Kylie Jenner Hair Extensions — This 21-years-old Mom Just Debuted New Hair!

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As one of the most famous fashionistas in Hollywood, Kylie Jenner always knows how to make fans dizzy. Kylie left a big impression on the fans not only with her unique fashion and makeup style but also because of her constantly changing hairstyle. Check out newest updates on Kylie Jenner hair extensions below! 

Like what Kylie Jenner shared, she loves to change her hairstyle and always experiment with new models, as a way for her to discover herself as well as crazy fans of wig and hair extensions. So among her changing hairstyles, it would be hard to know it is 100% real her hair or not. Kylie also said that she changes her mind constantly, so the wig will help her get more new hairstyles without damaging her hair.

Kylie Jenner did not hesitate to give advice, change her hairstyle for her fans. She thinks that changing her hair is enjoyable, which helps her to love herself more. She even publishes tutorials to help fans copy her styles. 

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Let’s take a look at some of the beautiful Kylie Jenner hair extensions over the past few years.

Newest Kylie Jenner hair extensions

The reason Kylie could change her hair so quickly was that all those hair was not her real hair but a wig or hair extension.

Kylie has long revealed that she regularly uses hair extensions and she owns a collection with dozens of wigs and hair extensions of different colors, styles, and lengths.

Kylie Jenner Hair Extensions - This 21-year-old Mom Just Debuted New Hair!
Kylie Jenner and her husband — Travis Cott

So, what is Kylie Jenner hair extension idea? That’s because she wants to transform her appearance continually but doesn’t want to dye it, erasing too much, and damaging her real hair.

However, it is easy to see that since she was a mother, Kylie had less touch on her hair and often only used a wig when she wanted to change her hair color. Since pregnant with her first daughter Stormi until she was six months old, Kylie has only been attached to her original black hair color.

Kylie wears new hair extensions in April 2019

It was not until her 21-year-old birthday in August 2018 that she dyed her silver hair and loyal to this hair color for months. However, when everyone thought that the hot mom was tired of changing her hair color. On the final days of 2018, Kylie surprised more than 120 million fans on Instagram with her beautiful new hair- ice blue. Once again, a few weeks ago, when April 2019 is just walking its very first steps, this hot mom rocked the social media with her new impressive Rapunzel-style hairdo.

Kylie Jenner Hair Extensions - This 21-year-old Mom Just Debuted New Hair!
The newest Kylie Jenner hair extensions

Of course, it’s her short real hair that adds up an appeal to the new long hair extensions, but in fact, this girl is perhaps the celeb that suits extensions the most.  

After two days of uploading the new hairstyle, she reached 6-7 million likes each. It showed that the fans agreed with the 21-year-old’s unexpected F5.

Since before, Kylie had bleached her hair, so she could easily change to any pastel hair color she wanted. During Kylie Jenner hair extension, she marked her hair the icy blue color. This was the perfect choice because the color fits Kylie’s complexion which helps tone up charming on her face.

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Kylie Jenner hairstyles to copy

Besides Kylie Jenner hair extension, her hairstyle is also the best concentrate of her fan in particular and other people in general. Therefore, we will review some popular Kylie Jenner’s hairstyles.

Kylie Jenner Hair Extensions - This 21-year-old Mom Just Debuted New Hair!
Kylie Jenner’s black hair

Wavy black hair

Wavy or shoulder-length black hair is one of the most beautiful hairstyles that Kylie loves. Although she likes to change the style of dyeing color continuously for a short time, after many times she still returns to this hairstyle.

Platinum hair color

Platinum is probably the most pleasing color of Kylie Jenner. Among the hair color changes, it is not difficult to realize that Kylie regularly chooses platinum for her hair. Undeniably platinum made her stand out and shine a lot more clearly. Even when she wear no makeup, this hair color helps her to turn people’s heads.

Kylie Jenner Hair Extensions - This 21-year-old Mom Just Debuted New Hair!
Kylie’s Gorgeous Platinum Hair

Furthermore, it is not to mention, she also regularly changed her hairstyle even though she had platinum dye many times; she always looked fresh and eye-catching because of Kylie Jenner hair extension.

Curly ivory hairstyle

After platinum, ivory is the second color to top the Kylie hairstyles list. Beautiful hairstyles always paid special attention from Kylie Jenner. The more heterosexual, the fewer people present, the more desire this girl has to test them once. And as a result, with her massive dyed hair, people start to call her the «hair queen» of Hollywood.

Kylie Jenner Hair Extensions - This 21-year-old Mom Just Debuted New Hair!
Jenner’s Ombre Hair

Ombre color for wavy hair

Ombre tone color macaron helps Kylie look sweeter and sexier than usual.

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Neon color for short hair

Bored with pastel, Kylie Jenner quickly changes to a neon color — a color that not many people dare to try. But look, the short hair is dyed neon green to help her look extremely personality.

Dark blue color for long hair

The mysterious dark blue color was one of the most beautiful hair colors of this girl’s hairstyle. Kylie Jenner long hair extensions are covered in a color that is enough to stand out in the sun without being too flashy and colorful. Most people want to try this hair color right away!

Kylie Jenner Hair Extensions - This 21-year-old Mom Just Debuted New Hair!
Long dark blue hair

Now it’s time to try Kylie Jenner hair extensions yourself!

Kylie Jenner hair extensions always get the most concentrate of her fans from the world. Therefore, I hope that after the post, you will get more useful information about her hairstyles and her new hair extension 2019.

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