What Are Double Drawn Hair Extensions? The Expert Guideline

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With the advent of many beauty products and methods to enhance one’s appearance, it is easier than ever to achieve the super-model look that we often see in magazines.

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One of the most famous hair accessories is double drawn hair extensions. So what are double drawn hair extensions Do they have any advantages or disadvantages?

Let’s find out right below!

What are double drawn hair extensions?

In order to understand this term, we should break it down into two parts: double drawn and hair extensions.

Hair extensions

As you may know, hair extensions refer to any types of hair accessories that lengthen and thicken our real hair. These products often come in the form of hair bulks. Hair is collected from donors and then tied into quantities.

Depending on different types, bulks will turn into wefts, tape-ins, or clip-ins. These names also represent how users apply for hair extensions. The application affects how long the product stays on your head.

For example, wefts, which will be sewn into your head, will be more durable than tape-in. This makes hair extensions the most versatile hair accessories for ladies.

What Are Double Drawn Hair Extensions? The Expert Guideline

Mixing color hair extensions from Layla Hair

When it comes to extension materials, you often hear things like human hair, synthetic fibers, and animal hair. Nowadays, it is rare to find extensions made of animal hairs.

The two prominent materials are either synthetic and human hair. The former is either cheap and less durable than the later. In some cases, to reduce the cost, hair vendors mix human hair and animal hair.

As a result, the overall quality decreases but the price gets more affordable.

Double Drawn

Double drawn here means the difference between hair length in one bundle. Simply put, if you buy double drawn hair extensions, you will obtain a bunch with at 60-70% hair stands with similar length.

A double drawn hair bundle never has 100% hairs with the same length. Hair bundles like this will look thick and unnatural to some people. There are two types of double drawn.

Double drawn type 1 offers 60% of hair strands with the same length. Double drawn type 2 delivers 10% more of similar hair length. The density of hair bundles will vary depending on the percentage of hair length.

What are single drawn hair extensions?

So you may have heard of Single Drawn extensions as well. What are single drawn hair extensions?

Single drawn bundles only consist of 50% of hair with similar length — the density of these items of course less desirable than Double Drawn hair. However, some users find them very attractive.

The feel between double drawn and single drawn is entirely different. While double drawn is thick from the roots to the end, single drawn mainly emphasizes the roots.

What Are Double Drawn Hair Extensions? The Expert Guideline

Double drawn hair

In summary, the answer to this question what are double drawn hair extensions is quite simple. Any extensions with 60-70% of similar hair strands regarding its length will be called double drawn.

The advantages of double drawn hair extensions

Now you understand the question “what are double drawn hair extensions,” it’s time to take a look at their advantages.


If hair volume is everything you care for, then double drawn extensions are your best companion. With 60-70% hair strands with identical length, the double drawn bundle will undoubtedly help you to achieve a glamorous look.

What Are Double Drawn Hair Extensions? The Expert Guideline

Double drawn offers top-notch hair volume

Double drawn hair is a perfect solution for women with thinning hair, premature baldness, and lousy hair conditions. If you want to thicken your hair evenly along the hairline, you should consider double drawn hair.

Best economic choice

The hair density of double drawn is quite significant. Sometimes you only need to purchase one item, and it will be enough to enhance your hair condition.

This makes double drawn hair the absolute option for ladies who are on a tight budget. Unlike single drawn, you have to buy more than one item to improve your hair density.

With double drawn hair, you can save money while still accomplish your desire hair volume.

The disadvantages of double drawn hair extensions?


When we mention price here, many of you will see the dilemma. Frankly speaking, the cost of double drawn hair is not as affordable as single drawn hair.

The making process requires more time, effort and energy, leading to the inflation of price. This type of hair accessories consumes more hair than single drawn as well.

What Are Double Drawn Hair Extensions? The Expert Guideline

Straight Black Double Drawn 

As a result, one bundle can be very costly compared to single drawn. However, as we said, you don’t have to buy too many packets at one time to make the magic works.

Not suitable for everyone

One biggest drawback of double drawn extensions are these items aren’t everyone’s companion. In fact, if your hair is beautiful and comfortable to break, we will not recommend you to wear double drawn extensions. Why?

The reason for fine hair is because of weak follicles and feeble scalp. If you use double drawn, chances are your hair can’t hold the weight.

We would suggest people with weak scalp and fine hair switch to single drawn hair.

The total weight of single drawn is lighter than double drawn, making it easier for you to wear. Single drawn bundles will make sure that you encounter minimum hair breakage and damage.

The bottom line

So what are double drawn hair extensions? We hope after this article you can have the answer for yourself. It is incredibly essential to determine the type of products you want to buy as well as its pros and cons.

Without proper and updated knowledge, you will quickly fall victim to untrustworthy hair vendors and end up buying things serve you no benefits.

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