How To Make A Full Lace Wig From Scratch? It’s Not An Easy Game

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People now have been spending time and money to seek a good hair wig. The role of full lace wigs these days is undeniable, especially more and more people are experiencing hair problems. Also, wigs and hair extensions show out their position in helping wearers reach their dreamed look. While already-made full lace wigs are available on the market, some prefer making DIY hair wigs. But it’s not a piece of cake for beginners. You don’t know how to do it and where to start. How to make a full lace wig from scratch? Check out the following post to look for the answer. 

Choose the right material

One of the most important missions you have to do first is picking the lace material. It decides how natural your wig is as well as the comfort you feel. To meet the higher demands of customers, hair manufacturers supply different types of lace to shop. Here’re three common types of the lace material:

– French lace: It offers a strong lace cap and is recommended for first-time wearers because of its durability. The French lace is perfect for hair wigs at medium density. If you wear hair with higher density, it may tear easily. You can choose the color of lace depending on your skin tone in order to make it invisible. With proper care, the lace lasts for 4-6 months. 

How To Make A Full Lace Wig From Scratch? It's Not An Easy Game
different lace materials

HD lace: Many wearers love it as it offers an invisible front look. Some call it transparent lace as it gives a transparent appearance. When you apply it on the scalp, it blends perfectly your skin well. If you are looking for a natural and perfect look, HD lace is a great choice.

– Mono lace: the stiffest and strongest in these common lace materials. The fine net construction allows it to bear heavy density. You want to wear a thicker hair wig, opt for this material. Plus, mono lace is breathable and reduces sweating as well as uncomfortable feelings. It allows you to part the wig in any direction. 

Prepare the hair

Unlike making lace frontal wigs or closure wigs, you have to ventilate hair strands into the lace. The process requires more patience and skill than others. If you make a lace front/closure wig, you only buy lace front/closure and hair weft then sewing into the wig cap. These processes are simpler than making a full lace wig.

What you need to prepare on how to make a full lace wig from scratch? We recommend using human hair bundles to create your full lace wig as it is more versatile and durable, as well. Moreover, the hair offers a natural look as it mimics your natural locks. If you are Caucasian, opt for Vietnamese hair bundles since they are straight and sleek. Buy Cambodian hair if you are black as it suits your natural hair texture, quite coarse and curly. At Layla Hair company, we provide these hair types. Browse our website to learn more about Vietnamese and Cambodian hair

How To Make A Full Lace Wig From Scratch? It's Not An Easy Game
prepare good quality human hair

Knot the hair into the lace

As stated, to make a full lace wig from scratch, all hair strands are hooked into the lace by hand only. But each part of the wig requires different techniques. For example, you should use single knots or single split knots to ventilate the hair in front because it leaves a natural appearance. At the back, you use double split knots so that it is more secure and avoid the hair shedding. So, how to start the knot game? 


Common ventilating techniques

Here four main methods used to create knots:  

– Single knots: The knots are small and a little bit hard to spot. Hair strands are knotted and tied into the lace throughout the front and top. With this technique, the knots are not detectable. Use single knots if you want to get a natural front hairline. 

– Double knots: As it sounds, it is more durable than the single ones. You use this technique to hook the hair at the back. Take 2-3 strands and tie them to the double knots by hand. It is used to create thick and heavy hair. 

How To Make A Full Lace Wig From Scratch? It's Not An Easy Game
different ventilating techniques

– Single split knots: In that technique, the hair strands are hand-knotted to the lace, and stay half on one side and the other half on another side. It requires your skill. The knots are small so they are more favorable for the front part of your full lace wig.

– Double split knots: the most-secured among the ventilating techniques. Hair strands are reversed twice that is suitable for thicker volume. It offers flexible movements to the hair wig.

Please prepare yourself before learning how to make a full lace wig from scratch. It takes more time and patience to get a completed hair.   Hence, we think you should buy a finished full lace wig at a reliable hair vendor. A familiar brand commits to sell you high-quality hair at good prices. Furthermore, they have the experience, technique, and machine to design beautiful hair systems.  

Take part in training courses to start your hair business

How To Make A Full Lace Wig From Scratch? It's Not An Easy Game
take on wig making class

You really want to learn how to make a full lace wig from scratch. You have a plan to start a hair store or become a wig-maker, register some courses about hair. This helps you get covered with the fundamentals of hair extension and wigs as well as support your business. These courses allow participants to observe, learn, and practice how to make the hair. Also, you have a chance to learn how to kick-start your career. Feel free to contact Layla Hair company if you want to learn more about these courses. Our staff and craftsmen are skilled and they’re willing to support you. If you fail for the first time, it is completely ok. Keep calm! Remember that the more practice you do, the more beautiful hair you will get. We hope that we can help you on the way to make a full lace wig. 

In some cases, you would like to buy pre-made full lace wigs, come to our store. We commit to selling the best hair systems based on customers’ requests. We’re online 24/7, so drop us a line whenever you want. 

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