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As you may know, the hair quality is all that it takes to get the best hair accessories — ladies for after superiority have recently found double drawn Vietnamese hair attractive.

However, the quest for reliable and trustworthy hair vendors remains challenging. There are a few factors you need to look at when shopping for your hair accessories.

Let’s see what they are!

What special about double drawn Vietnamese hair?

The name seems to suggest it all, but we should break it down to get better insights.

Here you go:

Double Drawn

If you think double drawn is a type of hair, you are wrong. It means the density of the bundle you buy.

Let’s use your hair as an example. We have thousands of hair strands. However, not every strand comes out with the same length at first. Of course, after lots of haircuts and styles, your hair length may be equal.

However, our hair strands are generally varied. Some grow quicker; some grow slowlier. That’s why, as you may notice, our hair density is changeable from top to bottom.

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This is the natural feature of the human hair. To resemble this feature, hair vendors create double drawn and single drawn.

If you search these two names online, you may find something like double drawn hair extensions or single drawn hair extensions.

Double drawn hair extensions offer from 60% to 70% hair with the same length. This ratio eventually creates ideal hair thickness, which resembles natural human hair.

The hair bundle will have a constant density from the top to the tip.

Vietnamese hair

Vietnamese hair is a relatively new source for wigs and hair extensions making. Many women are familiar with Indian hair, Brazillian hair, and so on.

So what is particular about this hair type?

Layla Hair- The Best Online Place For Double Drawn Vietnamese Hair

Vietnamese hair shares many similar features with other Asian hairs.

First of all, Vietnamese hair shares many similar features with other Asian hairs. The most apparent thing is the color. Vietnamese hair is obviously black. Only recently, Vietnamese women start to dye their hair with red and blonde color.

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The hair texture is silky and robust. Hair from the North is silkier than that in the South due to different factors such as humidity, weather, and hair care practice.

If you buy Vietnamese hair extensions and find them quite rough, chances are the hair is from the South.

Nevertheless, Vietnamese hair is healthy and thick. It is a reliable material for wig making.

Where is the best online place for double drawn Vietnamese hair?

If you love Vietnamese hair features, you should definitely get yourself one or two items. However, where is the best online place for double drawn Vietnamese hair?

The Internet is so huge. One search can generate millions of results. Plus, how do you know if your hair extensions are really from Vietnamese hair?

We understand your concern. Being skeptical about online shopping is natural. However, you don’t have to be anymore!

Layla Hair hair vendor is based in Hanoi, Vietnam. We collect Vietnamese hair directly from Vietnamese women. We work with hair collectors to make sure that donors get a fair price.

Layla Hair has been in the business long enough to understand that customers are more beneficial to use Asian hair than other hair types. European hair is extremely expensive.

South American hair may be good with curly hairstyles, but other than that, it too rough. Asian hair, with its silky feature and black color, will satisfy your every need.

Since hair is collected directly within the country, we save money from transportation. Our hair company and factory are situated right in the capital, making it easy to send packages to anywhere.

Layla Hair’s Double Drawn Vietnamese Hair

30 inches Straight Weave Vietnamese Virgin Hair

If you aim at top-notch hair quality, the 30 inches straight weave Vietnamese virgin hair is what you need. Virgin hair has long been the most qualified hair material for wigs and extensions. It is well cared for and preserved by Vietnamese women.

Layla Hair- The Best Online Place For Double Drawn Vietnamese Hair

No chemicals or heating processes are applied to the hair. As soon as you receive this product, you will understand why virgin hair is at such a high price. It is worth every single penny.  What’s more, the hair length is 30 inches, suitable for ladies who love long hair.

You can order a different length according to your preference. We offer hair from 6 inches to 30 inches.

Vietnamese hair double weft hair extensions silky straight hair

If you love smooth and silky straight hair, this item is perfect for you. It is compatible with almost all skin tones. Your natural hair doesn’t have to go through an ordeal to get straightened anymore. This is weft hair extensions so that the application is durable.

Layla Hair- The Best Online Place For Double Drawn Vietnamese Hair

Since it is double drawn, the density of one bundle is ideal. It resembles natural human hair and doesn’t look out of place on your head.

Vietnamese Deep Wave Curly Hair Extensions

With the silky yet strong texture, Vietnamese hair extensions are stylable with heat and chemicals processing. Unlike other hair types, Vietnamese hair is less prone to damage if cared attentively.

Layla Hair- The Best Online Place For Double Drawn Vietnamese Hair

That is why buying yourself Vietnamese deep wave curly hair extensions; you don’t have to worry much about the hair quality. Layla Hair makes sure that the deep wavy, curly hair preserves the softness and bouncy.

The bottom line

Even though double drawn Vietnamese hair is relatively new in the market, we believe in its value and benefits. This hair type certainly brings the glamor to your beauty and look.

If you want to find out more about Vietnamese hair and related products, please visit our website

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