Lace Frontal Balding: The Well-Rounded Solution For Baldness

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We know that both men and women have a special bond with their hairs. Thus, losing this “best friend” because of baldness can cause frustration and self-confidence. But there’s always light at the end of the tunnel! And lace frontal balding is that “light.”

Lace frontal balding is an instant solution for baldness. Some of us are probably in fear of people finding out that we’re wearing wigs. But there’s no need to stress out people! A lace frontal balding provides a perfect coverage option over balding spots.

Lace Frontal Balding: The Well-Rounded Solution For Baldness

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The natural hairline and look it brings will make the fear disappear as it has never existed. Both men and women can rest assured and confident with this “secret weapon” in their hand.

What is a lace frontal balding?


To begin with, lace frontal is a hairpiece that encloses the head. It shares some similarities with a closure. But the difference is lace frontal the entire front of the crown and hairline.

With a lace frontal, both women and men can pull their hair into a high bun or go for a ponytail without much difficulty. Moreover, lace frontal brings a surprising natural look like the real hair so that no one will realize we’re wearing it.

Lace frontal allows more flexibility when styling the hair because of some reasons. Frontals are made with either lace or silk base to imitate the scalp as close as possible.

Lace Frontal Balding: The Well-Rounded Solution For Baldness

To begin with, lace frontal is a hairpiece that encloses the head.

Wearers can stretch the frontals from ear to ear and divide them freely to wear in the middle, left or right side. Both women and men can also go for high buns, ponytail and other pulled back hairstyles without looking like they’re wearing wigs.

This is the reason why lace frontals work well with people having thinning and balding areas because they imitate the hairline perfectly.

The most outstanding difference between a lace frontal and a traditional closure is that the former covers all the front areas from temple to temple. The latter only encloses a 4X4 area of the head.

The purpose of wearing a lace frontal is to protect the hairline from being damaged and provide maximum versatility for hair styling.

So what is a lace frontal balding?

It’s a lace frontal used to cover the balding areas on the head. There’s always a stigma around people wearing wigs, especially men. But with a lace frontal balding, we can hardly distinguish the differences between the real hair and the hair after wearing a lace frontal.

Even when we brush our hair, no matter what the lace frontal balding has bangs or not, it looks completely natural. These lace frontals bring out the appearance of a natural scalp, so there is no visible border between hair and skin.

Besides, lace frontals offer their owners a necessary diversity of styles. Due to the quality of the lace cap underneath the wig, we can part the wig in the middle without showing off the base cap.

Besides, lace frontals are also long-lasting because of the materials used to produce them. They’re even breathable so that we don’t find ourselves sweating like crazy when wearing them.



How long does a lace frontal balding last?

The answer to this question lies in the materials of the lace frontal balding. Synthetic lace frontals can last up to 1 year or more with proper care. The longevity of the lace frontal mostly depends on how we maintain it. Treat it with respect and our hard work will pay off.

Lace Frontal Balding: The Well-Rounded Solution For Baldness

The longevity of the lace frontal mostly depends on how we maintain it.

The longer the lace frontal’s longevity is, the more beneficial and convenient it is to the wearers, especially men. Men, who have less experience in the lace frontal field than women, no longer have to spend hours shopping for new lace frontals every month (even every week!).

Thus, both men and women should feel free and comfortable wearing a lace frontal balding without having a constant “a headache” relating to its lifespan.

Are lace frontals balding hard to clean and store?

Not at all ladies and gentlemen! The difference in the cleaning of lace frontals doesn’t start from the style but the materials. For example, human hair requires more maintenance (especially after cleaned and washed) when compared to synthetic hair. Similarly, a human hair front lace is difficult to clean than synthetic hair front lace.

Besides, make sure the lace frontals balding stay away from direct sunlight, dust, and excessive heat. These factors aren’t “healthy” for the frontals, thus reducing the quality dramatically.

The best way is to store them in a place where there is minimal contact with children and pets, who are interested in the lace frontals.

So cleaning and storing lace frontal balding is not a nightmare after all with the help of some small tricks and enough care. Thus, both men and women can use these frontals at ease.

What are the pros and cons of lace frontal balding?

Knowing precisely the good and bad sides of lace frontal balding is an excellent help for wearers to determine whether they can use it or not.

Lace Frontal Balding: The Well-Rounded Solution For Baldness


  • Frontal offers flexibility. Whatever we want, we can have it with lace frontals
  • The open canvas brings versatility to the style, and the possibilities are limitless.
  • It can also reduce half of the time waiting exhaustedly at a hair salon.
  • An elastic band installed in the frontals can help them last even longer and save even more money
  • Baldness will no longer be a concern with a lace frontal balding because of its natural hairline and appearance.


  • Frontals are delicate and detailed, so not everyone can wear them.
  • Frontals are universal and common! Not every head’s shape will look attractive in this install.
  • They’re never one-size-fits-all. We may have unrealistic expectations because our install will never look like someone else’s.
  • Frontals demand high maintenance. The install looks amazing because hair experts spend a lot of time installing and adjusting it to suit the wearers. If we’re no good at basic caring, a frontal lace balding may not suitable because they need a significant amount of care.
  • Last but not least, a lace frontal balding can be a “best friend” of both men and women who have to deal with the problem of baldness. But to keep this “best friend” stay by our side forever, remember to treat them with care and respect.

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