How To Make A Wig With Lace Frontal Step By Step?

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Nowadays, many women tend to purchase lace frontal, human hair bundles, and accessories to create their own hair system. To make a DIY hair wig, it needs your skill, a lot of patience as well as effort. So it comes to the questions «How to make a wig with a lace frontal«? We think the following post is for you. Layla Hair is glad to show you how to make a wig with lace frontal step by step. We will try to make everything as simple as possible so that you can easily follow and succeed in making the hair. Here’s a detailed tutorial, let’s get started!

How to make a lace wig with frontal

Necessary things you need to prepare:

— A styrofoam wig head or a mannequin head

Lace frontal

Hair bundles. Depending on how thickness your hair wig is, you can get 2-3 bundles or more.

— Curved needle and thread

— A wig cap

— Scissors

— T-pins

Hair frontal and bundles can be found at Layla Hair company and any hair stores at your local or Internet. 

How To Make A Wig With Lace Frontal Step By Step?
prepare lace frontal and hair bundles

Step-by-step guide on how to make a lace front wig with frontal:

Choose the hair type

First, you have to determine the type of your wig. As we all know, the hair is available in two main types, human hair and artificial fibers. Of course, human hair quality is better than synthetic hair, as its price is higher. Hence, wig wearers love using human hair wigs. Synthetic hair now is so natural-looking but it is not heated friendly. The strands may be melted if you apply heat onto the hair. Also, it is more difficult to restyle the artificial fibers.

Therefore, we highly recommend opting for human hair frontal and bundles to create your own wig. It looks more natural and versatile than the synthetic one. If you want to wear a wig in a short time, you can choose artificial fibers to make a frontal wig unit. 

Wear a wig cap

Now, you have chosen the hair type of the wig. You place a styrofoam wig head on the table, make sure that it is stable. Then cover the head with a normal wig cap. Then cover the head with a normal wig cap. Check and adjust the cap so that it fits the head.

How To Make A Wig With Lace Frontal Step By Step?
wear your wig cap onto the mannequin head

Apply the lace frontal

You apply the lace frontal onto the wig head and use  T-pins to secure it in place. You can easily get T-pins at Amazon or any beauty supply stores. 

Take a curved needle and weave thread and do some sewing. You can start sewing the lace frontal from the top and make your way down to the side. Continue doing until you reach the other end of the frontal. Then you tie a tight knot and cut the weave thread with scissors once you get to the end. 

Sew hair bundles

On the next step on how to make a frontal wig for beginners, you continue sewing your hair bundles into the wig cap. Go in with the first hair bundle and start from the nape of the neck. Similarly, apply the hair and secure it with hairpins to hold it in place. You have to sew the hair down. While sewing, you have to keep the stitching nice, flat, and neat otherwise your wig looks lumpy and bumpy. It does not give a perfect look. Sew until you reach the end of the first hair bundle, and move to the next bundle. You are a newbie, it may take you a few hours to make a DIY wig. You have a completed wig when you reach the top of the mannequin head and cut off the extra bundle you don’t use.

How To Make A Wig With Lace Frontal Step By Step?
sew in lace frontal hairpiece and bundles

Cut the extra lace

Go ahead and cut the lace part off that is not needed. Go in with sharp scissors and cut it. Wanna make a glueless frontal wig? It is easy. You can sew an elastic band or small clips on the inside of the wig to hold the hair in place when wearing. 

Take tweezers and do a little bit more tweezing to make your hairline look as natural as you want. Now, you can style your frontal wig.


Lace frontal wig cost

Knowing how to make a wig with frontal and bundles may help save you money. On the market, a human hair frontal wig cost higher than the counterpart synthetic hair wig. However, the lace frontal cost is cheaper than a full lace wig as the lace is applied to the frontage area only. In other words, the cost of making a lace frontal wig is quite cheap, so its price is not too high.

How To Make A Wig With Lace Frontal Step By Step?
lace frontal hairpieces at Laylahair

Some tips to make the frontal hair wig look natural

Bleach the lace in order to make it match with your skin color. 

— Before applying the hair wig, you should braid your existing hair first. This helps your hair lay flat underneath the cap. 

— Cut the extra lace off to get a natural-looking hair wig.

— Tweeze the hair in the front to create baby hair strands

To wrap things up

Many wig wearers say that making your own frontal wig seems to be tough and time-consuming. But if you follow the right method and right tools, you can definitely make your own hair wig. Even you can customize a frontal wig to make it look as you desired. 

We think you can imagine how to make a wig with a lace frontal after scanning through our post. Why don’t you try creating a wig for yourself? Need consulting about wigs or related things, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

In case you are seeking a desirable lace front wig, shop at Layla Hair company. We provide an array of human hair replacement systems, including lace front wig, lace closure wig, full lace wigs, and so on. Come to Layla, you have more than one option to buy. Find this article useful, share it with your networks right now. And don’t forget to follow Layla’s blog to update more exciting stuff.

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