Human Hair Toppers Reviews: Top 6 Must-Have Items 2020

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Human hair toppers have been close friends of women who suffer from thinning hair, excessive hair loss, and premature baldness. These products conceal thinning patches and enhance women self-assurance. The following human hair toppers reviews will get you covered with the top must-have items that you should not miss in 2020.

The choices for human hair toppers are various. To choose suitable items, you need to search and search continuously. Don’t let this be a burden.

In today’s post, Layla Hair will give you full human hair toppers reviews with six incredible items to add to your cart.

What is a topper for hair?

Hair toppers are becoming popular. They are changing people’s lives and giving them more confidence in their hair. Toppers are designed to add volume to the top or crown of the head and the length of hair. The hair can be real human or synthetic depending on the wearers’ preference. To wear this hairpiece, you can use clips or adhesives. The topper hair blends with your own hair to create a thicker volumize look. It is suitable for those who are experiencing early to the advanced stage hair loss. Wear it to transform your look for special occasions or simply just for fun. It is not for those with complete hair loss.

How long do human hair toppers last?

The life of hair topper depends on which type of hair they are made of and how well you maintain it. Often, human hair topper lasts longer than the synthetic one. Real hair topper can last 6 months or over if you take care of it carefully. Store it when you don’t wear can prolong its life. Also, wash hair with natural and organic shampoos and conditioners. While the synthetic fibers can be used for 3 months if you wear it daily and follow the appropriate care.

Human hair toppers reviews: Top 6 must-have items

Human hair toppers for short hair

#1- Mono base Hair Toppers with 100% Remy Human Hair

Product Specifications

Hair Source:     Vietnamese Remy human hair

Quality:     Fine, smooth and silky

Base:    Monofilament

Length:     6 inches

Weight:     Available upon request

The first item in this human hair toppers reviews, we will mention mono base hair toppers with 100% Remy human hair. So what makes this product so unique?

First of all, instead of lace, this item adopts monofilament base. Never heard of it?

Here is the deal.

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Mono base is a type of topper cap construction. It is a flimsy layer of lucid micro-mesh. Hair professionals will have to hand-tie each hair strands into the mesh to make it look natural.

Human Hair Toppers Reviews: Top 6 Must-Have Items 2019

That is also the reason why the mono base is slightly expensive than conventional lace. However, price does come with top-notch quality. Mono base is generally more durable and reliable than lace one.

The hair length of this product is around 6 inches, perfect for short-hair women. Layla Hair used dependable hair sources from Vietnamese women.

#2- 8 Inch Vietnamese Men Gray Hair Toupee

Product Specifications

Hair Source:     Vietnamese hair

Quality:     Silky straight

Base:    Lace

Length:      8 -10 inches

Weight:     Available upon request

When you get older, hair loss becomes unbearable sometimes. A typical grown-up will lose around 100 strands per day. The number grows when you approach older age.

The 8 Inch Vietnamese Men Grey Hair Toupee is a perfect solution for old men and women who want to elevate their self-assurance. The great thing is this hairpiece doesn’t look unrealistic with all black hairs at all.

It comes with gray strands that reveal ages. It is suitable for men and women of 50s or 60s whose hair is no longer healthy.

8 Inch Vietnamese Men Gray Hair Toupee

The hair length is only from 6 to 8 inches, ideal for short hair users. The lace base is breathable and easy to wear, making wearers feel comfortable.

#3- 8 inch Virgin Human Hair Toppers or Toupee for Men

Product Specifications

Hair Source:     100% Virgin human hair

Quality:     Natural straight

Base:    Lace on the top and PU at the edge

Length:     6”- 8” -10.”

Weight:     100 -200 gr

There are many reasons to fall in love with a virgin human hair toppers or toupee. The last item in the list of human hair toppers review for short hair is one of these items.

Virgin human hair is collected from one donor, typically those who never bleach or style their hair. The hair condition is preserved under perfect care with the use of natural shampoo and conditioners. That is why virgin human hair is the best thing to choose.

Human Hair Toppers Reviews: Top 6 Must-Have Items 2019

What’s more, this product is constructed with top lace and side PU around the edge. That makes it an excellent item to wear, especially for those who just start their journey with hairpieces. The PU edge secures the hairpiece and minimizes the chance it will fall off your head. Lace base is comfortable to wear.

Human hair toppers for long hair

#1- Blonde Clip in Straight Hair Topper Extensions

Product Specifications

Hair Source:    100% human hair, double drawn

Quality:     thick, coarse, straight

Base:    Lace

Length:     18”

Weight:     Available upon request

The 18-inch blonde clip-in straight hair topper is our recommendation for those with long blonde hair. If you suffer for hair thinning at the crown or top of your head, this must be a top-notch item for you.

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The clip-in feature makes it even more versatile and easy to apply. You can clip the hair topper onto your hair in the morning and remove it in the evening.

Human Hair Toppers Reviews: Top 6 Must-Have Items 2019

It stays more secure on your head than that of ordinary lace-based toppers. With the length of 18 inches, this hairpiece will fit with perfectly to your existing hair length.

#2- 22 Inch Brown Clip in Vietnamese Human Hair Topper

Product Specifications

Hair Source:     100% Double drawn, Human Hair

Quality:     Double Drawn; Human Hair;

Base:    Lace

Length:     22”

Weight:     100 -200 gr

If you want to have a longer hairpiece, the 22-inch brown clip in Vietnamese human hair topper must be your choice. The hair length is just right for long hair addicts.

Human Hair Toppers Reviews: Top 6 Must-Have Items 2019

What special about this hairpiece? The hair source is from healthy Vietnamese donors. It has a silky, straight feature. You will find this item has minimum hair shedding, split ends and damaged strands.

#3- 26 Inch Blonde Clip in Straight Hair Topper

Product Specifications

Hair Source     100% double drawn human hair

Quality     Natural straight

Base    Lace

Length     26”

Weight     100 -200 gr

For those who love the blonde color and long hair, the 26 inches blonde clip-in straight hair topper is the flawless combination. This is the last item in the list of human hair toppers reviews.

This item shares the same features as it 16” cousin above. However, as the hair strands are longer, you can enjoy the silky feeling of the hairpiece down your shoulder and back.

Human Hair Toppers Reviews: Top 6 Must-Have Items 2019

The blonde color is light and shiny. This hairpiece is double drawn so it will create a natural density for your hair. It is such a must-have item for you ladies.

The bottom line

With years of experiences, Layla Hair guarantees that our products maintain their top-notch quality for many months and even years of use. Your only task is to keep your hairpiece well, so it is always at its best stage.

We hope that after reading the human hair toppers reviews, you now know what you need to buy.

Here at Laylahair, we offer a wide range of hair toppers and wigs that vary in size, base construction, color, etc. All of our items are sustainably made by experienced hair professions, promising to give you the best toupee-wearing experience. Take a look at our product line to find your best mate!

We can also be reached via (+84) 989 633 424(Mobile/WhatsApp/SnapChat) at any time, so do not hesitate to drop us a line!

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