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Lady Gaga And Her New Dramatic Marriage To The Oscars: Shallow Performance And Touchy Speech

Lady Gaga, one of the expected nominees for Oscars, has ended her night with the dramatic new marriage to the Golden Award.

And how she ended up with the Oscars made its way to the front page too. The Elle even suggested that the Monster Mother should win an Oscar for her reaction at the Oscars.

Through the evening, actresses and actors have developed different ways to react to the Oscars winning, such as Regina King’s graceful acceptance or Olivia Colman’ shocking speech. However, no one can quite beat Lady Gaga’s dramatic marriage with the award.

Lady Gaga And Her New Dramatic Marriage To The Oscars 2019: Shallow Performance And Touchy Speech

The Elle even suggested that the Monster Mother should win an Oscar for her reaction at the Oscars.

After her winning of the Oscars, Lady Gaga joined in the Vanity Fair Oscar party where she generously gave the attendants a mini show called “Dramatically Happy Gaga.”

Lady Gaga’s preparation for Oscars

Before the Oscars, Lady Gaga has gone through ordeals to prepare for her performance at the stage with Bradley Cooper. Indeed, the combination between Cooper and Gaga is the most wanted one for the entire Oscars’ evening.

So how did she prepare for all the glamor and elegance she offered last Sunday?

Pilates and Yoga in the morning

We all have to agree that at the age of 32, Lady Gaga has a perfect body shape. Even though her schedule is packed with a grueling schedule and demanding physical tours, the singer seems to commit to an active life.

Lady Gaga And Her New Dramatic Marriage To The Oscars 2019: Shallow Performance And Touchy Speech

Lady Gaga has a perfect body shape

Gaga started her morning Pilates 4 years ago after a series of collapse during the performance. She shared a photo of morning exercise with her personal trainer Sloan. Before Oscars, Lady Gaga continued her daily ritual with Pilates and Yoga to make sure her health is perfect for the show.


If you don’t know what a facelift tape is, here is a simple explanation. Facelift tape is primarily a tool to combat aging. It gives users instant tight skin with a youthful appearance. Once applied, the tape pulls back your skin so that it can change your face shape as well.

Lady Gaga had decided to give her face a boost when she chose facelift tape for the Oscars . In the past, the singer has countless time expressed her love towards this solid beauty product.

The singer shared with Daily Mirror that wigs and facelift tape are the best companions and she always started her morning with them (after Pilates of course!)

Bleaching eyebrows

Gaga exclusively told Vogue that she bleached her eyebrows every day! The reason is that she loves to see her shiny light eyebrows. Also, light eyebrows are easy to match with different outfits.

It seems that Gaga bleached her eyebrows for the Academy Awards as well.

Nutritious diet

Exercise is essential, but Gaga never ignores the second important thing: her inner body. Bo O’Connor, Lady Gaga’s tour chef, revealed that the singer loves to have nutritious meals daily, typically with quinoa, beans, and lots of veggies.

Rehearsal with Bradley Cooper

Thanks to Shallow, Lady Gaga received two nominations for the Best Original Song and eventually won the award afterward.

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga had agreed to perform the original song on the stage of the Academy Awards. The performance is phenomenal though this is Bradley’s first time singing on Oscars’ stage.

The two had to rehearse several times together to make sure that the performance went well. And it did!

Shallow Lady Gaga Bradley Cooper

Shallow is the soundtrack of A Star Is Born, featuring both Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. The single was first released on September 2018. After nearly a year, Shallow by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper received an Oscar for the Best Original Song.

Shallow is a country, folk-pop song, first drafted by Ronson, Miike Snow and Andrew Wyatt. The song opens in a strange way with the noise of the audience and applause.

Bradley Cooper sang the first line and followed up by Lady Gaga. According to the Guardian, Shallow lyrics emphasize on a person’ self-realization. The words come with questions of two singers asking each other the age-old question “Who are we?”

Lady Gaga’s emotional speech at the Oscars’ stage

So Gaga is officially an Oscar winner. The singer/ actress had given an incredibly moving speech on the stage when her name was announced.

Here is what she said:

“To my sister, my soulmate, I love you. My family here, I love you, Mom and Dad.”

The singer didn’t forget to give a remark for her companion Bradley Cooper as followed “Bradly, there is not a single person on the planet that could’ve sung this song with me but you. Thank you for believing in us.”

One thing that Gaga showed her fans and kept repeating over her career was mentioned in her speech as well. “If you have a dream, fight for it.”

Apart from being nominated for her song Shallow, Gaga is nominated for the Best Actress as well. At the Grammys, the song won Best Duo Group Performance as well.

Lady Gaga’s excitement at her winning

After her winning at the Oscars, Lady Gaga wasn’t hesitated to post her exciting photos. She first started with the sitting-on-the-ground pose. She looks exactly like Cinderella who just found her losing shoes.

Some people even claim that the way Gaga held the trophy is similar to how Rafiki held small Simba in the famous scene of Lion King.

Lady Gaga And Her New Dramatic Marriage To The Oscars 2019: Shallow Performance And Touchy Speech

The series of “dramatically reacting to Oscar trophy” continues with the picture of Gaga looking at her award in tears in a room full of reporters.

Lady Gaga And Her New Dramatic Marriage To The Oscars 2019: Shallow Performance And Touchy Speech

She now acted as a mother who first looks at her newborn baby.

The bottom life

So Oscars ended well with Lady Gaga’s excitement. The singer/ actress deserved the prize for her talent and devotion.

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