[GUIDE] How To Use Concealer On A Lace Closure

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Hiding the tracks and holes of lace closure is something so crucial to make the hair looks real. However, many wig wearers don’t know and neglect that part. Using concealer or foundation powder is a safe way to conceal all the knots on the material. If you are not a professional, you can still do this task. Unlike bleach, makeup is not a harsh chemical, so it helps the closure last longer. Remember to choose and purchase your concealer wisely to get the best result. So, how to use concealer on a lace closure? Keep reading this blog post.

How to apply concealer on lace closure

Step 1

You have to figure out where you want your part. You can get the middle part, three-part, or free part. Then you flatten or brush all the stray hairs down. Remember to take the concealer that is just as your natural scalp. 

[GUIDE] How To Use Concealer On A Lace Closure
concealer for lace closure

Step 2

Turn your closure hair out to expose the lace inside. Take the powder brush and start applying the concealer to the material at the front of the hair system. Go all the way to where your part ends and areas are around it. Apply a thin layer of the concealer to the lace so that it mimics your scalp perfectly. 

Step 3

Repeat step 2 once more until you are satisfied with the color of this lace. You want to be careful to try to fill in all the holes at the same time. You don’t put too much of the product, just use a very light hand and basically cover the holes. You may not put a lot concealer along the edges of the lace if you want to create an illusion that the hair grows into your scalp. Then you can use a hairdryer to blow the lace closure with concealer.

Step 4

Once the closure dried, go over the lace one more time with the foundation to make sure that you fill in all the holes. Continue waiting for it completely dry.

[GUIDE] How To Use Concealer On A Lace Closure
how to apply concealer on lace closure

The final result will make you surprise. 

In some cases, wig wearers request that “how to apply concealer to my lace closure once installed?” If you apply the lace closure tightly onto your head, you still use the concealer and powder foundation to make it look natural. Just add concealer into the hairline and parting line where you can see your scalp. Make sure that the concealer for lace closure you use resemble closely to your skin tone. If you do concealer on lace closure, clean it about once a week for the hair worn every day. 

In addition to concealing the lace, break it down by bleaching the lace closure. When bleaching the hair, you have to use a harsh chemical to change the lace color. Bear in mind that you only apply bleach to the underside of the lace. The bleach helps switch up the brown lace color to blend in with your scalp skin perfectly. You can create a strong mixture by mixing the bleach and developer to add on the lace. If you are not skilled in the bleaching process, you should get supports from a professional. They know what to do and how to bleach the lace without damaging the hair strands.


How to remove concealer from lace closure

When you use a concealer lace closure, it will buildup on the front of the hair. If you repeat the process over time, it will damage your hairline and the system. Hence, it is necessary to clean makeup. How? You need to prepare cotton swabs and 91% alcohol. Soak the swab into the alcohol and gently rub it onto the lace. Don’t forget to put a washcloth underneath to absorb the released concealer. Just rub alcohol on the lace, don’t let it expand to the hair since it will dry and damage the strands. 

[GUIDE] How To Use Concealer On A Lace Closure
how to remove concealer on lace closure

In addition, you can use make up removal or Dawn dishwashing products as alternative solutions.

Concealer lace closure recommendation

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer

This product is among the most universally loved concealer in recent years. It is super wonderful and affordable. It is available in the liquid form that makes it much easier to blend. It gives a flawless look with 12 shades for various skin tones. These oil-free concealers allow you to conceal the appearance of imperfections and knots on the lace.  

Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer

This vegan concealer is made of shea butter, sunflower, vitamin E, and no parabens. It is completely safe to add on your closure and your skin. The creamy and easy-to-blend formula stick well to the lace and brings a full coverage with a flawless matte finish.

Catrice Liquid Camouflage Concealer 

[GUIDE] How To Use Concealer On A Lace Closure
good concealers for closure

The Liquid Camouflage product can cover and conceal everything. It is highly pigmented and offers full coverage that glides on so smoothly as well as soft. The waterproof feature helps it stay longer on any surface, including lace material. 

Revlon Colorstay Concealer

Grab this concealer to makeup your lace closure, make it look much more natural. It has a silky smooth texture and is easy to blend your scalp. Its quality provides consumers a more natural look. Applying this concealer on lace closure, you will use up so faster you do with your face. 

Milano Collection Cream Knot Concealer

This is another efficient stuff of making your lace closure look real without bleaching. Just add the concealer to the lace, it mimics the color of your scalp skin. Carefully apply the concealer onto the lace inside to conceal all knots and imperfections on your hair extension. Not use your heavy hands, you should use a small makeup brush when utilizing concealer.  

In the last words

We do hope that this writing has released you some tension in how to use concealer on a lace closure as well as remove makeup. It’s a simple and easy process, so don’t hesitate to give it a try and check the result. 

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