The Secret Of Indian Remy Hair Wet And Wavy For Confidence Boost

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Indian Remy hair wet and wavy is a preferred hair item for modern girls as it is natural and aesthetic. But do you know how to keep the hair in its original style? Undeniably, hair care is an important thing to maintain Indian wet and wavy hair and human hair extensions in general. If you are a hair lover, you may notice that wet and wavy hair items are more vulnerable and need more care. So how to protect wet n wavy Indian Remy hair? Read on to find out the best way. 

What is Indian Remy hair wet and wavy?

The hair is made of 100% real Indian raw material without any chemical treatments. It gives wearers the most realistic look and feel. It is soft with a shine and offers free movement that synthetic hair extensions do not have. Wet and wavy hair can be straightened with thermal tools without melting, too. Because it is wet, the hair can easily hold its form and be manageable. 

Remy Indian hair wet and wavy can be permed and colored to suit the user’s personal taste. It can be altered and customized to fit the head correctly. Although it is a more expensive pick, we still recommend using it for longer wearing and more natural mane.  

The Secret Of Indian Remy Hair Wet And Wavy For Confidence Boost
Indian wet and wavy hair

How to maintain wavy Indian Remy hair

Indian hair extensions are made of real hair strands, but it is not your bio hair. Therefore, hair care is the key to maintain it. Followings are supportive tips to take care of Indian wet and wavy hair.

Get rid of knots or tangles 

First and foremost, keep the hair tangle-free to avoid the hair shedding. So how to do it? Run your fingers and use a wide-toothed comb to gently clear out hair tangles. 

As we stated, wet hair is more vulnerable, you should be more careful and gentle when doing it. You can do this step when you are wearing a hair extension or taking it off and start detangling. Secure the hair on a mannequin head and detangle knots. You have to do it at the hair tips, and then move up to the hair roots. If you do the reverse, it may cause more hair breakage and hair shedding. 

The Secret Of Indian Remy Hair Wet And Wavy For Confidence Boost
get your hair bundles tangle-free

Be heedful of the products you utilize

To hold your 100 Indian Remy human hair wet and wavy looking perfect, you have to keep it clean and add enough moisture. The hair is not your bio hair; hence, it cannot get natural oil from your scalp to stay healthy. 

We recommend using hair care products designed for Indian hair extensions to keep the hair in a good condition. You should choose shampoos and conditioners containing natural ingredients, such as aloe vera, henna, Indian lilac, etc. Because Indian women usually use these ingredients to keep the beauty of their curls. Also, chemical-free products are much safer for new hair. 

After detangling, you start washing the hair. Rinse it as you would do with your existing hair, don’t rub it. If your hair extensions are clip-ins or tape-ins, you should avoid applying hair care products to the bond since it may lose the adhesive, resulting in hair shedding. Follow with a conditioner to moisturize and hydrate hair strands. Expertise also suggests conditioning the hair extensions before washing as a way to maintain the hair. 

Finally, leave your hair air-dry. If you want, you can apply hair serum or styling products to maintain the waves. 

Limit using heat styling tools

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avoid applying too much heat to your hair

We agree that thermal tools help us reach different and trendy hairstyles. But just like everything, it has two sides. These tools may cause some hair damage if we use them incorrectly or overuse them. 

Therefore, you have to avoid using blow dryers, curling irons, or the like. If you really need it, just use the tool at the lowest heat setting. This simple way helps prevent your wavy hair from adverse damage.

Top products for Indian wet and wavy hair

Matrix Biolage Deep Smoothing Shampoo

This shampoo justifies what it’s meant for. Formulated with avocado oil, grapeseed oil, and camellia serum, the shampoo really makes the hair smooth and silky. The best part is the serum that detangles the hair and makes it manageable. To get the best result, you should apply it in a lesser amount so that it may not make the hair extension oily. 

Plus, this excellent item can be applied to chemically-treated and colored hair, even with daily use. It will not fade the hair color. The scent is really nice, too!


Yves Rocher Purity Shampoo

The clarifying shampoo from Yves Rocher will not you down. It is lightweight, transparent, with a light fragrance that works to refresh your Remy Indian hair wet and wavy. You can use it to wash your natural hair, and it cleans the scalp very well.

The item works to leave the Indian hair system looking rejuvenated, giving the hair light and soft feel and touch. You should apply the shampoo to wet hair, work lather, and let it sit for a few minutes. You rinse it thoroughly, squeeze the excess water, and leave it to dry.

The Secret Of Indian Remy Hair Wet And Wavy For Confidence Boost
products for wet and remy hair

OGX Nourishing Coconut Milk Shampoo

Why many beauties love products by the OGX brand? Rich in coconut milk, coconut oil, and egg whites, the shampoo is the best pick for human hair extensions and wigs. It is a perfect combination to nourish and maintain your wet n way Indian hair. It leaves the hair a clean and shiny look. Also, its scent is pleasant, like light and sweet coconut. 

The shampoo can repair damaged hair effectively. If your hair is dull, dry, and breaking off like crazy, this stuff can save your curls. It makes your hair strands soft and manageable, and the scalp doesn’t itch anymore. 

In a nutshell

That’s all we want to share about Indian Remy hair wet and wavy and how to maintain the hair to expand its lifetime. We hope you have a deep insight into Indian hair systems and have one more pick when buying hair extensions. Follow our tips to have thick and nice-looking hair. 

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