Lace Frontal Body Wave: The 3 Essential Hows For Beginners

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Whether you are a big fan of lace frontal body wave or have just started the journey, this article is for you.

Explore the three essential hows about this product and learn more about its features as well as use.

Here we go!

What is lace frontal body wave?

To understand the lace frontal body wave meaning, we need to break it down a little for you.

Take a look below!

Lace frontal

If you are a newbie in the wig and extensions world, then lace frontal is a strange term for you. But don’t worry! We are here to provide you with the most basic and easy-to-understand definition.

Simply put, a lace frontal is a patch of hair and lace. The lace is a base where hair is attached. There are two things you need to concern about a lace frontal: the lace and hair source.

Lace Frontal Body Wave: The 3 Essential Hows For Beginners

Lace frontals from Layla Hair

A quality product should come from certified materials. That being said, the lace quality determines how comfortable the patch is. If the lace is thin, your scalp will feel less heat from double layers of hair.

The breathability of lace frontals is essential. Otherwise, you will be likely to experience itchy and tight scalp.

What’s more, the hair type is also essential. You should choose human hair instead of synthetic fibers. If you want to the lace frontal looks natural and blends perfectly to your existing hair, this is the only choice.

Body wave

Body wave hairstyle is no longer a stranger to many women. Though it has been around for ages, we never seem to get tired of this style. A body wave hairstyle is a great way to enhance the volume and texture of your natural hair.

Lace Frontal Body Wave: The 3 Essential Hows For Beginners

Body Wave Patterns

This hairstyle adopts loose curls with the wavy pattern. The curls are achieved thanks to large rollers. The wavy pattern should look soft and natural after finishing.

How is the base of lace frontal body wave made?

In this section, we will show you how to make the lace base of lace frontal body wave. Of course, the making process is quite complicated, so we do not encourage you to try to make it at home.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. If you are confident about your DIY skills, you should go for it. We promise it will be fun and exciting.

What you will need

A canvas head

Lace (you should choose French lace)

Measuring tape

Balled pins

How to make the base for lace front body wave

Step 1: You need to determine your hairline on the canvas head. Use a black pen to mark where the hairline begins. If you just want to try for the first time, this step is not necessary. However, we would recommend you to do step 1.

Step 2:

What size do you want your lace front to be? Use the measuring tape and start from the hairline to the middle of the canvas head. In this instruction, we will make a 6-inch lace frontal.

After figuring the measurement out, use a balled pin to mark it down.

Step 3:

Put the lace on the head and use the balled pins to keep the lace on its place. You should put the pin apart from each other 1 inch around the hairline. At the top, you should also put pins along the lace edge.

Make sure that no lace sticks out from the head.

Done! Now you have the base for a lace front. The next step is to ventilate hair to the base with a latch-hook needle. But we will get to later in another article.

So stay tuned with us!

How to create a body wave hairstyle with steamrollers

In case you want to do body wave hairstyle on your lace frontals or even your natural hair, here is the instruction.

You should prepare:

  • Steamrollers
  • Hair protectants

Lace Frontal Body Wave: The 3 Essential Hows For Beginners


How to make body wave hairstyle

  • Wash your hair carefully, let it dry and comb it to detangle any hair knots.
  • Before any heat processing, you should spray heat protectants to shield your hair from overheat. Take a look at some of our recommendations in How To Choose Best Heat Protectant Serum For Hair Straightening and How To Protect Hair Extensions From Heat Damage?
  • Divide your hair into small, equal sections. We would suggest at least four parts.
  • Roll your hair over and wrap it around the roller. If you want to do a body wave style, you should choose the most significant size.
  • Set the rollers and wait for them to work the magic.
  • After that, remove the rollers and shake it off gently. Do not brush or use your fingers to loosen it.
  • Use hairspray afterward. If you aim for the volume, you should do it when your hair is hanging upside down.

How to care for lace frontal body wave

Say no to brush

Body wave curls are extremely loosening. If you brush your hair too often, you will lose all the beautiful curls sooner or later. We would suggest you stay away from all the brushes, even the wide-toothed one.

So, how to deal with hair knots? Simply use your finger. Remember to be gentle. Detangle your hair from the lace until the end.

Wash it carefully

You shouldn’t wash your lace fronts too often. The ideal period is once every 3 to 4 days. Also, you should concern the washing method as well.

Do not dip your lace frontals entirely into the water. You should only focus on the hair. Wash it for 5 minutes and use a gentle type of shampoo just.

Dry it properly

After washing the lace front, you need to let it air dry. Do not use hair dryers just because you want to wear it as soon as possible. The heat from hair dryers will damage the hair strands.

Instead, you should hang the extensions up and let it dry. Also, do not brush the frontal when it is wet.

The bottom line

Ladies, we know that lace frontal body wave is such an appealing option. You can either choose to buy a ready-made item or make the beautiful wave patterns at home.

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