Top 3 Most Reliable Lace Closure Glue In The Market

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There are multiple ways to attach lace closures, either clip in, tape in, or glue it. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. You should consider very carefully before deciding to go with which.

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In this article, let us make your life easier by introducing lace closure glue.

The pros and cons of lace closure glue

Lace closure glue, as we all know, is a particular type of glue that is used to connect the lace closure to your head. Please do not use any random glue for this purpose as it may contain too many chemicals and may harm your skin. Consult your dermatologist if you are sensitive to certain ingredients.

Top 3 Most Relibale Lace Closure Glue In The Market

There are generally two types of glue available on the market: Ultra hold glue, which is the most influential and most popular to date that can keep for three to four weeks, and invisible glue, which is water-based and gives you waterproof hold for two to three weeks.

Now let’s move on to the reasons we should use glues for your lace closures

The pros

  • It’s quick and easy to operate

Perhaps the most apparent advantage of lace closure glue is that they are very low-maintenance. It’s easier to put on and take down than the sew-in method. When you apply, this is the simplest way to install lace closure on your own. With sewing in, you have to be much more cautious with each thread, not to mention that it’s almost impossible to sew in the back part of your head.

Better yet, you don’t want even hair to braid your hair into a cornrow or sew the hair cap in because you can directly glue the closures in the hair cap. Some lace closure with sew-in method requires people with thick edges to look natural, but it’s not the case for adhesives.

Regarding taking the lace closures down, you will also have no hard time with it. Instead of using a scissor and risking snipping part of your actual hair, all you need is water, alcohol or makeup removers. Use some cotton pads to soak in the liquid and rub into the attached areas. It should come off like a piece of cake.

  • It’s natural

Take a few practice sessions, and anyone can glue in their lace closures effortlessly. If you apply the proper amount of adhesives, the pasting will look flat on the surface of your head, and everything will look seamlessly.

Top 3 Most Relibale Lace Closure Glue In The Market

The cons

  • Longevity

Compared to the sew-in method, survival is a problem for glue-in. The glue-in method only can ensure you three to four weeks max. So consider your situation. If you have a very trendy hairstyle that you want to try out for a short period, go with glue-in. On the contrary, if you want a wig that replaces your hair and lasts long, go with sew-in.



Our recommendation on the best lace closure glue

Even if you have no idea where to start, don’t worry! We are here to guide and give you options. Here are some of our suggestions for some of the highest-quality adhesives, ranging from low-end to high-end. Please be noted that this is our own opinions. If you already have something you are in love with, keep on using it.

Ghost Bond XL Replacement Adhesive ($29.95)

On the label, the manufacturer claims that it is “specially formulated for oily scalp, high humidity, and heavy perspiration”. This is one strong, and powerful glue that sticks around forever. For strong glues like this, you want to be a little more careful with the application.

Top 3 Most Relibale Lace Closure Glue In The Market

What you want to do is to apply right in front of the hairline, then use a comb to smooth it out. Do not let it touch your hair because it will glue your hair together. The adhesive must be smooth or else the lace will look bumpy and lumpy. The glue dries out pretty fast so make sure you do it quickly, or you can apply a second very thin layer.

Got2B Glued Freeze Blasting Spray ($9.83)

The biggest pro of the spray is its ease to work with. It can be sprayed directly on your hair multiple times, wait a bit until it is dry and feels a little tacky. After that, just pop on your wig and you are good to go. Super easy and fast!

The only drawback is its longevity. It does not last as long as other products. It can last a good two days if you don’t sweat that much. But with the easy re-application and touch-up process, it’s worth a try. No mess, no fuss!

Top 3 Most Relibale Lace Closure Glue In The Market

This should be used in conjunction with the gel from the same line for the best result. The gel dries down clear and a bit more durable. It’s also safe for your hair. And the taking down process is a blast. Just use your regular shampoo, and everything will come off.

Gorilla Snot ($7.99)

This is the same concept as the Got2B Gel. The gel is very sticky which makes it easy to brush and adjust. It keeps everything down and flat, even for the most tricky hairstyles. The durability is very excellent, too, as it can wear up till two weeks. There are a lot of products on the jar with an affordable price so that you can use for a very long time.

Top 3 Most Relibale Lace Closure Glue In The Market

Since the gel is so sticky, it leaves some residues that need to be washed off by shampoos. That’s why you should not apply all over your head as it’s a mess to take down, although the staying power is extreme.

Overall, if you don’t want to sew in lace closure but still want things to last, you should try this out.

In the bottom line

We hope that this article is helpful for you to find the best lace closure glue. Just try out a few, monitor the results, and you will finally be there.

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