How To Make Lace Closure Look Natural: 5 Actionable Tips

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Needless to say, lace closure is one of the most favorable hair systems for women today. The hair is hand-knotted onto the thin lace material, so it blends the scalp seamlessly. However, how to make lace closure look natural is not an easy game. Layla gathers some easy tips that could make your lace closure look realistic. Keep reading to know more.

Bleach the hair knots to make it look like scalp

A disadvantage that we often detect in lace closure is the visible knots on the base material. The strand is knotted once or twice to avoid the hair shedding. Hence, the knots on the lace are visible and easy to be spotted if you look at it at a close distance. 

How to make closure look like scalp? You can bleach these knots to make them undetectable. Once bleached the hair, it will appear more invisible and then match your scalp appearance. Together with bleaching knots, you can choose the color of lace that closely resembles your real skin. This makes the hair mix well with your skin perfectly and offers a realistic look. You can bleach the lace at home or take it to a professional for bleaching. If you dye or bleach the hair at home, you dip a cotton swab into the bleach and apply wherever the lace will be detected, such as around the hairline. Once you feel the bleaching result is ok, shampoo the closure to stop the process. 

How To Make Lace Closure Look Natural: 5 Actionable Tips
bleach the knots on lace closure

Create baby hair would make the lace closure look realistic

Pluck the hair on the lace closure sew in to make it look like your bio baby hair. The hairline should be thinner than other parts of the hair so that it is natural-looking. Pluck the hair around your hairline to avoid dense hairline.

How to pluck the hair? Remove some density on the lace closure by tweezing. It would be better if you place the hair on your head and start doing this task. Sit in front of the mirror and decide where to create baby hair and how the plucking process goes. Be careful when doing this task as it may be worse if you do it too hard. You even rip off the lace base as it is so thin. 

How To Make Lace Closure Look Natural: 5 Actionable Tips
create baby hairs to make lace closure look natural

Braid your natural locks before attaching the lace closure

Listen, ladies! To make a lace closure lay flat, you need to tie or braid your natural tresses to make it neat, then wearing the hair on. Not only a lace closure, but you should also tie your hair before wearing any type of wigs. Part and braid your hair exactly where you want the lace closure to go.

Once your natural hair is secured, it is much easier to apply the closure and it looks more natural. If your existing hair is too thin, no need to braid. You just comb it back and make a low ponytail. Then the lace closure wig will cover it perfectly. As long as you know how to wear the hair correctly, you can switch between your natural locks and the hair system. 

Ensure that all of your bio hair is hidden

How to make lace look like scalp? If you have short hairdo, just simply slick it back under the hair replacement system. You can wear a wig cap to conceal your existing hair perfectly. This tip helps cover all of your hair underneath and offers a natural hair appearance. What about long hair? As we stated above, braiding your hair down into scalp makes it more manageable. The first braid should be very small to create a smooth surface. 

How To Make Lace Closure Look Natural: 5 Actionable Tips
hide your natural hair

In addition, you can trim the excess lace off to make it look natural. When making a lace closure, the manufacturer will leave excess lace so that wearers can cut it to suit their heads. Remember put the hair on your head and adjust it to fit your head, then you cut the lace with sharp scissors. Just cut and leave about 1 to 2.5 inches lace strip. 


Maintain and store the lace closure carefully

Here’re some tips to protect your hair closure and maintain it naturalness:

– Never get the hair extremely hot: We know that you want to have stylish and gorgeous hair when getting the lace closure. But in regards to temperature, you don’t apply too much heat on the hair as it dries your hair out quickly. Please take it down a notch to protect the hair. Extreme heat damages the strands and turns your hair worse, it looks unrealistic. So, don’t get too close to the fireplace and avoid heat styling tools.

– Use the right product: Invest in right hair care items to make lace closure look natural. For ideal products, you need to purchase stuff that has an acidic pH balance or natural ingredients. Wearers can easily find high-quality products sold at your local hair store or drug stores.

How To Make Lace Closure Look Natural: 5 Actionable Tips
store your wig properly

– Wash the closure carefully: Before shampooing, you brush the closure to remove all knots on tangles. You utilize a wide-toothed comb or paddle brush to smoothen the hair. Then shampoo the hair with lukewarm water or freshwater. Go with a conditioning treatment then to add moisture to the strands. Gently rinse the hair thoroughly with water again. 

– Store it when you don’t wear: How to make lace closure look natural? Store the hair when you don’t use it is a good way to maintain its naturalness. Wrapt it up and place in the dirt-free place. Bear in mind that you have to clean the hair before storing it.

To wrap thing up,

No one wants others to spot that they are wearing a hair system. Hopefully, our blog post has given you an overall idea about how to make lace closure look natural and you can hide your secret. Don’t forget to take care of the hair to make it look natural and get an invisible hairline. Also, you can keep the hair last for a long time.

You want to buy lace closure or learn how to make a closure wig, visit Layla wholesale hair vendor to get the best pick. Follow our website and blog to keep up to date new products and get advice on hair systems. Thanks a lot!

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