Lace Hair Topper – 4 Reasons Why Is It Burning Hot Right Now!

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Human hair topper, called wiglet or hair enhancer, is a haunted hairpiece thanks to its awesome benefits. It comes in different types, such as lace hair topper, skin topper or mono base topper. The variety of hair topper makes you feel quite challenging to pick the right one for you.

Hence, in the following post, we want to give you some lace topper hair tutorials to change your external appearance. 

Lace hair topper is the best item for all.

You should know what a normal hair topper is first. It is not a full wig, of course, it does not cover the whole head. A hair topper is a small version of a full wig and used to cover a part of your head or add hair volume. Toppers are available in different bases and sizes, fitting every customer’s demand. The hairpiece is recommended for those are at the first stage of hair loss

Lace Hair Topper - 4 Reasons Why Is It Burning Hot Right Now!
lace hair topper

What about lace hair topper? As we all know, the lace base is the most popular material to create hair replacement systems. It is thin, breathable and lightweight, offering wearers good feelings. That’s why this hairpiece is widely used as it is very comfortable. The base of lace front hair topper comes in different types, such as French lace, HD lace, and so on. Here are some common types of lace base material you can find on the hair market:

– Monofilament lace: Fine and stiff material offers the best durability. If you are finding a durable and natural hairpiece, the mono base is definitely your best mate.

– French lace: It is also known as the normal lace. Available in different colors to blend different skin tones. 

– Transparent lace: Like its name, the lace appears invisibly. It blends seamlessly on the scalp.  

– HD Swiss lace: This is the thinnest and most delicate material. It is breathable and suits all hairpieces. However, you should be careful when using it as it tends to be fragile. 

Front lace hair topper is also famous for being natural-looking. It looks like a mesh that allows air and light to go through. As we stated above, the lace base is extraordinarily durable. 

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Why should you choose a lace hair topper?

Wearers want to get a durable and natural-looking hairpiece, this hair replacement system is your best mate. 


The hair enhancer is the most hunted item around the world. You are in a hot and humid country, you can wear it. The lace material is breathable and lightweight. Unlike a full lace wig, it only covers a part on your head. 


Lace Hair Topper - 4 Reasons Why Is It Burning Hot Right Now!
you can put a lace hair topper in a ponytail

You can wear the lace base topper every day if you want. Hair strands are hooked into the base material by ventilating techniques, such as the single knots, double knots, and more. Style the hairpiece to get a natural look. Make a hair bun, tie it in a ponytail or other updos. Remember, select the lace color that resembles closely to your skin tone. Therefore, others can not detect you are wearing a hairpiece.


Lace topper human hair looks incredibly good. It is lightweight and comfortable to wear, hence, it does not irritate your scalp. You are sensitive skin, this is your best mate.

Affordable price

Visit a hair vendor or beauty store near you to get a front lace hair topper. This hairpiece becomes more and more popular nowadays, so you can easily get it. Compared to a wig or other surgical methods, the price of lace base topper is much lower. Depending on hair quality, the price of hair is different. You can expect to get a cheap human hair extension at Layla Hair company. However, the lace is delicate, it can’t bear heavy density. Don’t put the high level of density on it. 

How to blend the hairpiece with your natural locks

Lace Hair Topper - 4 Reasons Why Is It Burning Hot Right Now!
gently wash the lace hair topper to upkeep it

Opt for a suitable lace color that is the same as your natural hair color and skin. Also, ensure your hair replacement system has the right fit. It may be a disaster if you buy a poor-quality hairpiece. It does not match your head size and looks unnatural. To blend the hairpiece with your bio hair, you have to determine where you place it on your head. Also, don’t wear overly tight or loose human hair lace front topper. If you put excessive strain on your head, it is not good for your health and natural locks. 

Besides, take care of the hair thoroughly to keep its original state. Invest in a suitable shampoo and conditioner to cleanse and nourish the hair. Say no with chemical shampoos containing paraben, alcohol, sulfate, etc. Use lukewarm or cold water to wash the hair. To make the hair system look realistic, style it as you want. The hair is made of human hair, you can use heat applicators to style it. As a whole, remember to take care of your bio hair and the hairpiece at the same time. 

Human hair lace topper at Layla

Lace Hair Topper - 4 Reasons Why Is It Burning Hot Right Now!
hair topper at Layla

In the 4.0 era, it is easy to buy a product without everything. Get a lace hair topper is also not difficult. Search the hair on some big websites, tons of results appear for you choose. For example, you type “human hair lace topper amazon or human hair lace topper blonde”, consider and choose the right item. 

With many years’ experience in the hair field, Layla is the best place to get high-quality hairpieces. We supply all types of hair toppers and hair extensions for customers to choose from. We commit to give you the best services and friendly prices that you can’t find anywhere. 

Besides lace hair topper, we have a range of other hair extensions and products that will not disappoint. If you still don’t know whether toppers work for you or not, search some topper hairpieces on the Internet and come to Layla. 

Have any queries about hair topper extensions or other hair products, don’t hesitate to raise your voice. You want to share your experience with human hair lace front topper, feel free to leave comments below the post. We are always more than happy to see your opinion. 

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