Take A Closer Look At Indian Hair Texture Once And For All

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You are a newbie to the world of human hair extensions. Then, plenty of information floating in the market might make you feel overwhelmed. What is the hair texture? Colors as well? But Layla hopes that our words helped you in one way or another by learning more about the Indian hair texture.  

What do you know about Indian hair?

Raw Indian hair is among the most common and widely available hair types out there. It’s the best option for those who want to get long-running and natural hair extensions. 

This hair type is durable, flexible, and glossy. It is available from natural straight to deep curly hair texture that is suitable for women’s hair worldwide. Also, it can be obtained with different hairstyles with chemicals and thermal tools. 

Asian Indian hair texture is bouncy, silky, and smooth. It also has a good density that is suitable for those wanting to get a fuller hair look. What’s more, the hair is manageable and frizz-free. With dark color and silk-textured hair, Indian hair is the best choice if you like a hair type that is versatile. Its color is easy to blend well with African American and ethnicities’ hair. 

Take A Closer Look At Indian Hair Texture Once And For All
Raw Indian hair is bouncy and silky

The texture of Indian hair

Raw Indian hair is bouncy, silky, and luster

Basically, raw Indian hair is so soft, silky, and bouncy. It is famous for luster, as well. Still, many customers make the mistake to distinguish Indian hair and others on the market. So which hair texture is thinnest Malaysian, Indian, Brazillian? To be honest, Indian hair has the finest hair texture among them, and the closest hair texture to Indian hair texture is the Cambodian one. 

As aforementioned, Indian hair strands come in with different textures, ranging from straight to deep curly. It is the most fantastic option for ethnic people. Meantime, smooth and silky hair is suitable for wearers whose hair is naturally sleek. 

For example, Cherokee Indian hair texture has either straight or curly hair. But 99% of Cherokees, called «American Indian» people, have black and curly hair. You can learn more about this stuff up if concerned. Also, the common texture hair Indian men have is naturally wavy. 

Made of real hair strands, Indian hair extensions can be styled if you desire. Users can easily change straight to wavy hair or vice versa with chemicals and styling tools. If you use a straighter or curling iron, you should apply a heat protectant serum to prevent the hair from damage. 

Indian hair is lightweight

Take A Closer Look At Indian Hair Texture Once And For All
it’s lightweight

For another plus, Indian hair is fine and lightweight. Wonder what is the best texture of hair extensions to get Cambodian Malaysian Indian Peruvian or Brazilian? For years in this field, we claim that each hair type has its own benefits. Depending on your natural hair textures and personal taste, you can choose the right one for you.

If you choose virgin Indian hair, it is unique and blends well with your natural locks. We bet that this hair is the dream of every girl as it is so soft and contains no chemicals. With real human hair extensions, you can easily use curling irons or straighteners to do whatever you want your hair is. 

What’s more, the texture of virgin Indian hair comes with full volume but not heavy. When wearing Indian hair extensions, you can feel like it’s your own hair. It does not cause any heaviness and headaches on your head. 


The hair is flexible and durable

What’s more, Indian hair is creating plenty of body and bounce for the finished look. With this hair, you can try out numerous hairstyles you are into. You like straight, loose wavy, or curly hair, try using heat styling machines or the like to achieve the hair look. 

Indian people hair texture is enough strong to go through any chemical processes. As long as you know how to style and maintain the hair, you can expand its lifetime longers. Besides, you can wash and treat the extensions as you would do with your natural locks. 

Indian hair color

Take A Closer Look At Indian Hair Texture Once And For All
Indian hair has natural black color

This hair is often founded with natural dark shades, such as natural black, dark brown, brunette, or something between them. However, virgin hair can be lightened up to light colors, such as blonde. Because it has never been experienced any chemical processes, it can be dyed, even bleached to achieve the color you like. That’s why you see many Indian colored-hair extensions displayed and sold in hair stores. And women across the world always dream of this hair. 

To sum up: What texture is Indian hair?

Indian hair texture is generally lightweight, silky, smooth, and slightly glossy. It is a smooth match with different hair types – for instance, African American hair and ethnic one. We commit that Indian hair is the best quality and long-running solution if you want to go with a human hair extension. Also, the hair can hold its curls for a long time. After washing, the hair can back to its original form quickly.  

You would like to buy Indian hair replacement systems. You are finding a reliable hair supplier to purchase hair extensions at wholesale prices? Layla Hair is not a bad place to buy hair from. 

Take A Closer Look At Indian Hair Texture Once And For All
remy Indian human hair at Laylahair

We work to provide the best-finished hair look and beauty to worldwide customers. You want Indian, Vietnamese, or Cambodian hair, we can meet all your demands. We only use real hair strands to create good-quality hair products, no blending synthetic fibers. 

Also, we provide an array of hair extensions, wigs, and hairpieces. We also customize the hair according to customers’ preferences. Reach us via the WhatsApp line in the corner of the screen and tell us the hair texture, color, and hair type you like. We will create your own hair. You will not just feel lightweight but comfortable by wearing our excellent hair units. 

Want to learn more about Indian hair, such as how to get Indian hair texture, browse our website for more exciting information. It’s our honor to be a part of your hair journey!

Hope you have good hair days! Thank you for your follow-up!

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