Why Is Virgin Remy Indian Hair The Best Material For Your Hairpieces?

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Hair is crown, right? True! Beautiful hair helps you feel more confident when going out. But not everyone owns a full and thick hair look; that’s why they have to use hair extensions. To create human hair extensions, hair manufacturers have to collect hair from different origins, namely Cambodian hair, Vietnamese hair, and so on. If you are a hair lover, you may not be unfamiliar with Cambodian and Vietnamese hairs. In this post, we would like to present you with a high-quality hair type in the hair business – virgin Remy Indian hair. Scan through our words to learn about its definition, features, as well as how to take care of it. Let’s get started! 

What is virgin Indian Remy hair?

The name of the hair shows its origin. The hair is gathered in India and sells for hair manufacturers all around the world. Indian virgin Remy hair is unprocessed hair, which means that it has not been subjected to any chemical applications before. Virgin Remy hair is collected from 2 donors or more, but the cuticles are fully-retained. After harvested, hair strands keep the orientation of the hair roots and tips in only one direction. The hair is arranged and stored carefully to avoid matted and tangled hair. The hair origin and sophisticated handling processes contribute to outstanding features of Indian hair. This explains why the virgin Remy hair system is more expensive than its counterpart synthetic fibers. 

Why Is Virgin Remy Indian Hair The Best Material For Your Hairpieces?
virgin Indian remy hair

True “Remy” hair can last for a long time in its most natural form. Also, wearers reuse it several times if apply and remove it carefully. It can be permed and styled with thermal tools like your bio hair. 

How much is it?

Indian Remy human hair is available at a higher price point than synthetic hair extensions. The price of hair differs depending on the kind of extension, hair lengths, textures, etc. But we commit that it will not make you bankrupt. 

Why is it the best option for all hair replacement systems?

Manufacturers use Indian Remy hair to create numerous types of hair extensions for many reasons. Let’s talk about them. 


This is the most compelling benefit that every wearer always craves about. As we said, the hair extensions made of real hair strands look so realistic, and they blend seamlessly with your existing hair. 

Because Remy hair strands have been untreated, they match perfectly with your natural locks, offering a luster hair appearance. 

What’s more, you can wash and care for the hair as you would do with your natural hair. For example, remi Indian hair weave can be styled, permed, and colored to reach your desired hairstyle. And you cannot do it with your synthetic hair systems. 

Why Is Virgin Remy Indian Hair The Best Material For Your Hairpieces?
it suits black-skin women well


For another advantage, virgin Remy Indian hair is lightweight, soft, and shiny. Thus, it is suitable for Caucasian and ethnic hair textures all around the world. Besides, it is available in a wide variety of hair colors, lengths, and textures for customers to choose from. Opt for this hair if you want to get a drastic change in your head. 


Virgin remy Indian hair systems have higher strength than others, and they are more durable. Each hairpiece is made meticulously, which makes sure that customers can get a hair unit worth every penny. 

So long as you wear and care for the hair extension appropriately, you can reuse it many times. Also, it can last around several months or even more. 


Unprocessed hair

It is raw hair collected from on the head of donors. It means that the hair does not undergo chemical treatments. Hence, it is a great material to create wigs and hair extensions. 

In general, Indian remy hair comes with excellent features. All hair cuticles are kept intact in the same direction from the roots to tips. The arrangement will help you diminish unwanted matted & tangled hair problems. The best Indian Remy hair is higher-quality than synthetic fibers and the like. We are sure that this hair type helps you more confident anytime and anywhere. 

Why Is Virgin Remy Indian Hair The Best Material For Your Hairpieces?
virgin Indian hair is versatile and bouncy

Where do you get the best Indian Remy hair?

This hair type is naturally dark in color and very thick. Thanks to the feature, Indian hair is a great option for both Caucasian and ethnic hair textures. If you are looking for flexible and natural hair texture with bounce, opt for Indian Remy virgin hair. 

Now, forget about what’s Remy or virgin hair. Let’s find out where to get the best top-notch hair replacement system? At Layla Hair, a human hair vendor, we specialize in 100 Indian Remy hair, no mixing synthetic or animal hair. We gathered hair from donated donors in temples in India. Our Indian hair is versatile, can be flattened or permed to achieve different styles. It can be effortlessly color-lifted to light tones if you desire, such as blonde. 

We supply all types of hair systems, from virgin Indian Remy hair bundles, lace frontals, to hair extensions (clip-ins, tape-ins, halos, etc.) Your mission is to let us know which one you like most. Whether you like a straight, wavy, or loose curly Indian Remy hair weave, we can customize your own hair. We have things to meet your requirements and make you satisfied. 

Why Is Virgin Remy Indian Hair The Best Material For Your Hairpieces?
virgin Indian hair at Laylahair

Plus, we sell human hair products at friendly prices. Hence, reach us now for excellent Indian hair items to freely style the new hair whatever you wish. 

In the last words

Is Indian Remy hair human hair good?

Hope that this article has given you useful information on virgin Remy Indian hair. Just like Cambodian and Vietnamese hairs, Indian hair is also a great option for all kinds of hair extensions. 

Layla also supplies top-notch Vietnamese and Cambodian hair systems at affordable prices. Our hair products are made by skillful craftsmen and stored carefully. They are natural, smooth, and so durable. Which hair type you like most, we have all things to offer you. 

In the bottom line, please share the article if you like it! And follow Layla’s site if you want to get further about human hair products and related things. 

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