What Does Chlorine Do To Your Hair? It It Really Harmful?

You have gone swimming, you could experience the smell of chlorine on your hair, skin, and clothes. As we all know, chlorine is a necessary chemical used in the pool to kill bacteria. Although it protects swimmers from diseases from the water, it will leave hair seriously dry. Curious about what does chlorine do to your hair? Reading on to learn how to protect your mane from chlorine and unwanted damages. 

What does chlorine do in hair?

Chlorine is a popular element used in swimming pools. It dissolves in the water and protects swimmers from infections and disease from the water. 

So is chlorine bad for your hair? The element leaves your hair and skin dry and damaged by sucking sebum from them. Human hair strands are covered and infused with natural oils known as sebum, which encourage hair growth and retain moisture. For instance, it has vitamin E that works to keep your hair shiny and strong for a long time. When your tresses come in contact directly with chlorine in the pool, it will cause some chemical reactions in your mane. Specifically, it will bond with natural oils and remove them from your hair strands. It leaves your hair less glossy and strong. And it may change your natural hair color, cause hair dryness, and split ends. If you have a sensitive scalp, it may leave some red patches and irritation.

What Does Chlorine Do To Your Hair? It It Really Harmful?

Does chlorine turn your natural hair color?

Is chlorine bad for hair?

Chlorine turns hair green, is it true? 

Many people say that their hair turns green after going swimming in pools. In fact, chlorine is not the direct culprit. The green hue of your mane may be caused by copper that has been oxidized by chlorine. Gradually, it absorbs the hair and turns them slightly green.

Chlorine also works as a bleach, and that’s why your hair turns light colors after spending time at the pool in the summer. If your hair is color or heat-treated, please protect it carefully to maintain it in the best condition. 

Who is at risk for chlorine damage?

The effects of chlorine are different, you see, it can cause hair dryness, split hair ends, even scalp irritation. Hair experts say that everyone who usually exposes their mane in the swimming pool will risk hair damage. But here are some types that are more at risk than others: 

What Does Chlorine Do To Your Hair? It It Really Harmful?
it might change your hair color

– Dry and coarse hair

– Colored hair

– Thin hair

– Previous damaged hair

Now you know what chlorine does to your hair, how to avoid it? 

We know that we cannot stop the damage from chlorine completely, but we can do something to avoid it. So how to get chlorine out of hair? How can I protect hair from chlorine? Let’s see:


Rinse your tresses with fresh water before swimming

It sounds a little silly, but this small tip can help you solve chlorine in hair effectively. You spend all winter and spring taking care of your mane, but it turns green and frizzy when we go swimming. To avoid it, you should wet your mane under clean tap water before jumping into the pool. This way prevents chlorine and other presented elements from being soaked into strands, resulting in future damages. 

Note: Just rinse your hair with water only, no shampoo, even it is a shampoo for chlorine in hair. Otherwise, it dries your mane out quickly.

Apply oil or hair conditioner

How to protect colored hair from chlorine? Consider coating a thin layer of oil or conditioner to your mane before swimming. Use any oil that you like its smell, like coconut oil, rosemary oil, and more. The oil and conditioner work as a barrier to prevent strands from absorbing chlorine water. Plus, it keeps your mane tangle-free.  

What Does Chlorine Do To Your Hair? It It Really Harmful?
wear a swimming cap

Wear a swimming cap

A swimming cap is a must-have product when you go swimming. It is the best way to protect human hair strands from damage. It helps you enjoy the pool without worrying that the hair exposes to chlorine. In general, a cap is a great unit to protect your hair from this stuff. 

Rinse and shampoo your mane after swimming

How can you do to get green out of hair from chlorine after going swimming? Wash your mane with fresh water and use a good shampoo for chlorine in hair after swimming. The longer you let the chlorinated water left on hair strands too long, the more damage it causes. Remember that special shampoos for swimmers will pull the chemicals out of your strands, leaving a healthy and vibrant look. After shampooing, you should follow with a good conditioner. Focus on hair ends, if your hair is oily, avoid applying to the hair roots. Make sure that you add enough moisture to the hair. This tip helps you avoid future hair damage and prevent hair turn pale green. 

Note: You have to rinse the hair immediately to reduce the unwanted damage. After shampooing, gently comb the hair as wet hair is more vulnerable. You should invest in a wide-toothed comb to brush your locks. 

What Does Chlorine Do To Your Hair? It It Really Harmful?
rinse your hair again after the swim

Let the hair air dry

Avoid using heat tools to blow dry your mane because it will weaken hair strands. It would be better when you let it dry naturally. In some cases, if you are in a hurry, just utilize the tool on the lowest heat setting. 

To sum up

Whether you go to the swimming pool every day or once per week, chlorine can affect your hair condition. It may be a direct or indirect culprit of your hair problems. 

Layla hopes that you can answer the question of what does chlorine do to your hair after reading this post. Also, we do hope you know some tips on how to remove chlorine from hair, maintaining the best hair look and feel. 

If your hair turns worse after swimming, you can talk to your hairstylist to find an ideal solution. He/she knows which one is suitable for your hair type and recommends good hair treatments. 

If you are interested in learning more about hair care tips or human hair products, we can support you. Browse our blog for more interesting writings. 

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