How To Prevent Hair Extensions From Getting Frizzy? — Here’s How!

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You buy a smooth and shiny hair extension to get a beautiful hair look. But it will turn to dry and frizz after a long time of wearing if you don’t maintain it properly. No matter what material your hair extension is made of and how often you use the hair, frizz can appear at any time. How to prevent hair extensions from getting frizzy? Dry hair extensions repair is widely asked and searched online. Many users regularly try to find the best solution to repair and restore their hair systems, making them stay smoother and softer. 

Fortunately, there are a variety of solutions to save your frizzy hair extensions. Please add nourishment and take care of your hair carefully to keep the hair extension happy and silky.

Invest in a good brush and utilize the right brushing technique 

How to prevent hair extensions from getting frizzy and tangled? Please start from the small things first. What type of brush do you use to detangle your hair extension? Do you always pull the hair when brushing it? Just like our natural locks, you need to treat it gently. If you never use a suitable tooth comb on the hair, we’re sure that your hair will be damaged over time. Whether the hair is made of real human hair strands or synthetic fibers, using a lousy comb will harm your hair and ruin the cuticles. Don’t use hair dryer brushes as they tend to pull the hair, leading to shedding problems. 

It would be better if you own a paddle brush since it easily removes all knots from the hair roots to the end of your hair replacement system. A brush with boar bristles is also a great option. If you apply the essential oil on the hair, move the boar bristles brush, and it will help distribute the oil evenly on the hair. 

How To Prevent Hair Extensions From Getting Frizzy? - Here's How!
get a good hair brush

Limit using heat styling tools

This is a great way to safeguard the hair if your hair extensions feel like straw. Please keep the hair stay happy and protect it from being burnt. If you find out about the reason causing hair dryness and frizz, they include heat or high temperature. In other words, the heat is the enemy of your hair, especially hair extensions. Many heating tools, such as straighteners, hot curling irons, so on, may cause frizzy hair. Be careful!

It is acceptable when you use a hairdryer at a low-level setting. We recommend not leaving the tool focused on one location on the hair system for longer than 10 seconds. And don’t dry the hair thoroughly, blow-dry for about 90-95% and let it air dry. 

How to restore hair extensions with cleaning tip for your hair system


My hair extensions get dry and frizzy, which shampoo should I use? To clean hair extensions, experts advise wig wearers to use natural originated products or sulfate & paraben-free shampoos. For example, sulfate is a strong chemical that works as a cleaner. In the shampoo, it develops foam texture and removes dirt and greases. However, it is the main reason causing hair dryness. 

Bear in mind that the hair system is not your real hair, so you have to protect it carefully. Carefully wash it with the right product for the hair after every 10-20 wears. Firstly, you create a mixture made up of water and an appropriate amount of shampoo. Brush the hair and immerse it in the mix for 10 minutes. Then rinse it thoroughly with fresh water. 

How To Prevent Hair Extensions From Getting Frizzy? - Here's How!
shampoo and condition your extensions with specialized products


What to do if your hair extensions are frizzy? Conditioning the hair after shampooing is necessary as it adds moisture to hair strands. Apply a normal conditioner or leave-in treatment, they are all good. No need to leave the conditioner in the system for longer than 30 minutes.

People tend to buy items that are at a high cost as they think their quality is better. Stop this thought! You should consider the ingredients of the product instead of concerning the price. As mentioned above, say no with items containing sulfate and parabens. Utilize items that don’t leave a deal of buildup because this will cause the hair to feel greasy and sticky. Make sure that you focus more on the ends of your hair extension. After conditioning, you wash the hair with lukewarm water. 


Apply hair mask for dry hair extensions

You have probably heard or tried using a hair mask. It is a type of deep conditioning treatment, working to nourish and hydrate the tresses. The best hair mask for dry extensions also works to repair and boost the health of the hair, keeping it last longer. The difference between a hair mask and other instant conditioners is that it is more concentrated. Users can leave it on the hair up to several hours for additional benefits. 

How To Prevent Hair Extensions From Getting Frizzy? - Here's How!
apply deep conditioning treatment to dry hair extensions

There are many hair masks available on the market, so you can easily reach it. You can create a DIY hair mask from ingredients that are in your kitchen, like olive oil, coconut oil, honey, egg yolk, bananas, etc. For instance, bananas are a good ingredient that works to reduce frizz. This fruit contains silica and makes your hair extension feel softer and shinier. Plus, a 2011 study indicated that bananas have antimicrobial properties that keep your hair from dryness and dandruff. Creating your own hair mask is easy and fun, too. If you have not tried before, you should experiment with simple recipes and ingredients first and find the most suitable one. We believe that you will find a good fit on how to make hair extensions soft again home remedies

Bonus: Depending on your hair type and length, you can increase the quantity of the ingredients as needed. 

In the last words

To answer the «how to prevent hair extensions from getting frizzy» question, please take care of the hair carefully. Moisturize and nourish the hair regularly to avoid hair dryness and frizz. Haircare products such as shampoos, hair masks, etc. improve and boost the health of your hair system. Spend time on your hair replacement system if you want to get gorgeous hair and keep it last as long as possible. 

Do you have other ways to cure and repair your frizzy hair? Let us know in the comments below. Hopefully, you have your own way to take care of the hair after reading our post. 

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