Real Hair Toppers Vs. Wigs | What Are The Differences Between Them?

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Are you looking for a lively fullness for your thinning hair? Then this post is right for you! We will be discussing the quick and effective solution – real hair toppers. Is your hair thinning? Or are you facing severe hair loss? The hair toppers should be the answer to your problems. 

Yet, it can be hard to choose a suitable one. Importantly, we go for a hairpiece with decent coverage. Not all, it must provide sufficient comfort for women to put on confidently. So, your question is whether to go for partial wigs (real hair toppers, etc.) or full wigs. 

What are hair toppers?

Men and women’s hair toppers (also, wiglets) work to hide your hair loss at a variety of stages and a range of the scalp areas. Some of them cover the top more. Meanwhile, some give the coverage on the sides of your head. Others work on the head’s back. Real hair toppers are also fantastic to volumize your fine or thin hair. 

Real Hair Toppers Vs. Wigs | What Are The Differences Between Them?
hair toppers for women

When you choose a topper, keep the following essential things in mind. They are the base size and style, hair type, length, and color. They are decisive when considering which wiglets are suitable for you.

Pros & cons of real hair toppers

Things you may like

You know, these wigs bring partial coverage. That is why they are ideal for those who are suffering from thinning hair, gradual loss of hair, and problematic spots. 

Another great thing about them is that their naturalness is no joke. Other people will then find guess whether you are putting on one or not to be difficult. You can wear them with bio hair secured in an adorable ponytail.

Real Hair Toppers Vs. Wigs | What Are The Differences Between Them?
hair topper before and after

For another plus point, the toppers tend to be light. Thus, you will not have serious problems with the scalp becoming overly warm. 

There needs less hair to make them. So, their cost is generally lower than full wigs.


Things you may not like

Have you experienced a complete loss of hair? It is the consequence of medical conditions – for example, chemotherapy? Then you may not want to opt for toppers.

Also, do you desire your topper to show off realistic appearance? If so, it needs to have a smooth match with the texture and color of your natural hair. 

The toppers may not be appropriate for those whose scalps are sensitive. Women who have thinning spots probably not prefer this choice. That is because it is not comfortable. 

Real Hair Toppers Vs. Wigs | What Are The Differences Between Them?
cheap hair toppers might not be good to wear

Be sure you avoid cheaper, lower quality clips. They can do harm to your remaining hair – let’s say, pulling, tugging, or hurting it. You can rely on bonding with tape or glue. Yet, it needs some more work. 

You also may not love the fact that, when putting on this partial wig, you still need to style the existing hair. An amount of time is necessary to do it.

What are human hair wigs?

It is easy to understand this term. You wear wigs over your bio hair. There are various styles and shapes of wigs. Each of them has its good, bad, and ugly. 

Real Hair Toppers Vs. Wigs | What Are The Differences Between Them?
hair topper vs wig

Real human hair is greatly versatile. The same goes for thermal friendly synthetic ones. You can style them with thermal tools – for instance, hot rollers and straighteners. So feel free to try different looks, from cute to sexy. 

The hair’s part is alterable with monofilament cap types. Meanwhile, lace front wigs let the hairline appear natural. 

Pros and cons of wigs

Things you may like

Do you wish to cover the hair loss completely? Or disguise the balding related to chemo and the like? If so, wigs are the right choice. 

What is more, your morning routine will be quicker by using these ones. You may have to spend more money buying them at first. Still, they turn out to be a financially wise choice when it comes to cuts, hair-styling as well as coloring. Of course, combing and washing wigs every now and then are something you should do. It asks for less effort than your natural hair, nevertheless. 

Real Hair Toppers Vs. Wigs | What Are The Differences Between Them?
full lace wigs

Not all, the rapid advances in the hair industry do help. It is behind the amazing birth of real human hair wigs. They have the exact same look as your natural hair. Not to mention, they give a smooth, realistic, and unnoticeable blend with your scalp!

Things you may not like

If you go on a budget, the price of wigs may be your concern. In general, they are more pricey. Also, you need a while to get used to putting it on. Do not worry, though! You see, practice makes perfect! This saying is applicable in this case.

Plus, you may not like the idea of wearing the wig when exercising. It increases the pressure of warmth and weight. They are generally not a practical option for those engaging in outdoor activities on hot summer days. Let alone, the hair underneath can be full of sweat and mess following the application of the wig on such occasions. Bear it in mind!


Real hair toppers vs. wigs

There are quite many things to share when it comes to the comparison between these two favorite coverage choices. Below we sum up the most noticeable points.


The real hair toppers cover and volumize thinning spots. Meanwhile, you can expect a full head coverage with the wigs. 

Real Hair Toppers Vs. Wigs | What Are The Differences Between Them?
hair topper vs wig

Attachment way

Toppers tend to attach using the clips to your bio hair. For the wig, attachment is not necessary.


There are various colors and styles.


Wigs tend to less irritating to your scalp. Still, they can be more sweaty when you attend physical activities. Both of them generally pull off the natural vibes. 

What will be right for you?

You see, these options have both upsides and downsides. The advice is, get to know your hair along with needs and preferences. For example, you may go for wigs as you do not want to tackle the trouble of finding a perfect match with your existing hair. Still, when summer is all over the corners, your sweating head knows you will fall in love with a lightweight choice like real hair toppers. 

If you are interested in getting some hair toppers or wigs, take a look at Laylahair’s product line! We have a wide range of human hairpieces available to shop!

Laylahair is also reachable via hotline: (+84) 98 96 33 424 (Mobile/WhatsApp/SnapChat/Viber). Just feel free to drop us a line at any time if you have any questions.


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