit and comfort to you, particularly if you put the wig on for a long time. Otherwise, you will regret not considering that criterion in the first place.

Are you a first-time wearer of this hair system? Are you wondering “how to know my size?” Easy! Go by the following practical guide and learn the way. As soon as you get an idea of the measure, selecting wig styles is nothing but a breeze!

Get your hair ready for sizing

Wearers tend to size their head for wig cap. Still, they do not slick hair back. Neither, they do not mold it down. It is one of the most common mistakes.

Does Wig Cap Size Really Matter? | How To Measure Wig Cap Size
make your hair neat before measuring the size

You should take the appropriate steps prior to the measurement. That way helps you get the correct wig cap size. Do you have long locks? If so, pick them up into a ponytail (low, etc.). Either, braid them. What if your tresses are short? Then, mold them down using a proper product. After that, you can move on to measure and determine the size which is suitable for you.

Do you not have time for styling the hair for the measurement? You can then choose to part it. Doing so helps move surplus strands out of the way, 

If you measure how long it is from the forehead to the nape, make a middle part. Separate the hair into two equal halves at the same time. Begin at the hairline’s front and stop at your nape. Lead the tape along throughout the length of the part for measurement. 

To size from the ear to the ear, generate a horizontal part on the top of the head. Split the hair’s bottom and top halves. Guide the tape across your head to get the right head measurements.

Wig cap size chart

Does Wig Cap Size Really Matter? | How To Measure Wig Cap Size
wig cap size chart

Child: (12.5 inches: Ear to ear), (12 inches: Front to back), (18 – 19.5 inches: Circumference), 

Average: (13.5 inches: Ear to ear), (14 inches: Front to back), (21.5 – 22.5 inches: Circumference), 

Petite: (13 inches: Ear to ear), (13.25 inches: Front to back), (20 – 21.5 inches: Circumference), 

Large: (14 inches: Ear to ear), (15.5 inches: Front to back), (22.5 – 23.5 inches: Circumference), 

How to measure head for wig?


Let’s begin with the circumference. It estimates the distance all over the hairline. Use a measuring tape at that line’s front center. Bring the measure around to the nape and back to the edge of hair. Mark in which the tape ends. Decide your size using the chart above,

Ear to ear

Position the sizing tap at the ear. After bringing it over the hairline, end at the other ear. See the above chart for reference.

It is the most significant measurement. Are you unsure about your size? Then, do not hesitate to follow the ear-to-ear calculation.

Does Wig Cap Size Really Matter? | How To Measure Wig Cap Size
how to measure your head for a wig

Forehead to nape

It quantifies the forehead’s length to the nape. Are you wondering how to identify the location of the neck’s nape is? It cannot be simpler. Just look up slightly and put the finger across the bend. The nape is locatable in which your skin folds and the neck bends.

For the best, have the wig’s bottom sit at a higher level than this area. That way, the covering will be least likely to move on the head when you move that body part back to such a great distance.

Put the tape on the hairline’s center. Bring the measure on the top of the head and down to your nape.

Things to bear in mind for your best wig cap size

What is the size that suits you most? The wig should give a comfortable fit with the bio hairline, which should be a couple of inches extending upward over the eyebrows.

This hair system’s back is to come down to your nape on the neck’s back. According to surveys, more than 90% of the respondents put on a medium or average wig cap size. Many wigs have these cap sizes. There are also straps that are able to adjust in the back. They let you fix the wig’s overall size for the flawless fit.

For the caps with a size label, do not forget to refer to your size. You know, your coverage will not appear and feel realistic if they are not a suitable size. As soon as you have determined to have a wig on, is there any reason you cannot have a pleasant time with it? 

Now let’s look beautiful as you deserve

The average wig cap size or so tends to fit plenty of wearers. Still, there are also large and small sizes. Plus, keep in mind that adjustable straps can be available in wigs. They give as many as 1.5 inches. That is why you can attain the most secure and relaxing fit. 

Does Wig Cap Size Really Matter? | How To Measure Wig Cap Size
you can consider ordering a custom-made wig to have a fitting size

Refer to the informative guide above to find a suitable size for your wig cap. If you have plenty of hair, be sure you press it down as flat as possible. It will get rid of bulges which pull the contours of the head out of shape.

Once you get the right measure, just about nothing can prevent your beauty from shining. We hope this article is a substantial help to your fantastic journey wearing your favorite wigs.

Do you have any related questions? Do you want some more advice in determining the best fit? Then, do not hesitate to contact Layla Hair’s friendly team directly via our 24/7 support hotline. Or else, chat with us online. We are happy to help you in the best way we can. 

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