Indian Hair Weave Bundles: An Incredibly Amazing Hair Volume Booster

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Indian hair weave bundles are the among most popular hair products for all women worldwide. With its natural texture, you have a chance to own soft, smooth, and shiny hair. The hair weaves can match your existing hair perfectly. Following our blog post to answer these questions What are Indian weave hair? or Why you should use these hairs? Let’s start!

What is Indian human hair weave?

The best Indian hair weave looks so beautiful and bouncy. It is a dream of many girls around the world. The weave is made of 100 Indian virgin hair or remy, and it is flexible. Hair strands are lightweight, silky, and luster. 

This hair unit is a discrete method to add more hair to your natural locks. You just sew the weft tracks carefully into your natural hair that has been neatly braided. Plus, Indian hair is suitable for many hair types. 

Indian Hair Weave Bundles: An Incredibly Amazing Hair Volume Booster
Indian human hair weave

Human hair weave is now available in different textures, such as straight, wavy, and curly hair. No need to wait for hours or a day in a hair salon, you can achieve a good hair look with human hair weaves. Instead of undergoing hair chemical or heat processes, you still get a curly hairstyle with curly Indian hair weave. It is a protective method to avoid damaging your bio hair. 

Suppose you were born with naturally straight hair, Indian hair is the best option. It is suitable for those who want to get a feminine and trendy look. We advise you to buy Indian human hair weaves for the best look. 

How much does a good Indian hair weave cost?

The prices of Indian hair depend on a number of factors, such as hair type, length, and the vendor where you buy hair from. 

Put simply, Indian hair weave is cheaper than other types of hair extensions. It costs around $100 to $500. Bear in mind that the longer the hair weave is, the higher price you have to pay. When you buy a hair unit, the seller will give different levels of hair length for you to choose from. For example, 30 inches human hair weaves are more expensive than the 8 inches ones. 

Where do you purchase hair from? Not all suppliers give you affordable prices. Hence, seek and compare the Indian hair prices from different sellers and choose the most appropriate one. 

Indian Hair Weave Bundles: An Incredibly Amazing Hair Volume Booster
Indian bundles are affordable

Why women wear Indian human hair weave bundles?

In fact, most ladies across the globe head over heels in love with Indian hair systems. Therefore, they use human hair weaves to get a fuller hair look, and it effortlessly matches their natural locks. 

Easy to utilize

Indian hair extensions are created to be used for a long time. Hence, wearers can reuse it several times. Hair weaves are the simplest and lowest commitment option that allows users to switch up their hair look. 

Be unsure about the sew-in technique, you can go to a hair salon and ask for the pros’ help. Let the hairstylist sew-in the hair weave or remove it to prevent hair damage. 


Add more hair length and volume

Many hairstylists and experts recommend shoppers purchasing Indian natural human hair extensions as it is one of the most excellent hair types out there. It adds further length and gives you thicker hair instantly. So you can control your hair easily. The more hair weave bundles you use, the thicker your hair is. 

Disguise hair shortcomings

If you are suffering from hair loss or baldness, this type of hair extension can help you. It works to conceal all bald spots and affected areas on your head. Plus, the extension protects your curls from dirt and other harmful elements. 

Indian Hair Weave Bundles: An Incredibly Amazing Hair Volume Booster
hair bundles require low maintenance

Braid your existing close to your scalp and start sewing-in the weft tracks to your hair. Adjust the hair to reach your desired look. Being made of real hair strands, 100 Indian human hair weave will not damage your bio hair or scalp. It also allows your curls to grow underneath. 

Hair weave hair requires low-maintenance

You want to get a hair unit with low maintenance, pick this product. Unlike clip-in extensions, you don’t have to install the weave in the morning and take it off at the end of the day. It is a good way to save you time every morning. 

Your mission is to keep the hair from tangles and knots. Spend precious minutes to enjoy your breakfast instead of styling the hair. 

Are you ready to put on Indian hair weave bundles? If you have never thought about using these hair replacement systems, it’s time to try. 

How to protect human Indian human hair weave bundles

Indian Hair Weave Bundles: An Incredibly Amazing Hair Volume Booster
how to take care of Indian human hair weave

So how can I maintain Indian hair weaves? Because the hair extensions are not your real hair, don’t neglect them. Although Indian hair is smooth and silky, you still gently brush to keep it tangle-free. Try to keep the hair in the best condition. Invest in a wide-toothed comb to brush the hair. 

Next, you have to shampoo and condition the human hair weaves to keep it healthy. If shampoo cleans the weaves, the conditioner will add moisture to the hair. We advise you to choose hair care products produced for human hair replacement systems. And never rinse the hair with hot water as it will ruin the hair quickly. 

Last but not least

Hopefully, our writing brings you a deeper insight into Indian hair weave bundles. We do hope that after reading our words, you can answer the questions What are Indian hair weaves? or How much is Indian hair? 

However, don’t forget to care for your curls after sewing-in hair systems. You should remove hair weave after wearing weaves for 6-8 weeks to avoid hair damage.  

Interested in Indian hair weave bundles or any human hair extensions, contact Layla NOW. With years in the hair business, we are among the leading wholesale hair vendors based in Vietnam. In addition to supplying Indian hair, we have Vietnamese and Cambodian ones. All of them are excellent and suitable for all hair types. Our professional selling team will counsel and help you choose the best pick for your own hair. 

Looking forward to hearing your voice soon!

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