How To Keep Curly Hair From Getting Frizzy? The Easy Way Out!

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Curly-headed girls feel annoyed because their curls get frizzy easily. You don’t know what causes frizzy hair and how to keep curly hair from getting frizzy. You’ve tried different ways to solve your problem but nothing works. 

Don’t worry, Layla will help you out of this frizzy mess and achieve gorgeous curls. Keep reading if you don’t want to live with frizzy hair anymore. 

What makes curls get frizzy? 

Before talking about how to keep naturally curly hair from getting frizzy, you should know the reasons causing frizzy hair in the first place. 

Dry hair

There is a fact that girls with curly hair patterns always suffer from dryness. And when the hair is too dry, it turns frizzy. Why? Dry hair will absorb all moisture from the air and environment, and it causes unwanted frizz. 

How To Keep Curly Hair From Getting Frizzy? The Easy Way Out!
frizzy curls


This is among the most common reasons. We all know that humidity and heat will trigger the curls, they will bond with proteins in human hair strands, causing the hair to frizzy. 

Damaged hair

There are many hair types that are at high risk of frizziness, one of them is damaged hair. Your bad habits, like styling hair too frequently, applying many chemicals to your curls, etc. will dry out your mane quickly, resulting in damage and make it frizzier. 

Other causes and habits may cause more hair frizz:

– Excessive sun exposure 

– Chlorinated and saltwater in the pools and beaches 

– Skip hair conditioner

– Rub curls with cotton towels

– Utilize thermal tools too often

And more. 

Tips to keep curls from getting frizzy

Many curly-headed girls complain that they have problems with their curls. Their hair tends to be frizzy, and they cannot control them. 

Understand your wish, we have here some tips to help you keep your curls from getting frizzy. Let’s check them out:

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choose a suitable hairstyle

A good hairstyle is key

As mentioned, wavy and curly hair is more prone to dry and frizzy. So those with curly hair always experience hair problems, such as split ends, breakage, etc. But these problems are the main cause of frizz. 

How to keep natural curly hair from getting frizz? Go to a professional hair salon and get a good haircut. We recommend you get a hair trim every 6-8 weeks to maintain the beautiful locks. Consult your hairstylist in order to get a beautiful hairstyle that suits your facial shape, as well. Don’t let your hair grow too long as it can not deliver enough moisture and nourishment to every hair strand, from roots to tips. 

Don’t wash your curls every day

Why? Natural oil known as sebum is necessary for hair growth and health. Especially, wavy and curly hairs need natural oil to stay away from frizz. If your curls tend to be frizzy, you should cut down the frequency of shampooing. Once or twice per week depending on your lifestyles, and other factors. 

Instead, you can use co-wash to cleanse your locks completely. The less your shampoo your curls, the more moisturized they are. 

After washing, gently comb your wet hair to avoid frizz. This way, it will reduce tensions and not stretch your hair strands, avoid breakage. 

Apply a moisturizing conditioner

How To Keep Curly Hair From Getting Frizzy? The Easy Way Out!
apply a moisturizing conditioner

Bear in mind that moisturized hair means happy curls. We mean that regular conditioning is necessary to maintain healthy and hydrated hair. How to keep short curly hair from getting frizzy?

After shampooing, you slightly squeeze excess water and apply conditioner throughout hair strands, from roots to tips. Leave the conditioner on your curls for at least 3 minutes, then rinsing with fresh water. Also, utilize a deep conditioner once a week to prevent the hair from frizz. 

Wear or use a microfiber towel

Many people tend to rub or wring the hair when drying the hair, but it is a reason causing frizzy hair and breakage. Also, it breaks up the form or shape of your curls. 

How to keep your curls? The key is using a microfiber towel to wrap and scrunch up your hair that helps avoid friction and help dry the hair quickly. 


Cut down using heat styling tools

Wondering how to keep naturally curly hair from getting frizzy during the day? Heat tools, such as blow dryers, straighteners, curling irons, etc. can kill your curls, resulting in dryness and damage. 

Try to use styling machines to a minimum or avoid using them. For example, when a hairdryer is a must, remember to coat a thin layer of heat protectant through the hair beforehand to control frizz and stay away from hair damage.  

Sleep with a satin pillowcase

How To Keep Curly Hair From Getting Frizzy? The Easy Way Out!
sleep with a satin pillowcase

How to keep curly hair from getting frizzy overnight? Consider wearing a satin pillowcase to avoid friction when you sleep. When you sleep with cotton cushions, you cannot control your behavior because you can toss and turn around. This causes hair tangles, knots, and split ends. 

A high-quality pillowcase, such as satin pillowcases, will work to protect your curls amazingly. Wearing a silk scarf is a good way to keep curly hair from getting frizzy when sleeping. These products are smooth, helping maintain the moisture to your hair, as well. 

When should you see your hairstylist?

If you are suffering serious hair frizz, visit your hairstylist to get a professional and suitable treatment. They have the knowledge and experience to help you out of your problems. Find and get advice from hairstylists who experienced with naturally curly and damaged hair. 

In the bottom line

Curly and wavy hair textures are more prone to dry and frizz; hence, you have to take care of them carefully to manage and control them. So how to keep curly hair from getting frizzy? In most cases, hair frizziness is caused by your bad habits. Therefore, you have to change your hair care routine and habits to solve the issue. 

We hope that you apply our above-listed tips properly and enjoy beautiful and shiny curls every day. And be sure to let us and other readers know which one works best for you by leaving comments below. Or you can reach out to Layla over the WhatsApp link or email with any questions. We are always willing to support you. 

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