How To Make Halo Hair Extensions — You Need To Read This First

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Halo is a great type of hair extension that goes perfectly on your head. There is a thin fishing line wire that is attached to the hair to help the hair sitting on your head. Plus, it does not require clip or glue to apply to your hair. It is difficult to notice when you wear a halo hair extension because your hair strands cover the wire perfectly.

The hair extension is taking the hair industry by storm because of its popularity. And the best way to catch a trend is to learn how to make halo hair extensions

How To Make Your Own Halo Hair Extensions

What you need to make your halo hair extensions:

— The elastic band is stretchy like elastic material.

— Hair weft 

— Fishing line wire

How To Make Halo Hair Extensions - You Need To Read This First
nylon wire and weft hair

— Weaving hair liquid gold or another bonding agent.

— Thread: If you don’t use glue, use hair thread instead of. Note that its color is the same as hair color. For example, if your hair weft is blonde, you should get yellow color threads.

— Shears

Step 1: Measure and cut the weft hair 

Pull the weft from ear to ear. Start from above one ear, cover around the back of your head, and finish above the other ear. Then cut the weft so that this piece fits your head.

You can cut the entire hair into two or more pieces of the weft. Make sure that these pieces have the same length of your first weft. 

How To Make Halo Hair Extensions - You Need To Read This First
measure the head size for the weft

Step 2: Apply glue

Apply liquid gold below the weft stitching and allow it dry. then take another weft and begin positioning it right on the top of the adhesive. Give it some pretty pressure and two hair pieces will stick together. Hold it for a while to make sure that it is dried. So you will have a solid weft rather than two. If you don’t apply glue, use thread to sew some of the wefts into one another. 

Depending on how thick you want the halo hair extension to be, you can add more wefts into. You can do the third piece. Do it the same as the first. 

Step 3: Tie the fishing line wire

How To Make Halo Hair Extensions - You Need To Read This First
attach the nylon wire

Pick up one end of the hair and part off a small section. Pull the wire through the hair, go around and tie a knot. make sure that your knot is actually tied around the weft. Don’t tie it on the hair. Put in several smaller knots to secure the knot you made. When you feel that knot is good and secure, clip off the tail.  

Now, you have this weft connected to a big spool of fishing wire. Continue measuring the approximate filament length for your finished piece. Tie the wire to the other side. Make smaller knots to make sure that it is secure. 

Step 4: Adjust halo hair extensions

The halo is ready to wear now! Slip the extension onto your head and adjust it. Pull the top layer of your existing hair over the extension to hide the wire. You should comb the front hairs into place to get your desired finished look. It can get a little bit messy when you first start pulling your hair over. But once you comb it all out, it will look fine. 

How To Make Halo Hair Extensions - You Need To Read This First
the wire should be of matching size to keep the extensions in place

Secure Halo Hair Extensions

How to make sure your halo is sitting securely on your head? It is not clipped in, not glued in. Nothing is really holding the halo hair extension onto your head. So the perfect position is far away from the hairline, about an inch. You push the halo down and you can see how perfect and snuggle it is. Feel free to shake your head. 


You wonder how to style halo hair extensions. Put the halo on your head, and cut layers into halo hair extensions. Try to trim the halo to blend and look totally natural. You can do your own or ask for your hairstylist helps.

We recommend using human hair wefts to create your own halo extension. Like your natural locks, real human hair can be washed and dyed. Feel free to dye halo hair extensions if you want. 

Our Conclusion

That’s all basic steps about how to make halo hair extensions. Layla hopes that after this post, you can create your and wear your own DIY extension. Want to get more exciting about halo such as how to wash and style halo hair extensions or about ordering pre-made halo hair extensions for yourself, don’t hesitate to reach Laylahair via WhatsApp  or leave your comment.

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